Stretch Marks On The Chest

The Story

Hello :) I am 15 years old, I will soon be 16. I have a problem with my skin all over my body, but my request is specifically for breasts. At the age of 11 or 12 (when my bust started to form) I got stretch marks on my chest. For a long time, this bothered me terribly because it's really unaesthetic. Over time, I got used to myself :) And such things did not impress me, but today I just decided to look at the profile of a girl in "impulse", she had uploaded a very nude photo, which showed a lot of stretch marks on her breasts. it's not summer and I don't remember if it was visible to me. This is really nasty, but my specific question is to older women in such a situation - Have you ever received unpleasant comments because of this and how it is perceived, for example, by men who see you like that Thanks in advance for your answers:

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October 03, 2020