Stretch Marks And Cellulite-ahmet_davutoglu

The Story

Hi, I'm an 18 year old girl. I have problems with my skin and more precisely I have stretch marks and a little cellulite on it. I'm ashamed to even show up in the summer in short clothes. Most may not have, but I'm sure there are others like me. The places where I have stretch marks are my lower back, thighs and a little on my knees. I am not overweight, but I lose weight quickly - for example, in the summer I lost 6 kg from 58 kg, after October I gained 65 kg from 52 kg, now I am 62 kg. And I'm thinking of losing weight again because that's how I feel best, even though everyone tells me I've been fine. Otherwise I am 1.74 cm tall. I tried to get rid of skin problems with Avon products, but it didn't show any effect. I want to feel free in my skin, but these problems bother me. If you know how to erase these unpleasant traces, please write comments. Thank you for the advice!

Last Updated
September 26, 2020