Something From Me ..

The Story

(1) You are beautiful again. A masterpiece. And it looks like you cried again. They betray your eyes if you choke them in tears. If I returned the time, I would ask for forgiveness. If it wasn't, I would have forgiven you at your feet. And to shout in the winds that I swear to your love. That for you I will be a knight ready to die for your honor. Now we are just a memory, now we are just the past. Coals have long since cooled down, even if there has been a fire. It used to burn somewhere. He burned everything in his path to ashes, and we burned in it and we were reduced to ashes. And you are tenderness Yes you are tenderness (2) (2) I am just a tree, stopping with the crown of the wind. And the wind is gentle, bringing with it the change. You don't stop shedding tears, you couldn't swallow the parting. It's my fault, remember I promised it was just the two of us. It is not enough that I killed you, but you are looking for the blind cause. The reason is in me, understand, so that you tremble all over. You are the girl who found the strong white spark in me ... Now the tree is where you and I were sitting. The fire went through me, I found a letter on the lawn. You were in it too. He only loved me in the summer. I gave you a shadow, didn't you, the whole love had burned all over. Summer is over, flooding the meadow with snow. The letter went find and read how I waited for the two of us.

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November 10, 2020