Sick Jealousy And Threats

The Story

Hello! I have no one to share with, so I am writing here, I would be very grateful if someone would give me adequate advice. My friend has some very serious depressive states and suicidal thoughts. This has been going on since we've been together for almost three years. As far as I know, he has had such inclinations before. All the time I tried to support him, to inspire him with strength, positive emotions, but when a person wants something like that, no one can stop him. He is extremely jealous, he suffers from some paranoia, I always went somewhere, some conspiracies against him from me and so on. His aggression was directed only at him, and he was only mentally harassing me. We got to the point where he blames me for everything bad in his life, all day, he keeps telling me every day how he didn't want to live and he would commit suicide, he gets into some fits of rage, he starts insulting me, accusing me, making me feel guilty about everything, and I've been keeping him alive for three years. If it's not one thing to get depressed, it's another. He's clinging to me, he wants to control me, he's obsessed with my life, I don't have a social life (anyway). I want to get out of him now, I can't stand it mentally, as if he's constantly crushing me, he says he loves me, but it gives him pleasure to suffer when he does too. Now he accuses me of changing jobs, which are better, better paid, for which I am not to blame. He found it himself, he made his own decision, I didn't say anything. There just has to be someone to blame. I decided to get away from him because he will finish me soon, I am subjected to brutal mental harassment, he is still right, I can't say anything, why I wore this, why I went across the street and when I say that it weighs on me accuses me of being bad enough to harass him further. I want to break up with him, but I'm scared because he really has a mental problem, not just pretending. I know that when I leave I will do something, and I can't be blamed for that, I feel hopeless and sometimes I think about taking a few pills and it's over.

Last Updated
August 04, 2020