Should I Train My Abdominal Muscles Every Day?

The Story

Hello, the truth is that I have never seriously trained my abdominal muscles and I do not know the exact program ... I am 16 years old, 75 kilograms, 1. 80 tall, but my stomach is relaxed and I have fat of course .. I started to I've been cleansing fat for about a week now, but the thing is that I want to combine tightening the abdomen with losing weight:) .... someone who has had the same problem could also recommend me an exact tightening program, otherwise for cardio it will be clear I keep doing it every day .. I also have a slight problem with the slings .. do they melt together with the belly fat or does he want more movement for them? because I saw some exercises for slings and from Monday I start doing them ... thanks in advance and I'm waiting for answers :)

Last Updated
September 26, 2020