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September 09, 2020

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Ronal Barbaren - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Ronal Barbaren" is a Animation production. Director: Kresten Westbjerg Andersen, Torbjorn Kristoffersen, Philip Einstein Lipsky Actors: Anders Juhl, Hadi Ka-Kush, Lerke Winter Andersen, Brian Lucca, Lars Mikkelsen, Peter Audaren, Lars Bohm, Ole Testrup, Preben Christensen, Ole Ern has been produced with the budget of Budget: $ 3.2 million. After the series "Under the Sign ..." I have always believed in the artistic talent of the Danes. The careless confession of the cat Baglik



Ronal Barbaren Review

At first, there was only darkness. Out of the Darkness this demon was born - very nasty, I'll tell you, uncle. But then he came out. out of the shadow of Kron - warrior warriors, keeper sacred sword, very real, I will say To you, boy! And he liberated humanity, and led him to victory. However, saal -- he was in real authority. So only Kron could have defeated him -- and won, at a cost your own life. And then human people drank the roofs of the savior of the Crown, and became fearless Vikings -- all in muscles like a teenager in pimples.

Earth. Our time. A small tribe of can barbarians lives for their own pleasure in a small town. Periodically barbarians gather and go to hike - just to stretch. Virtually all tribes are made up of Men and aunts - natural born Warriors. But there's one lousy one among them. sheep - a barbarian named Ronald. He's a shilling and It's a good time. Bad muscles, zero fearlessness, isn't it that he can move his brains. However, why Is it the viking brain? It's his job to fight!

Barbarians consider themselves completely safe -- they the best warriors in the world! Who's on them Will he attack at all? Unless there's one Masochist.

But then suddenly it turned out that there are still people to whom road power over all inhabitants surrounding villages and even the whole Earth. This is the frantic Volkazar - the owner unbreakable armor and a whole horde evil henchmen.

Volkazar with an army attacking a Viking village, some of the warriors are killed, the rest takes it prisoner. Ronald is a miracle saved, but he was gnawed at the idea that the village destroyed because of it -- at the time of the attack Volknara Ronald stood guard and did not managed to warn the tribe of the attack.

From shaman of the vile kind of Ronald learned that on Volkazar still has a government: his armor can pierce the legendary sword Krone. But where to get this sword - a puzzle cleaner than pythagorean pants.

However Ronald is a heady! Must at the end Finally, figure out what's what. He realized - and set off.

Together with Ronal travels a prodigal bard-musician Aliber. This is a young guy, concerned all sorts of sexual thoughts, languor and desires. That's why Aliber set off with Ronal -- in the hope that by way they'll come across all sorts of cute chicks, or maybe, if you're lucky, and Amazons that are famous nymphomaniacs.

However at the beginning of the journey, they only come across Sandra - a girl from the tribe of militants Aunts. Sandra's more into Ronal, rather than Aliber, so joins their squad.

So what's going on? to find the place where the sword is stored Crohn's, Ronald invites to his squad Elrik's elf - mannered metrosexual, which really doesn't make much use.

In the ways await them -- what? That's right - scary Adventure!


Few unexpected, rather original and totally hooligan cartoon, made by Danish animators. Cost he's two pennies by Hollywood standards, that is a little more than three million (18 million Danish kroner). However, the quality of the image and all sorts of "Ronald the Barbarian" not so much different from the products Hollywood heavyweights - Dreamworks, Pixar, Disney - which stands far beyond a hundred Million. Well, let's say it looks, of course, simpler, but not a hundred million simpler. 

It's not a movie for kids. He made more for teenagers and adults, because apart from the traditional physiological humor here is also there are all sorts of curly aunts, jokes about sex and so on - in In general, clearly not a children's option.

To unfortunately, the Danes seem to be so up end and didn't decide what they were filming - a sloppy parody or just a fun tale for adults. That's why there's both. that somewhat spoils the experience.

Parody moments - excellent, and parodied it's not "Conan the Barbarian" like you might think by name, and all sorts of animated pictures like "How Train Your Dragon" (about him remember first of all) and others.

Vikings - apparently, chuckles for the sake of - dressed in cool leather thongs in which clearly the scrotum stands out. This scrotum doesn't give rest some viewers who only now have it found out that the Vikings - Oh horror! - there is a scrotum, and that it daofinly delineated by these thongs. It's a pity I didn't guess. put a mortgage on one of the posts, author of which was particularly outraged that's the circumstance. I'd like to here to quote from there selected pearls, because it was just wonderful!

Plot the creators of the cartoon build on more or more less classic canons: botanical-looking protagonist, whose force in the brain, not in the muscles, supplied before you have to do the feat - he does it, because the spirit of his much stronger than the body.

Contrary tradition when chatty silly partners are attached just in time to real heroes, not nerds who They're silly on their own, here's Ronald. got a chatty partner who at times very funny, especially when he sings songs.

With an elf the idea in general was quite original: fucked-up elf-metrosexual with a very funny manner of speaking -- it's something with Something!

Public reaction to "Ronald the Barbarian" Very, very different. From solid delight and "rye, gy-gy, lol" (in mostly in teenagers) and low-key "Funny" (in an adult audience) before categorical rejection ("God, they have a scrotum") in prudes and people who just hate the humour of the kind Kind. The latter I'm actually good understand -- if you don't have a big cinematic experience and not get used to the existing latest twenty years of cinema trends, the likes of movies compared to every movie classic can seem Monstrous.

And here's Bublik and I. - already familiar. Not that we're in love. any vulgarity (no, they didn't love it) however, thongs on vikings and skaters Amazons with watermelon breasts to us seemed quite amusing. Creators pictures made a cool cartoon for adults -- we're to him that's how treated and even had fun.

Some the moments were very amusing, and in general the whole film turned out to be dynamic and alive, and the Danes proved that it is possible make cute cartoons literally For a penny. And besides, it's still breaking the stereotype, and Bublik and I love all sorts of hooliganism.

Individual compliments from the Volga Studio (they themselves are written as VOLGA), that produced Russian localization on a licensed DVD. "Volga" is famous for trying to translate make as close as possible to the Russian realities -- to make it clear what the "ha-ha" is, and I think they have that perfectly Manage. Also for voiceover they're like usually invite famous actors and showbiz figures, so that dubbing in The result is a very, very Quality.

In this case, Aliber's film was dubbed by Alexander Pushnoy, Volkazara - Nikita Jigurda, queen Amazons - Evelyn Bledance (originally, By the way, it was voiced by Brigitte Nielsen), and Gura sula is Sergey Shnurov.

Translated as usual, did great though some viewers didn't like it mention of Gazprom's corporates stas Amikhailova. Bublik and me. Liked. We believe that to stretch - so in full, or figs?!!




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