Rien à Déclarer Review (Comedy, 2010)

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June 18, 2020

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Rien A Declarer - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Rien a declarer" is a Comedy production.
Director: Dani Boone
Actors: Benoit Pulvard, Dani Boone, Francois Damience, Julie Bernard, Karin Viard, Boli Lanners, Olivier Gourmet, Michelle Vuyermoz
This, of course, is not a "Beaver Savor".



Rien A Declarer Review

Small a town on the border between France and Belgium. Late eighties. Belgian and French customs are working in full: give good, charge fees and all that. But the music didn't play for long, not for long. Customs was lute. It's coming unification of Europe, and very soon france-Belgium border will become purely nominal, and customs as these will be virtually abolished - Only mobile customs posts. 

Belgian Customs Officer Ruben Vandervoorde (Benoit Pulward) from the coming changes - Just furious. He loved it so much. work at customs, and now a favorite work turns out to be what. In addition, Reuben is convinced Belgian chauvinist and hates Frenchmen - these vile frogs. However, the bosses disapprove - by at least publicly - Ruben's nationalist antics, so he's partnered for mobile customs post give Frenchman - Mathias Ducatel (Dani Boone). Mathias is not a chauvinist, however, like most French people, considers Belgians with a funny village and likes to poke fun at them.

And There's one piquant moment here: Mathias has been dating Ruben's sister for a long time - Louise (Julie Bernard), what neither knows Reuben, nor their father, who is even more sworn Belgian chauvinist than his Son. For this reason, Louise didn't say family that meets the frog, -- she'd just be buried. 

In the mathias, working with Reuben on mobile customs post, trying to make friends with a Belgian - maybe, though so he can slowly become their own in this family, and then they with Louise will be able to announce that Meet. 

And at this time sneaky drug dealer, using lack of boundaries, prepares his vile drug trade. But he doesn't know what Belgian-French mobile Customs post - does not sleep!


Actor director and showman Dani Boone (his real name - Daniel Hamidou) is known above all as the creator of the adorable comedy Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, which in our the box office was called "Bobro Sting." This film is in France caused a real furore, and for other countries have swept very well. So it's no surprise that the new film Dani Boone in France and others countries were eagerly awaited. 

However alas - the second "Bobro to sting" at Dani Boone didn't work out. No, Customs gives good" - does not suck! And that's even quite a good comedy. Just from Boone after a remarkable previous movie expected at least the same level, if not better. And "Customs gives goodness" - completely disposable and passing comedy. 

And It seems that the theme is chosen as Boone can turn around, - funny pick-up between the Belgians and French (in "Bobro to sting" - dives between southerners and northerners), some differences in pronunciation Belgians and French - in general, theoretically, it was supposed to work out Very funny. However, it is very funny not It's a go. 

But pluses in the film, of course, too. First, it's still a real French comedy that's already good. (The French for the last couple of decades, often imitathollywood hollywood and it's sad spectacle.) Second, the explosive Benoit The pulward here lights up to the fullest program, and his character - very funny. Third, there are several really interesting types of second Plan: an idiotic family containing restaurant in neutral territory, handy drug lord, father-chauvinist. 

Himself Dani Boone looks very average here, Pulward outplays it all over. Fronts. The romantic line of Mathias clearly lacking romance and realism, really funny phrases Boone couldn't write to himself- well, unless Teasing belgians done well and the scene when Mathias impersonates For the Belgian. Scene in the bathroom with suddenly flared passion -- and invented, and filmed extremely falsely. 

Well and didn't like that Boone periodically shoves into a picture long-forgotten cliches like the situation with the car-wreck, from which the car mechanic is incomprehensible with what a bodun (he was paid for the usual cosmetic repairs) made actually racing car. 

I don't know how it looks like in France and Belgium - maybe their these Franco-Belgian graters and all sorts of teasing them amuse a lot more than us. However, in "Bobro Boone managed to make a sting" Picardian dialect understandable and funny for viewers from different countries, and here humor turned out more and more local. 

However I didn't regret watching this movie. Like a one-off French comedy - not even bad, Pulward her after all Pulls. But from Boone I expected a lot More. 




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