Relationship Without Development

The Story

Hi, I'm a woman of 20, my boyfriend is 21. I live alone, at a lodge. We've been together for six months. He lives with his parents. The problem in our relationship is that he wants to stay exactly two days a week, a word for a third day to sleep at my house. Three months ago, I asked him about the reason--he wanted time for himself. I decided that because we've recently been together, he needs time to get used. We do not go out very often because I follow dentistry and my studies take a lot of time, and generally we see each other for two days when we stay home. I had to leave him here, but it's been six months and he's still talking about the third day to stay. I decided to ask him directly, I told him that at first, I thought he was not accustomed but now it has been enough time, plus I live alone, decent dwelling, there is no one to disturb us or uncomfortable, even shared that the apartment in which I live is pure luxury in comparison with them (I have never set foot at home). Answers MK also wanted time for himself, well but he neither goes out with friends (none) nor has a hobby (sports or others), not watching movies and serials so I wonder what time it is for himself. Plus we only have sex 2 times a week (when it comes) and I think it's a little bit about dvajsetgodišni young people and I own it. I don't even know when there will be any minimum development in this regard, about to stay more often, say, counsel, what should I do? I think I'm going to stop talking about the subject because I've already said my opinion, and see how much longer we're sitting there, but that doesn't get me much. What do you think? Thanks in advance to all:)

Last Updated
May 26, 2020