Red Skin On The Nose

The Story

Hello! :) A few years ago I noticed that the skin on my nose was slightly red (not bright red, baby pink). When I look closely, I see tiny capillaries. I wear glasses and I don't know if they cause this, because almost the entire upper part of my nose is red, not just where the glasses are supported. Before they tightened my glasses (they were loose), they left marks and wounds on my nose, but now everything is fine after the repair. Today I baked on the balcony for about 10-15 minutes, it was very warm and sunny. When I went back to my room and looked around, my nose and cheeks were blazing red and hot. It doesn't hurt or whiten my skin, it just doesn't sit nicely. My parents also have this problem and it may be inherited genetically. I was wondering if it was rosacea, but I'm not convinced. I don't know if it makes sense to visit a dermatologist. I ask the moderators to publish my story. Thanks.

Last Updated
November 08, 2020