Psychic Harassment In High School?

The Story

Hi! For several years now, I read this site regularly and I see different people, different stories, tips, situations, biotics.. I've decided to write here because of the situation I've been thinking about for two years now. I'm a student at a specialized high school of Arts. As you know, or maybe you do not know the situation and people in the schools dealing with art are different than any ' ' ordinary ' ' High School of Humanities or languages. I say that in order not to emphasize or something like that, but to give a more realistic view of the situation. I'm graduating from high school next year. I'm a sensitive person by nature. I experience situations, I sometimes take things too much of a heart, I worry about ' ' nonsense ' ' or rather not so much Scary and important things. I can panic, cry, or burst under certain circumstances... I've grown a part of these emotional tides, I've realized some things, I'm grown up. But there's one thing that makes me very, very much, suffering from it for the moment. I'm influenced by people's opinion, their fairy tales, the little nasty comments they throw. In my school, after a choice of specialty, which you continue from the second year of high school until you graduate there is a change in classes. Two years ago when I was starting 10th grade, I started anew with the kids from the other class. A little school we are, everyone knows everyone, but they were in class 2 years before I came so that they knew each other better. It's just that in every class, there's ' ' Slick ' ', ' ' All-knowing ' ', ' ' The Kibbutz ' ' or there's some other page... :D In my class, there are simply certain people who have their word ' weighs more ' ' than the others. A few people who do what they want, say what they want, and that's the rest of the class silent. I don't even know how to describe it to understand my point They're just something like "the main" characters, but in a not very good sense They're forgiven, they can screw with someone, and they can talk to him the next day. To evade any responsibilities.. Be forgiven and etc There is 1 specific person This guy does not like me and naturally is not obligated to me or I him, but the problem is that since I have entered this class always, there will always be something to say about me even if it is not his job. To give someone a comment, to hint at something natural, to make me feel bad, casually embarrass me or get me ' 'deafer' ', crazy, or mad as the most often likes to hints Just see your mouth big, speak left to right and all silent. I get shy, sweat I feel worried and tense when this person talks this way about me or someone else He just puts pressure in the room as he enters the door, I inquire about the other people in the class and they feel it I don't know why it's silent, every day I see the infernal irregular things that these people are doing, but just nobody ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' I doesn't know if he's scared, or he's just no one to deal with. Whatever. I suffer greatly from the actions of this person I have not done anything to this man, nor have we been close nor anything I just sometimes feel like he knows I'm emotional, and that's the only thing he's going to step on, crush him, make me cry in the toilets. I don't know what's wrong with me and why I'm panicking so much from some high school tartar I don't know I want to fight this worry because I know I have something to show and say and that I can't cheat me for personal enjoyment. But I'm a nuisance! I'm suffering, crying, and I'm tearing up all the situations after school and thinking them all night. I'm not a perfect person, I'm still a teenager they first go into the world of ' the big ' ' I just don't have a girlfriend in this class who's all in groups, companies, herds.. I don't have a lot of common interests nor do I smoke, drink nor am I entirely interested in what they I have classmates and acquaintances but no girlfriend It also weighs Do not relax in school, behave strangely, from tension happens to me to say something embarrassing or out of place Very slowly I pass the day, the creative activity is blocking (and should not) the harassment continues, and I continue to pay the choir opinion. I want to know if a hasn't wept is in a similar situation, like mine, did he feel frightened to defend himself and not let him crush him, scared to talk and put these people in their place I accept advice and opinions many will be happy to hear how you would do. Thanks!

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May 25, 2020