Please Someone Help Me Understand What This Means

The Story

Hello, please let the moderators publish my story! I am a girl confused by my dreams. I want to say that for a year or so I have liked very much a boy named Ivan. This man has disappointed me very much and as he made me be in the 7th heaven so I was in tears .. So let me start briefly with my dream, because it bothered me a lot and I want to know what it means .. They actually there were 2 dreams one after the other .. My first dream was how all people are statues .. And I dreamed Ivan right next to the garden of the Municipality * where we met and hugged 2 times for the last time *. Only I am alive in this dream and everyone, including him, was like statues. Then I go and hug him and cry all the time, like I've lost him forever and I don't want to let him go, but somehow I have a feeling I have to do it. This dream is quite sad for me, but the second one broke me. I go to the other dream, where Ivan has to go into a trance and first he has to fall asleep. And there grandma asks him for a birthday so that he can do something like some magic .. However, I answer clearly September 1 * his birthday * so that he can fall asleep and I start crying again and hug his lifeless body lying on our bed in the village .. It's like he's about to die and I have to let him go, to leave to be happy. The problem is that I don't want to let him go, but I want him to be happy with all my heart, even though I would suffer. let go and resign. If it mattered, he was lying on a green blanket of black paint and the very atmosphere of the room was dark and frightening. Please

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September 27, 2020