Our Cat Ran Away

The Story

Hello, our story is as follows, they gave us a little kitten from a monastery, it was very affectionate and meek. when we took him home from the 2nd day he started going to the toilet, we were amazed, he didn't grumble at all. for 3 months I grew up very big, we made a vaccine, a passport, we played a lot. he was 4 months old, the weather warmed up unusually for January and for 1 day we decided to take him with us to the Kremikovtsi monastery, where we often walked in the pine forest. when she was driving in the car she was very restless, and when I took her down and let her go in the snow, she shot with full force in an unknown direction, we found her in rose bushes, she meowed in pain from talking, we talked to her, and she didn't seem to know us. , jumped and ran far into the woods again. we searched for her for a long time, but alas we did not find her. the next day we went to the same place, put water and food on the meadow. I was looking for him again. today we will walk again. various miracles happen to return, but in our case we do not know how it will happen, it is 22 km away from home ?

Last Updated
November 11, 2020