Olive Oil For Hair

The Story

Hello, Question to women who take care of their hair with olive oil. So I read and hear that olive oil was very favorable for hair. I put olive oil on my face and I can say that I am satisfied, but I am not on my hair. I don't see anything complicated in smearing it with olive oil ONLY ON THE EDGES, but since I stand up every time after washing my hair, I ask if there is a problem with that Should I wash my hair, wait for it or not wait for it to dry and smear the ends with olive oil and then straighten it? Will it get greasy if I don't wash it off? Or is it best to do so - smear olive oil on the edges, wash as usual with a champion, wait for it to dry and straighten? I will try it for the first time and I decided to first consult the ladies with more experience and knowledge in this. Those who stand up or curl like me will be of greater use to me.

Last Updated
November 11, 2020