Nobody Tells You How Lonely Motherhood Is ...

The Story

Obviously what the title is about. We've been married for five years, we've been together for eight. We have a child of eight months (planned). However, my problem is that shortly before I got pregnant, they changed my husband's working hours - he got up at 12 o'clock in two shifts (day and night). It was supposed to be temporary, but here begins the second year. He was promoted and I see that he really likes the job. When he comes home, he talks to colleagues and discusses some detailed ... but it's hard for me. I don't have anyone to replace me at home in ten minutes. I went to the gynecologist after the birth, only in the sixth month, and I need the first month. My mother died, my father is ill (I plan to take care of him soon). His mother fell ill, his father was on a daily shift. I don't have any siblings, and I'm ashamed to call friends to change me (and they go to work too), at least to the dentist or something to do. I can't break up and use a babysitter, I can't imagine leaving my child so little to a stranger. We also have a dog that I spend with the child, but it is very headstrong and it is difficult to combine the two outside, and it is necessary three times a day, and yes - in the evening the child is with me again, because I can't leave him alone. for 10 minutes. When my husband comes home, he literally eats, bathes and goes to bed, and there is no help for me at home. I shop alone, I cook, I clean, I play with the child, I make the dog, I pay the bills ... it comes to me uphill. I feel extremely alone ... asking for advice on how to deal with these depressed moods. There are times when I collapse and cry secretly. I know I have to grit my teeth until it's time for the crib, but I'm afraid of getting depressed until then, or out of anger, getting a divorce. Yes, and such thoughts come to me .. And there is no option for my husband to change jobs. We are in a small town and it is difficult to find. Thanks!

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November 08, 2020