Nipple Pain

The Story

Hello. From the title, I think you understand what the problem is. I'm 18, girl. I am experiencing a very special pain that I have not experienced before. When I touch the nipple on my left breast it hurts. I can't explain what the pain itself is, but maybe it's something like someone pinched me. It has not changed color, or in general there is nothing unusual in its appearance. I haven't breastfed: D, I haven't taken contraceptives and I'm not pregnant because I read that these things are important too. It will come to me in 6 days, but I am sure that the pain is not due to this, because before a cycle I have pain in 2 breasts, not just one in the nipple area. It's happening to me for the first time. My mother and grandmother generally had a lot of problems with one breast and they always had something like lumps, but I didn't feel anything. I know I need to see a doctor,

Last Updated
November 09, 2020