Nicole Scherzinger

Born 29 June, 1978 ( 44 years old) in Honolulu, USA .

What is the zodiac sign of Nicole Scherzinger ?
According to the birthday of Nicole Scherzinger the astrological sign is Cancer .

Nicole Scherzinger's Height is 165 cm. ( 5 ft 4 ins).

Currently, Nicole Scherzinger is Unmarried.

Occupation: singer, actress, producer, dancer, author, photo model.

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December 05, 2020

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Today Nicole Scherzinger is a recognized R&B and pop singer who has won thousands of fans with her magnificent vocal skills. Since childhood, the girl dreamed of performing on stage and thanks to perseverance, self-confidence and perseverance, Nicole was able to achieve the desired result.Sherzinger also showed herself as a dancer, songwriter, model and actress. The celebrity brought the girl to participate in The Pussycat Dolls.



Childhood and youth

The future star was born in the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu on June 29, 1978. The girl's full name is Nicole Praskovya Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger, which she received due to her multinational origin. The singer's father, Alfonso Valiente, was a Filipino, and the mother of Rosemary Elikolani combined Hawaiian and Ukrainian roots.

The pop star's parents lived together for several years and divorced in 1981. After that, the mother and daughter moved to the city of Louisville (Kentucky). Soon Rosemary married a second time to Harry Scherzinger, a German by birth. Nicole was brought up with her sister Keala in austerity and strict discipline, because the girl's parents were Catholics.

Interest in art awakened in Nicole from a young age. The girl attended the School of Arts and enjoyed participating in the performances of the local theater. After graduating from general education, Scherzinger entered Wright State University, where she began to study acting. However, in 1999, Nicole dropped out of college to pursue a singing career.




Participation in performances and acting training helped Nicole Scherzinger get into the group "Days Of The News" as a backing vocalist. In 1999, the band recorded their second album, but then the girl left the group. During this time, Nicole did not manage to gain recognition, nevertheless, the valuable experience of working in a group was useful to the singer in the future.

Soon, together with Barry Drake, the rising star prepared two songs and presented them to the public in 2001. In the same year, Nicole loudly announced herself at the "Star Factory" (USA), after which the girl was invited to the group "Eden's Crush".

The new girl group enjoyed popularity with listeners, and the first composition "Get Over Yourself" immediately entered the top ten songs according to the Billboard Hot 100. Other songs were successful, but the existence of the collective was short-lived. After the closure of the producer company London-Sire Records, the group also disbanded.

Nicole did not regret the forced departure from the team. The work at Get Over Yourself was too difficult for the young singer. Chatting with four other members every day, Scherzinger experienced constant stress. The singer later admitted that she did not have friendships with the girls from Eden's Crush. They considered Nicole too ambitious and even bitchy, so conflicts accompanied the entire period of the group's activity.

After the termination of Eden's Crush, a young singer named Nicole Kea recorded several solo songs. Her composition "Breakfast In Bed" later became the soundtrack for the romantic comedy "50 First Kisses". The young singer also collaborated with composer / songwriter Yoshiki and recorded the song "I'll Be Your Love" with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra.



"The Pussycat Dolls"

2003 was marked for Nicole by the fact that she joined the group "The Pussycat Dolls". However, for the first time, the girl drew attention to this group back in 2002, when the group performed on the CBS channel in the show of comedian David Letterman. Carmen Electra's BigSpender, taken from Bob Foss's Sweet Charity, impressed Nicole, as she played the role of Velma in the famous Chicago musical back in college.

At the initial stage of the Pussycat Dolls' activity, the participants acted only as dancers and gave vivid performances in the cabaret style. Periodically, singers and actresses joined the collective to prepare individual concerts. Nevertheless, when Nicole arrived, the girl blended in so well with the team that she became its voice and a recognized leader.

The songs "The Pussycat Dolls" were popular with a huge audience and often became hits. In 2005, the debut album of the pop group PCD was released, which was twice certified platinum. In addition, two songs from this disc - "Don't Cha" and "Stickwitu", were at the top of the charts.

In 2006 the band went on a tour with the presentation of new songs. At the same time, all the main vocal parts were assigned to the spectacular brunette. In this team, Nicole was able to fully reveal herself, and the girl's talents were appreciated. In the same 2006, according to the rating of Maxim magazine, the singer entered the Hot 100 list, taking 22nd place. Thanks to the beautiful external data (the height of the singer is 165 cm, weight - 56 kg) in 2008 Nicole's photo got on the cover of the men's edition of "Men's Fitness".

At the same time, Scherzinger not only performed songs, but also participated in their creation. Together with Cara Dioguardi, the singer prepared the song "I Don't Need A Man" and "Flirt", and with Sean Garrett she wrote the song "Buttons".

But the talented performer was not limited to just one project. The girl regularly recorded new songs in collaboration with other celebrities. So, in 2005, Nicole performed with actor Will Smith, reggae performer Shaggy and opera singer Vittorio Grigolo. The following year, Scherzinger recorded the lyrical composition "Lie About Us" with the American performer Avant, as well as the rousing song "Come to Me" with the rapper Diddy. For the last two compositions, clips were prepared, which aroused great interest among the audience.

Active collaboration with other artists did not prevent Nicole from working on the new album "The Pussycat Dolls", which was released in 2008 and called "Doll Domination". Also during 2006-2008, the star worked on a solo album, tentatively titled "Her Name is Nicole". 

It included the composition "Whatever U Like", created in collaboration with rapper TIP. The song "Baby Love" was considered as the first single, which did not gain the desired popularity in America, but attracted attention in Europe and Brazil.

The official presentation of the album took place not in the planned 2009, but two years later. As a result, even the name of the disc was changed, which was now called "Killer Love". The album included a song performed by Scherzinger along with the legendary Sting. The fans were also pleasantly surprised by the remix of the song "Heartbeat", which Scherzinger performed together with Enrique Iglesias. In 2014, Nicole released her second solo album, Big Fat Lie, which combines pop and rhythm and blues.




The talented singer has repeatedly appeared in films as a songwriter and actress. In 2001, Nicole starred in the family series "My Wife and Children", and the next year she delighted the audience with her presence in the sitcom "Half and Half". Then the singer's participation in film projects continued with filming in the comedy "Love is worth nothing" (2003).

In 2005, Scherzinger appeared in the crime comedy "Be Cool!", In which Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Vince Vaughn and others also starred. a bright performance of "Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious".

In 2010, Nicole starred as a Canadian star in the hit series How I Met Your Mother, starring Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor and Alison Hannigan. In 2012, the singer starred in the action movie Men in Black - 3, in which she played the role of Lilly, Boris's girlfriend.



Personal life

The star tries not to advertise her personal life, but journalists still manage to find out some facts. For some time Nicole had a relationship with Nick Hexam - a member of the rock group "311". Celebrities were even engaged, but the couple did not dare to legalize the relationship.

В 2007 году певица начала встречаться с Льюисом Хэмилтоном – талантливым гонщиком «Формулы – 1». Молодые люди периодически ссорились, но потом снова восстанавливали отношения. Николь была уверенна, что Льюис станет для неё идеальным супругом. Но знаменитая исполнительница поторопилась с выводами, ведь отношения, которые длились семь лет, так и не закончились официальным браком.

По слухам, перемены в личной жизни подвигли звезду подкорректировать внешность – изменить форму носа и убрать небольшую горбинку. Сейчас поклонники часто сравнивают фотографии певицы до пластики и после, пытаясь убедиться в правдивости этих рассказов.

Кроме того, после разрыва с бойфрендом Шерзингер приписывали мимолётные романы с разными молодыми людьми. К примеру, утверждали, что певица встречалась с футболистом из Греции Пайтимом Касами.



Nicole Scherzinger now

Now Nicole continues to actively perform in different cities of the world. The girl constantly changes her place of residence: Nice, London, Bangkok, Zurich. But travel does not tire Scherzinger, because the singer likes a busy life.

In 2016, Nicole took part in the scoring of the cartoon "Moana", and in 2017 the release of the film "Dirty Dancing-3" is planned, in which the singer has the main role. The press reported that Scherzinger abandoned the project due to religious beliefs, because according to the plot, the main character has an abortion for the sake of a career. Nevertheless, these were only rumors, because today photos from the filming of a film with Nicole's participation are posted on the Internet.

In 2017, the star will appear on the show "Drop The Mic", in which celebrities will compete in a rap battle. Nicole will also serve as a judge at The X-Factor UK alongside Simon Cowell, Sharon Osborne and Louis Walsh.

In 2015, Scherzinger began dating tennis player from Bulgaria Grigor Dimitrov, who was previously the boyfriend of Maria Sharapova. A year later, in an interview with Fabulous, the girl said that she was very happy with her new boyfriend. Nicole expressed hope that her relationship with Grigor is "true love."

In the summer of 2016, rumors spread about the singer's romance with DJ Calvin Harris, who had just broken off relations with Taylor Swift. Young people were seen cuddling at a London party. Subsequently, it turned out that celebrities were just friends with each other, and Dimitrov had no reason to be jealous.

In January 2017, the singer delighted fans with candid photos. Nicole was vacationing in Hawaii and decided to post a photo in a bikini on Instagram, showing the perfect figure.




1999 - Days Of The New 2001 - Get Over Yourself 2001 - Popstars 2005 - PCD 2008 - Doll Domination 2011 - Killer Love 2014 - Big Fat Lie




2001 - My wife and children 2002 - Half and half 2003 - Chasing Papi 2003 - Love is worth nothing 2005 - Be cooler! 2007 - Plantation 2007-2012 - Wizards of Waverly Place 2010 - How I Met Your Mother 2012 - Men in Black 3 2016 - Moana 2017 - Dirty Dancing-3



Net Worth

Nicole Scherzinger 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

Let's check, How Rich is Nicole Scherzinger in 2020?


Nicole Scherzinger Net Worth 2021

Nicole Scherzinger 's revenue is $2M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Nicole Scherzinger and could vary in the range between $505.5K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $69.2K - $100.4K
November 2021 $45.3K - $103.4K
October 2021 $52.8K - $156.4K
September 2021 $77.9K - $166.1K
August 2021 $68K - $143.6K
July 2021 $56.5K - $150.9K
June 2021 $76.5K - $119.2K
May 2021 $62.9K - $107.7K
April 2021 $70.2K - $87.1K
March 2021 $62.9K - $128.5K
February 2021 $59K - $105.2K
January 2021 $60.4K - $128.8K


Nicole Scherzinger Net Worth 2020

Nicole Scherzinger 's revenue is $2M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Nicole Scherzinger and could vary in the range between $704.9K - $2M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $69.5K - $84.2K
November 2020 $47.4K - $130.9K
October 2020 $74.3K - $144.7K
September 2020 $53.2K - $150.5K
August 2020 $82K - $148.5K
July 2020 $46.4K - $102.4K
June 2020 $58.7K - $142.1K
May 2020 $44.9K - $151.3K
April 2020 $55.8K - $110.2K
March 2020 $75.7K - $104.9K
February 2020 $60K - $92.4K
January 2020 $66.9K - $105.3K


Nicole Scherzinger Net Worth 2019

Nicole Scherzinger 's revenue is $1.1M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Nicole Scherzinger and could vary in the range between $822.1K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $52.6K - $100.9K
November 2019 $44.4K - $137.2K
October 2019 $42.9K - $123.5K
September 2019 $61.5K - $98.5K
August 2019 $75K - $97K
July 2019 $68.5K - $165.1K
June 2019 $51.2K - $124.1K
May 2019 $72.4K - $132.6K
April 2019 $81K - $110.8K
March 2019 $76.7K - $83.8K
February 2019 $52.6K - $113.8K
January 2019 $64.3K - $147K


Nicole Scherzinger Net Worth 2018

Nicole Scherzinger 's revenue is $1.1M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Nicole Scherzinger and could vary in the range between $692.3K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $59.6K - $140.7K
November 2018 $70.7K - $87.4K
October 2018 $48.5K - $157.7K
September 2018 $51.8K - $156.4K
August 2018 $65.8K - $98K
July 2018 $63.1K - $88.4K
June 2018 $44.7K - $152.4K
May 2018 $78.4K - $100.9K
April 2018 $63.6K - $161.7K
March 2018 $66.8K - $107.4K
February 2018 $45.1K - $148.8K
January 2018 $60.2K - $104K


Nicole Scherzinger Net Worth 2017

Nicole Scherzinger 's revenue is $1.7M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Nicole Scherzinger and could vary in the range between $754.8K - $1M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $44K - $114.6K
November 2017 $69.9K - $159.8K
October 2017 $53.2K - $156.9K
September 2017 $66.3K - $89.1K
August 2017 $79.7K - $122.9K
July 2017 $62.8K - $105.4K
June 2017 $53.7K - $114K
May 2017 $52.5K - $107K
April 2017 $54K - $105.7K
March 2017 $78K - $134.4K
February 2017 $43.5K - $87.7K
January 2017 $64.2K - $98.2K


Nicole Scherzinger Net Worth 2016

Nicole Scherzinger 's revenue is $1.5M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Nicole Scherzinger and could vary in the range between $690.9K - $1.5M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $70K - $162.3K
November 2016 $71.4K - $142.1K
October 2016 $81.7K - $134.2K
September 2016 $49.5K - $105.8K
August 2016 $47.6K - $121.4K
July 2016 $58K - $107.2K
June 2016 $73.3K - $129.6K
May 2016 $43.3K - $118.9K
April 2016 $62.1K - $159.2K
March 2016 $48.7K - $102.2K
February 2016 $51.8K - $87.4K
January 2016 $66K - $91.7K


Nicole Scherzinger Net Worth 2015

Nicole Scherzinger 's revenue is $1.5M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Nicole Scherzinger and could vary in the range between $740.3K - $2M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $74.7K - $150.2K
November 2015 $73.5K - $83.4K
October 2015 $77K - $100.7K
September 2015 $69.5K - $153.7K
August 2015 $69.1K - $163.8K
July 2015 $83.1K - $92.9K
June 2015 $74.3K - $104.6K
May 2015 $66.2K - $153.1K
April 2015 $61.8K - $87.2K
March 2015 $67.2K - $122.9K
February 2015 $51.1K - $137.8K
January 2015 $56.5K - $127.9K


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