Naam Yi Boon Sik Review (Criminal Militant, 2007)

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September 11, 2020

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Naam Yi Boon Sik - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Naam yi boon sik" is a Action Crime production. IMDB rated the movie with 7.0 / 10. According to Google Users - 95% of the people watched the movie liked the story. Director: Benny Chan Actors: Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan, Sean Yue, Woo Jin, Lisa Lu, Andy On, Candy Liu, Elann Kwong, Sam Lee, Ken Lo Very cool. Bublik's cat approval



Name Yi Boon Sik Review

Gang Tien Yeng Seng (Wu Jin) has prepared and took over a huge sum, transported in a collection car. The criminals were very audacious and brazenly: they blew up several cars and staged a shootout with a man who had arrived at the crime scene by the police. And at the end Eventually the bandits managed to escape.

However the seized money did not go to them: money was stolen by one of their accomplices, and they don't yet know exactly who betrayed them. And now the gang is starting unwind a chain of several the people involved in this robbery.

And the police, of course, in turn, hunts for the Seng gang, and three police officers who joined investigation, here are purely present personal motives.

Detective Chan Chung (Nicholas Tse) during a robbery lost her fiancee: she died in the time to blow up the collection machine, because I was in a shop Near.

Inspector Carson Fong (Sean Yee) has already faced Gang: he stopped as part of a patrol the car in which Seng's men were travelling, and in as a result, the inspector miraculously survived, then swore to get hold at the end the end of these freaks.

Post Wai King Ho (Jaycee Chan) tries find his brother, a policeman, who was working undercover, was embedded in the Seng group, but then stopped to lead about himself.

Because official investigation to any does not give serious results, these three police officers - inspector, detective and post -- unite to conduct their own Investigation.

And Here it is crowned with success: they go out to the gang that's back in Hong Kong and trying to find their money.

And that's whether these three police officers will survive clash with Seng and his men - completely unknown.


To me this film was advised as almost the latest example of a really powerful militant, because, they say, after that in Hong Kong began to mostly shoot all sorts of costume dramas and Melodrama.

I' to be honest, Very poorly versed in Hong Kong cinema and don't know they're there now filmed, but this "Invulnerable target" looked with a great pleasure, because the film really very cool and slightly Crazy.

Look it's and you realize that it's not just Jackie Chan knows how to make impressive fights and perform mind-blowing stunts.

Especially it looks spectacular in comparison to sterile Hollywood action movies, where the head character usually sloops the bandits packs and in any mess gets maximum light scratch about which he forgets in five minutes.

In here fights - powerful, brutal and incredibly spectacular. In addition, it is in the this movie they adore during fights break up at least a dozen huge glass, and it also produces a great Impression.

With the point of view of the stunts here is also very Cool: Some episodes are watching and don't you know how actors perform it didn't happen during the shooting. Except Facebook there's still been a very spectacular race on the roofs - quite in the style of "13th District."

The charismatic of all the actors -- it's Wu Jean, who played Tien Yeng Seng. Edakaaya powerful negative charisma, plus him we also tried to give it to the film some kind of "humanity" - Seng there tried to push something out of the series "us it was necessary, just to survive." Well, yes, just to survive. extracted a hundred million dollars, putting in the grave of all who got caught there Under his arm. Interesting to these guys notions of survival, what's going on.

By the way Wu Jin also showed excellent combat skills Art: I've done so much, that i mean, catching his breath with delight. Very powerfully staged, it's been a long time since it's been Saw.

However three police officers, too, in general, lit up. Especially Nicolas Tse, who played Detective Chan Chun, and Sean Yee, portrayed by Inspector Carson Fong. Both had some posh fights (Sean Ye fought smartly at the beginning of the film, when he arrested some nasty businessman), and Nicolas Tse also has absolutely awesome pursuit, set just in style Jackie Chan's mind-blowing stunts.

By the way third cop just son Jackie Chan a Jaycee Chan and played. Jaycee looked considerably weaker than his two partners, but he's also on the film - simple post, well, for simple poster he fought very even Decent.

In the In general, I loved it. Famously, spectacularly, dynamically and at times utterly Crazy. Some tricks, like fight in a burning spilled gasoline, forced to just open his mouth.

A what didn't like it? Some, in my opinion, Tightening: The film goes two hours and ten minutes and there for twenty-thirty minutes quietly could have Cut. However, as there are still a lot of dynamics, all sorts of fights and chase, this tightening is not too Annoying.


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