My Mother Is A Vampire

The Story

Hi, I think my mother is what they call an energy vampire. I feel sorry for her, I want to help her, but she's so stubborn, except for the game, I can't do anything else, or she's going to freak me out. When I talk to her, I'm always nervous, angry, conversations lead to scandals. If he's not attacking me, then he's forcing me to listen to her negative stories of scandals with someone else with whom there is conflict. She's very possessive, she wants everyone to be in her opinion, to listen and perform her advice. He gives advice about absolutely anything, and if you don't listen to her, he starts arguing, talking nonsense to relatives. He panics, simulates diseases, worries relatives and children, teases us on the phone, writes nonsense on the Weber, that the Lord will punish us, that the devil has possessed us that our halves will be dumped. I'm threatened to call my husband, his parents, and he's going to tell me crap about me. Thank God, he doesn't have the phone because I was predictable and I only met them 1 time. She called a friend to talk nonsense about me. He's been calling my ex and talking crap about me, he's mad at me, and he's handling it. She wrote to my ex today that she was going to die in the Vtorkik. He was going to die last Thursday. Previously, there was a supposedly crown virus. You've done a test, negative. She went back to being a straight-up. Last week, he was playing the death certificate this week he didn't stop touring the center of Sofia. I tell her to keep the isolation, she lied that she didn't know, she didn't hear. On my child's Birthday (he became 3) he wrote messages in his father's Weimar, supposedly for the child's wishes, and actually spelled super long for how bad she was and what doctors she walked and how she would die. Now he's playing it, I don't let her see the kid. I worry because she goes around public transport, does not observe hygiene, all day goes around somewhere and I do not want to bring us a virus. In fact, she never had the desire to see the child when I prayed, she was found excuses, and now she's sacrificed herself for not giving her. He lives alone because he drove with my dad and my brother, who got his stuff together and moved out. Buy your own apartment and do it. I took it as a big insult. No, you can't. Swallow that there is an apartment and constantly tells him how he will stay on the street and will not be able to pay it. I am now waiting for a child. In a very complicated situation, I'm on a personal level for security measures. I take care of the big kid alone, and I'm going to take care of the baby herself when she's born. I had a problem pregnancy, but thank God I got her to the end almost. I had to ignore my mother because she was stressing me out with her problems. I didn't ask me once, and I was bad at the time I was in a hospital on systems. Just talk about yourself how bad she is and just be angry. I can't do this luxury. To. Afford it. I have a child to take care of and a baby in my belly because I have to rest and not stress. I'm having a hard time, but I'm acting. And everyone is calling her relatives, her friends who do. Tell me that. My mom called them, and what kind of crap she talked about. He finds them in the FLB, and he writes nonsense. 1

Last Updated
May 26, 2020