My Husband Is Cheating On Me And Manipulating

The Story

The woman was created by the rib of the man. Not from the leg to humiliate her. Not from the head to Excel. And from the rib to be side by side with him. Near the hand to protect her and the side of the heart to love her. In today's world, a man's psychological harassment is taken quietly. And that's the woman's big mistake. Actually, my biggest mistake. Needless to roll out the story with stories and examples of how different it was at first, that's clear, otherwise I wouldn't be with him. Let me continue on the merits. He's 35, and I'm 31 years old if that's what matters. My life is developing entirely at work, to the store, and home over the stove. We rarely go to the mall to see the shops and go home. It weighs on me the lack of contacts he has imposed on me. Years ago he made me delete my profile on social networks, because he thinks everything is being followed and people only staring your privacy, and as I deleted it off the world and now my phone book only boils down to 10 numbers. I have only two numbers on my birthday-mom and dad. No one's communicating. If I make attempts I am told that the people I am talking to are "sludge" and ask me what it is for? I should have talked to him. Now, I'm going to list a few stories: shopping in the store is nervous because it's not sitting there. When we go home with bags from the market, we're getting the sherry from carrying luggage. Having no food is nervous, it is hungry and starts to drive with me. If it's a day off and I want to run a vacuum cleaner starts scandals and exits or closes in the bathroom so as not to hear it. Every morning he rushes out and buys himself a coffee, otherwise, he's terribly snippy and his head hurts. When it boils down to everything, I just shut up and I don't look at him, and he obviously senses and starts shaking his nerves and getting stuck, I'm not talking to him. We don't go anywhere, just summer at sea for 4 – 5 days. There is no initiative to go and do nothing. He hates people when we go to the mall and constantly looks around to see him and clenching his teeth, he doesn't like to go to places like this. The happiest is the evening in front of the TV with beer and chips. Otherwise, he has contacts – as he goes to charge gasoline and talks to the guys who refuel and sometimes when the rush talks to them and makes me wait in the car, for example. Then he wants to listen to what they've been talking about, and I'm trying to be interested and commenting on what happened to him. It forbids me to wear clothes other than jeans, harvested blouse, and low shoes. He's also trying to get my hair cut off, he won't let me change the color, I also wear dresses because I would be funny to them, only aunts wore them. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but his mother crushed him. She's very possessive, arrogant, and she's just thinking about herself. He's always ironic and cheating, and probably from there comes his desire to exert control over me. I decide to leave him soft and so for a few days. During the day of lack of contacts, I write to him, and he insults me to stop bothering him and he gets me in a very rude way. And now what – I have no right to an account on social networks, as I want to make me tell myself to talk to him, and as I do it I am being sexist and do not want to talk to me. Last? I'm so confused. For many years I have already lived and severely degraded, I cannot make decisions on my own and still in my head there is a dilemma if I make a profile I will resume some contacts, will this diversify me? He advises me to make a fake profile without a picture and read from it, but sometimes I tell myself, my high school classmates must think I was dead... Have not heard of me for at least 12 years... I beg for some courage, advice, reproaches if you will. I accept everything.

Last Updated
May 25, 2020