My Heart Says One Thing, My Mind Says Another

The Story

Hello! I want to share something with you and I hope you will help me decide on the issue that worries me. My boyfriend and I have been together for 1 year, I love him really much, but there is one problem - we don't see each other very often. We are from different cities and we study in different cities, but we still find time for each other (although not as much as I want). In the summer he found a job where there was no day off and he couldn't even come to my birthday. It was very sad, but I tried and swallowed the disappointment. Now during the holidays I hoped to be together at least for a while, but alas ... The excuse is various problems with the car. Obviously, things can't go on like this. My heart says one thing, my mind says another. I want to believe that my friend's feelings are the same as mine, but the facts are against it and I still hope ... Please advice! What to do

Last Updated
November 12, 2020