My Family Is Falling Apart ...

The Story

I will address several issues in this story, and the reason is one: Today I found out that my mother wanted to part with my father, I understood this when I talked to him on the phone. Such things happen in many families today, but I'm not sure if my father will survive in the first place and then me. For the family, I will say that the relationship between them was not normal, rather strange, there were quarrels as in most families, but there was never violence. My mother may be right about her, but I am extremely sorry for my father. For three years he went abroad to work because he did not receive a large salary here. He said he was leaving for the family so we could live better, and especially me, because I had to follow. And now, far away, he understood what he had told me. I pray there are people around him because I don't know if he will last. When he talks to me on the phone, he almost roars out loud. I hope he finds strength now, because he didn't have many friends, and he may no longer have a family. I will experience it for myself, because I am already 20 years old, but it will be difficult for my father. As for me, something else worries me here. That I have almost no friends. I'm sitting at home these days thinking. I don't even have anyone to go out with. I don't have company, I've always been alone on holidays. Most people like me don't go home and experience problems more easily, and I rarely go out. If I had people to date now, I would hardly write a story, but I can still get help. I'm from a small town and all the time I couldn't keep people near me. This loneliness presses me on the other side and I don't know what to do. I grew up with almost no friends, and if I stay here I don't believe anything will change. The small town is naughty now, wherever I go I will be a stranger. Please get things right.

Last Updated
October 16, 2020