Muži V Naději Review (Трагикомедия, 2020)

Learn more about the movie "Muži v naději" released in 2020. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Muži v naději"?
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September 09, 2020

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Muži V Naději - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Muži v naději" is a Tragicomedy production. IMDB rated the movie with 6.0 / 10. According to Google Users - 85% of the people watched the movie liked the story. Director: Jiri Veidelek Actors: Jiri Makhachek, Boleslav Polivka, Petra Grzebichkova, Vika Kerekesh, Simona Stashova, Lukas Langmeier, Philip Antonio, Michal Novotny, Jitka Chvancharova Easy and cool film about men's and women's fun. The most important feeling after watching is disgust and some kind of disgust. I wanted to go and wash my hands with soap and water. And another question: "Is it possible that total fornication, cowardice, lies and resourcefulness are men's hopes?" And are men with the presented "gentleman's set" of qualities worthy to be called Men? Straight faith in the best was shaken ... One spectator



Muži V Naději Review

Two Czech families. Older family - Rudolf (Boleslaw Watering) and Martha (SimonA Stashova). They have a daughter. Alice (Petra Grzebickova), who together with her husband Andrei (Jiri Makhachek) live next to Alice's parents - in one stairwell. 

Rudolph is already retired and works as a taxi driver. His job is not Too like it, but that's how he gets to know with all sorts of chicks and turns with them shashni - Rudolph the great gulen and Bonvivan. >

Andrew, unlike Rudolph, exemplary family man, and Alice snouts them, as he wants. Rudolph doesn't approve of this. male behaviour of the son-in-law and persuades him to go with him in all the heavy -- they say, it really only strengthens Family. 

Look at me and my wife, says Andrew Rudolph. I've been comelating my whole life. left-to-right. But I never forgot about Wife. And she and I still live soul in Soul.

Andrei these arguments are not convinced, and it stubbornly continues to be exemplary, but extremely boring husband for Alice. 

At some point Rudolph introduces Andrew to the beauty Charlotte (Vika Kerekesh). Rudolph and his girlfriend have It didn't work out - she's too young. for him. But all of a sudden Andrew became fascinated with Charlotte, as she was to them, and Now Andrew is already acting in the role Rudolph - cheats on his wife, hides, lies And so on. And now it's not Andrew. covers Rudolph in front of his mother-in-law, and Rudolph covers Andrew's antics before my own daughter. 

What's going to come of it all - completely unknown. However, it is clear that's no good. 


Funny Czech tragicomedy on the subject of all sorts of family Relationship. No, it's not at all Czech version of "O what men say" as something some viewers wrote in the reviews. Although theme of men and women, family infidelity and so on and the like is here Prevailing. 

No, this movie is unlikely to make you make some discoveries in relationship psychology. Director not trying to prove something, he's just shows life the way it is, most couples. 

At first it seems that the director will try to instill in the audience the idea of that family infidelity is, they say, well and only serves to strengthen family -- a thought, let's say, very even Controversial. However, he goes on to show what can all this lead to and what life is not as rosy as it looks with Rudolph's gulena. 

Rudolph by Boleslaw Watering is beautiful. A man in solid age, while not losing purely youthful attitude to life, who believes that if we could die at any moment, you have to be drawn back like the last one. once -- it looks just gorgeous. Here's You kind of believe he's really. that's what it is - merry and bonvivan. 

Simone Stashova is very good played Martha, but it's more interesting not to the character himself, and her everyday philosophy. Martha, as it quickly became clear, knew well about all one hundred and thirty nine cases of Rudolph's crimes against family morality but being smart and reasonable, she quickly realized that it's better to turn a blind eye than to make a scandal and destroy the family. Rudolph, told herself Martha what there is - there is one. Stop it impossible, so a husband's infidelity must or take, or break up with it Relationship. And she's tearing up with him. relationship wasn't going to -- at the end Finally, all these Rudolph's girlfriends are the thing. fleeting, and he's always after them came back to her, and also trying to make amends. 

Andrey performed by Jiri I didn't like Mahachek very much. Some kind of It is nerdy and gray like a mouse. It it is clear that Andrei should was like a typical sub-cub, but then it did break through. And here's there's a fascination with beauty Charlotte so unremarkable man looked very unreliable. The more than that Andrei on the film did not have no implicit talents, except for the ability to cook well. 

Alice was played by Petra Grzebickova -- nothing particularly remarkable, but 100 per cent in the role: a little, but still Cute.

Vika Kerekesh, who portrayed Here's the beauty of Charlotte, more amazed with its spectacular forms, rather than acting. Here's with She's all right! By the way, Vika very much resembled an actress Christina Hendricks, who played Saffron-Yolanda in the TV series FireFly. True, Hendrix has a form of some smaller, but acting - more in order. 

In my opinion, the film turned out cute and funny. No problem special, but I looked it not without Fun. In addition, model Hollywood comedians have already clearly stuffed I'm going to have to do it with my endless stamps, and here -- a completely different approach that's very Even pleases. 

It's not a buffon comedy, you don't have to go to the belly here, but some moments really funny, especially when Andrew with Charlotte has fun at "Smart" in forest, and schoolchildren run past them Cross. 

Somewhat surprised by the edgy transition to tragedy in one of the episodes - that's somehow it's not too knitted with the overall, explicitly comedic mood of the film, however the director of this tragedy is quick snared and again brought the picture on adultery-comedy rails. 

Viewers react to this film in different ways. Men mostly like it. I like those who, like Rudolph, bonvivaitis is everywhere and goes the way The Liar Warrior, and those who froze worm under his wife's heel and all treason commits solely in its dull imagination. And it's not at all sub-cab, but at the same time practically exemplary family families (like me) - I liked it too, because in this movie life -- as it is, not how it is represented by those who do not knows or is afraid to find out. 

Some ladies, however, picture strongly condemned -- I endured in epigraph is one similar review. What do they have on Is that to say? Of course, everyone is entitled to your own opinion, but with this approach, I'm afraid they're going to have a hard time in this Life. However, these are not my problems. 

By the way, despite the piquancy topic, picture taken, say so, quite chastely. And she didn't go nor is there some indignant ladies.  

Can I recommend watch this movie? Yes, I have it. Liked. The picture in the license is not came out, but, as usual, you can find on torrents -- there's an option with notabenoid (DVD-rip). Also here there's a BDRip (1080p) here, but there one-foot amateur translation - just some kind of tragedy, don't turn on by no means, he pictured just Kills. BDRip has subtitles - too joints, but at least you can watch. The more that the Czech language with Russian close enough, a lot of things are understandable and without Translation. (I'm like a "Schweika" read in The Czech - nothing, snout. However, I know him almost by heart.)

P. S. And, by the way, what's interesting about questions about men's fun and that "all-male scum." Who hasn't watched this movie, turn it off TV, and for the rest I'll say that in picture just clearly showing that and ladies there really don't Behind. Martha cheated for a long time. Rudolph with the masseur (had, I note, full right), and Alice fucked with it "French" from the restaurant, while Andrew respected himself as the last He's an idiot. It's only when Andrew himself pulled back and family life played out new colors, then and Alice ceased having fun with the waiter. It's life, guys, this is life! It's not at all. that's the way it is, but still -- and That's what happens. 


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