Marks At Birth

The Story

What do you think birthmarks mean I've read different things. The most common version is that the mother stole something during her pregnancy that she liked and then scratched herself for the place in question. Another version is that the mother was startled by something and grabbed the place in question. Third version - these signs mean something. You are marked for a purpose. I read about moles that according to depends on the shape they form and how they are located, it means that they show the constellation you came from. I am not interested in scientific arguments on these issues. I am interested in the occult. I personally have 2 birthmarks - one is on the left arm and the other on the clitoris (I'm not kidding). I asked my mother if she had stolen something during her pregnancy, but she doesn't remember anything like that. For moles it is different in general, but I have above the lip, on the right hand, above the buttocks and below I have about 9 little ones. I used to have it on one breast, but it disappeared on its own. Tell me if you have an explanation of what these things mean, and especially about birthmarks.

Last Updated
October 12, 2020