Marat Basharov

Born 22 August, 1974 ( 47 years old) in Moscow, USSR .

What is the zodiac sign of Marat Basharov ?
According to the birthday of Marat Basharov the astrological sign is Leo .

Marat Basharov's Height is 184 cm. ( 6 ft 0 ins).

Currently, Marat Basharov is divorced.

Occupation: actor, cinema, TV presenter, show.

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Marat Basharov admits that in his youth he paid attention to the availability of material wealth. Over the years, he got rid of the desire to waste energy on cars and apartments. In the first place he now has children, and not only his own. Having visited the Syrian refugee camp, the actor considered it a religious and civic duty to take care of two kids.



Childhood and youth

Marat Alimzhanovich Basharov is a Tatar by nationality, was born in Moscow under the zodiac sign of Leo in 1974. The parents of the future actor were not connected with the art world: his father worked as a plumber, his mother as a cook. Only his brother in his youth worked as a theater critic and became Marat's guide to the world of theater, offering to try for a role in the play.

From childhood, Basharov was very active, mobile, had charisma and a rebellious disposition, and therefore he was known as a bully at school. According to the artist himself, as a child, he was not popular with the opposite sex. One girl even called a classmate "ugly", which will be remembered for a lifetime. Only much later Marat turned into an attractive tall (184 cm tall) young man with a memorable appearance.

In 1991, the young man easily, without a theatrical education, passed an audition for the role of Duke Sassil in the production of The Canterville Ghost at the Sovremennik Theater, which his brother suggested. At that time, the young Basharov was going to enter the Faculty of Law at Moscow State University, however, having entered the world of art, he did not want to part with him anymore and went to the Shchepkin Higher Theater School.

During his studies, Marat Basharov tried to gain additional experience in the game and therefore continued to appear on stage for 2 seasons, appeared in an episode of the film "Burnt by the Sun" by Nikita Mikhalkov, acted in advertising. He also has a music video for the song by Irina Krug.



Personal life

Marat is credited with many novels. Most often, his chosen ones are announced as actresses-colleagues on the set. Apparently, he plays warm feelings so convincingly that fans believe: a man is not indifferent to screen wives and mistresses in real life.

In 2000, the press started talking about Basharov's tumultuous romance with Olga Budina. According to journalists, it was a bright but fleeting relationship. Although Marat fell in love with the actress, he quickly moved away from the break, but Olga could not forget her feelings for a long time.

The first child, daughter of Amelie, was presented to Basharova by Elizaveta Krutsko, an employee of the TriTe studio, an agent of Andrei Krasko, and then her own husband. To get married, Liza had to convert to Islam and take the name Leila. Due to rumors about the actor's infidelity and possible romances with partners in the show and the set (Maria Butyrskaya, Maria Mironova, Tatiana Navka), the couple decided to break up.

Despite such circumstances of the divorce, the former spouses maintained friendly and professional relations: Elizabeth remained Marat's personal agent, accompanied him at social events related to the promotion of new films.

Subsequently, she tried to arrange a personal life with the cameraman Sergei Shultz, to whom she gave birth to a son, Arseny. The list of women conquered by Basharov was supplemented by "Miss Earth - 2011" Alisa Krylova, Anna Sozonova, a fitness instructor of the club in which he worked.

In 2014, the artist tied the knot with Emmanuel Vitorgan's niece Ekaterina Arkharova. A friend of Gosha Kutsenko became the guest of honor at the gala dinner, invited Basharov and Krutsko with their daughter. Six months later, a scandal erupted in the family. Being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, Marat beat his wife, causing visible bodily harm and breaking his nose.

After the divorce, Arkharova married the restaurateur Artyom Ilyasov and became a mother, and Basharov started an affair with Elizaveta Shevyrkova. The actor met the girl on social networks, she herself wrote and asked for a date. Soon, journalists found out that Elizabeth moved to Marat, and the actor himself told about the pregnancy of the chosen one. In the fall of 2016, the couple had a son.

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Basharov registered an official marriage a year later. The newlyweds refused a magnificent celebration. Only 20 close people were invited, and Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov became witnesses of the celebration. Not long before that, the parents faced the question of choosing a name for the child. According to Muslim traditions, they invited the mullah, who said that living unmarried was not in the traditions of Islam, and suggested that the nikah ceremony be held. So Elizabeth and Marat got married and chose a name for their son - Marcel. The couple spent their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.

The spouses demonstrated their family idyll to the audience of the Ideal Renovation project, which was remaking the living room in the celebrity's house. However, on Internet forums they condemned this union and pitied Elizabeth, not understanding how she agreed to meet and have children with a man who raises his hand against a woman.

In the spring of 2019, the court terminated the marriage of Basharov and Shevyrkova, who did not appear at any meeting. Upon learning of the reasons for the breakup, the fans were outraged. Marat left Lisa an apartment, but forbade her to bear his last name.




In the studio of the program "The Fate of a Man" Marat admitted that his life was spoiled by his love and addiction to alcohol. Although before that he denied both the presence of infidelity and craving for a bottle. Both of these problems, combined with each other, if they did not make Basharov an outcast, then negatively affected his reputation.

A drunken star was detained by traffic police officers in 2012. Marat admitted that he was driving while drunk and lost his license for 20 months.

The scandal around Basharov and Ekaterina Arkharova was widely covered in the press and on TV (Katya gave an interview to Andrei Malakhov in the show "Let them talk"). Journalists tried to unearth the smallest details of the quarrel. According to rumors, Basharov's wife in her youth starred for magazines with dubious content, which caused her husband's jealousy.

Many stars of Russian show business condemned Basharov's act, and figure skating coach Tatyana Tarasova even said that Marat was a disgrace to the artistic community. Some viewers considered Tatyana Anatolyevna too harsh, but the majority agreed with her statement. Tatiana reacted to gossip about Arkharova's allegedly frivolous shooting for magazines by saying that no photos give one person the right to beat another.

Tatyana Tarasova made the actor apologize to his wife during the program "Tonight" on Channel One. The coach said that she would immediately leave the studio, and no one would want to stay with Basharov at the same table, unless he immediately apologizes and explains his action.

As Tarasova herself later said, this step was not directed, she would really have left the studio if Marat had refused. Moreover, the coach could not plan anything, since she was going to the program about the "Ice Age" and did not expect that she would meet Basharov and would be forced to talk about the actor.

The man apologized and confessed his love for his wife throughout the country. However, then he said that this happens in families and that quarrels are normal, and most importantly, learn to forget and forgive. Katya turned out to be not one of those who endure rudeness - she filed for divorce, and in the spring of 2015 the couple separated.

As the journalists found out, the actor became addicted to drinking not because of failures and despair, but, on the contrary, because of success and popularity. When a man became a sought-after artist, he was constantly called to buffets and parties with a lot of alcohol.

According to rumors, due to a permanently intoxicated state, Marat stopped filming in his own projects Nikita Mikhalkov. In addition, Basharov was included in a certain "black list" of actors with whom it is undesirable and inconvenient to work.

How Tatyana Tarasova and her once favorite in the Ice Age project Marat Basharov quarreled -

Together with Tatyana Vasilyeva and her son Philip Basharov he played in the play "Day of surprises", which tells about the life of actors, novels and intrigues. The performance was accompanied by a full house. However, when the proceedings reached their climax, the producers decided to give the role to Sergei Astakhov.

Liza, the last wife of Marat, suffered the fate of Arkharova, but she turned out to be not one of the timid ones and complained to her brother. He allegedly "dealt with Basharov like a man."

On December 27, 2018, information about the beating of Elizabeth appeared again. This was announced by Shevyrkova's brother. According to Fedor, Basharov broke his sister's nose and inflicted other beatings, as a result of which she ended up in a hospital bed. As evidence, Shevyrkova's brother provided the publication with a certificate from the trauma department of the Khimki hospital indicating the diagnosis of “closed fracture of the nose”.

Basharov denied the information several times, and his wife remained silent until February 2019. She once admitted on social networks that she was beaten by her husband because of her love for him and the belief that Marat would improve. However, this did not happen - Shevyrkova filed for divorce.

After some time, Lisa and her son flew to Thailand to rest, and after a while Basharov showed up there. He posted footage of his family vacation on social media, criticizing the "rumors." Although the spouses returned together, they could not maintain the relationship.



Films and theater

After graduating from college, Basharov was in no hurry to go to the theater. He was more impressed by work in the cinema, so the aspiring actor declined invitations to the troupes and agreed to shoot in another film by Nikita Mikhalkov, "The Barber of Siberia", which was truly his first major role. Marat played the cadet Polievsky, a friend of the protagonist.

The debut of the young artist drew positive reviews from critics and became a good start to his creative biography. The guy began to be invited by other directors. So, in 1999, the actor got a role in the film by Stanislav Govorukhin "Voroshilovsky shooter".

Participation in the production of "The Canterville Ghost" is not Basharov's only role in the theater. After graduating from the Shchepkin School, Marat did not abandon the stage at all. He combined filming in films with acting in theatrical productions. So, in parallel with filming in "Voroshilovsky Strelka", the artist played Zagoretsky in "Woe from Wit" by Oleg Menshikov, with whom he developed friendly relations.

The next theatrical character was Lasukov in the performance of the Modern Theater of the Entreprise "You need to marry, master!"

Real fame came to the actor in his youth, after the release in 2000 of the popular Russian TV series “Border. Taiga Romance ", where Basharov played one of the main roles - Lieutenant Ivan Stolbov. Then Marat managed to work under the strict guidance of the legendary director Alexander Mitta and met the leading actors of Russian cinema Renata Litvinova, Alexei Guskov and Mikhail Efremov.

The role of the miner Mishka in the film "The Wedding" by Pavel Lungin opened the actor's inner world. She was close and familiar to him, and therefore Basharov himself insisted on filming as this character - he persuaded the film crew to stop at his candidacy.

Lungin never regretted it: Mishka performed by Basharov caused only positive reviews from film critics and fell in love with the viewer. At the Cannes Film Festival "Wedding" received an award in the category "For the ensemble cast."

Marat gained not only all-Russian, but also international fame. The actor was invited to Eldar Ryazanov's film "Quiet Whirlpools", to the drama film "Oligarch", the television series "Ideal Couple", the sensational film "Turkish Gambit" by Janik Fayziev, where Basharov played the role of Mitya Gridnev. As an admirer of the work of Boris Akunin, on whose work the picture was put, and feeling a special affection for the character that he got, Basharov was glad to bring it to life. In the same year, the artist was noticed abroad, he was invited to play in Stephen Soderbergh's Hollywood film Scales.

At that time, Marat Basharov became one of the most sought-after theater and film actors, behind whom there are dozens of roles in rating films and series of the Russian film industry.

In 2010, Basharov played the main role in the 4-episode melodrama Back to the USSR. According to the plot of the picture, the hero of Marat is a businessman tired of a successful modern life, who agrees to an amazing adventure and wakes up in 1975. A man understands the value of life and finds his true love.

The ex-wife of Marat Basharov was jealous of him for Maria Mironova. At the beginning of the 2000s, the picture "The Wedding" was released, in ...

In the new arrangement of the melodrama "Office Romance", filmed by Sarik Andreasyan with the participation of Svetlana Khodchenkova and Vladimir Zelensky, Marat appeared in the form of Yuri Samokhvalov. This role in the film by Eldar Ryazanov was played by Oleg Basilashvili.

The character of the actor in the drama “Anna German. The Secret of the White Angel ”- a fan of the singer's mother. It is unknown if he actually existed. Perhaps this is a way to focus on the political component, because Marat played an NKVD officer.

In the TV series "Second Wind" the man appeared in the image of the greedy and cowardly wife of the heroine Victoria Tolstoganova, in Dmitry Meskhiev's historical film "Battalion" he played the role of the head of the Provisional Government Alexander Kerensky, in the controversial comedy "Rzhevsky against Napoleon" - the hero of the 1812 war of Prince Bagration.

The hero of Marat in the horror "Yulenka" was a victim of a schoolgirl-maniac, in the action movie "Canned" - a journalist who learned a state secret, in the fantastic parable "New land" - prisoners.

In Portraying the Victim, the actor again reincarnated as a criminal. The comedy by Kirill Serebrennikov nominated for four Golden Eagles, five Nika awards (received one), was awarded two Kinotavr prizes, the Georges and Silver Griffin awards of bloggers and film journalists at the St. Petersburg Festival of Festivals.

The Hindu series is remembered by Basharov for the main role of a surgeon who survived a plane crash, and for the fact that this project is the first one carried out by Russian filmmakers in Bollywood. The shooting day, according to the artist's stories, began with a glass of brandy. Thus, they tried to protect themselves from infections, because the climate, food and water were different from the usual. But the director Alexander Kasatkin still fell ill and watched the process while lying under a dropper.

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For acting achievements, Basharov in 2010 became a laureate of the Star of the Theater Goer award in the Star Rain category. For his high skill he received the honorary title of Honored Artist of Tatarstan in 2012.

For the new year 2018, the movie "Moving Up" was released, based on an event during the Munich Olympics. The plot of the sports drama revolves around the players of the Soviet basketball team, who won in the last three seconds of the final match with the USA team. Marat played the role of an official of the sports committee in the film.

In the melodrama "New Husband" Basharov appeared in the form of the despotic husband of Ksenia Kutepova. The professor's son has not achieved success in life, drinks and beats his wife. The woman takes the baby and leaves the house. Having found herself in a hopeless situation, the heroine is forced to marry the unloved.

Once in the caste of the Canadian horror film "Night Wings", Basharov joked that only in projects of this genre and take a Tatar. In the film, Marat was assigned to play an airliner steward.

For fans of theatrical art, Basharov presented the production “Conversation with the Soul. Beyond". Marat's directorial debut is a story about a businessman, a life-burner who, through trial and error, comes to Islam, but turns into a religious fanatic. It turned out, according to the creator, a performance-warning about how not to fall for the bait of extremists, powdering their brains.

The actor expressed hope that the new film "Mulla", which was awarded the "Golden Sarmatian Lion" at the festival in Orenburg, will also change the attitude towards religion. In the film about the revival of spirituality, Marat got the main role.



TV projects

Marat Basharov is not only a popular actor. The man does not refuse to participate in the TV show. In 2009, he undertook to lead the project of the TNT channel "The Battle of Psychics". The popularity of the program went off scale, which scammers did not fail to take advantage of.

The actor had to conduct a detective investigation against the so-called Center for extrasensory perception of Basharov. The "founder" officially contacted the police, but the statement was ignored.

Another group of crooks distributed on his behalf amulets of wealth, supposedly made from old coins and consecrated in three churches. And that was also a deception.

Marat compared the excitement of participating in the show with what the Zapashny brothers experience when they enter a cage with predators. The only participant in the program with whom the TV presenter communicates outside the set is Swami Dashi. The psychic was present at the actor's third wedding.

Tatiana Navka, paired with actor Marat Basharov, took first place in the television project "Stars on Ice" in 2006 ...

Basharov sat on the panel of judges of the sports and entertainment programs "Stars on Ice", "Ice Age", "Dancing with the Stars - 2012". The actor was late for a performance in the show of Ilya Averbukh - he left to act in the comedy "Suicides". The flight from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod and back was calculated in minutes, but weather conditions were not taken into account. Fortunately, the directors moved the number of Marat to the end of the episode, and Basharov still managed to go out on the ice.

The man became a frequent guest of the culinary TV show "Smak". In 2011, the actor shared with the audience a family recipe for pilaf and even brought a cauldron from home to cook this dish according to all traditions, and in 2016 - a signature recipe for baked pike perch. The actor is known for his love of fishing, so he is familiar with delicious fish dishes.

The movie star's passion for psychics has become the object of jokes more than once. On the eve of the release of the 18th season, the TV presenter's programs were ridiculed by the participants of the Once Upon a Time in Russia project. But Garik Kharlamov, according to fans of Marat, sank to outright rudeness when he touched on the story of the actor's ex-wives. A resident of the Comedy Club in the guise of Eduard the Harsh sang a song and posted a post on Instagram, recalling the beating of women.



Marat Basharov now

The news that Basharov's career is close to sunset has nothing to do with reality. According to media reports, the actor is still in demand from directors. Now he plays in an entreprise and, they say, gets 200 thousand rubles for one appearance on the stage. In 2020, the celebrity was preparing to present two premieres to the audience.

The filmography of Marat in 2019 was supplemented by the picture "I will give you victory" about a businessman whose settled life is turned over by the diary of a war veteran. The actor played the main role in the film.

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In the same year, the TV presenter ended his contract with the "Battle of Psychics", but the producers offered a new one, for the 20th season. Marat was not at all embarrassed by the documentary "Going to Hell" that made a splash, exposing the popular show. He stated that he was joking about bribes for tips to psychics. In response, the haters suggested that no one would tell the truth about the program, one release of which brings 500 thousand rubles.

The actor who loves riddles, apparently, was offered a role in the thriller "The Oracle: the game in the dark." Fans of the Russian celebrity saw their favorite in an ensemble with Hollywood stars Eric Roberts, Stephen Baldwin and Michael Madsen. The film follows a journalist receiving letters from a mysterious fortuneteller. The events indicated in the messages inexplicably come true in the future. But the press representative does not even suspect that he was at the epicenter of the conspiracy.

Marat also starred in the sequel to the mystical detective story The Fortune Teller. Here he reincarnated as the head of the Department of Internal Affairs, nicknamed Titanic. A note-taking careerist does not want to sit in his office, interferes in the affairs of his subordinates and believes that only he knows how to properly detain criminals.




2006 - Tanker Tango 2007 - Canned Food 2008 - Gentlemen Officers: Save the Emperor 2009 - Yulenka 2010 - Indus 2011 - Treason 2012 - Anna German 2013 - Second Wind 2014 - "Battalion" 2016 - "Drunken Firm" 2017 - "Moving up" 2018 - "Mulla" 2019 - "I will give you victory" 2020 - "Fortuneteller-2"




"Battle of psychics" "Ice Age" "Dancing with the Stars"



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August 2020 $60.5K - $101.3K
July 2020 $44.2K - $109.1K
June 2020 $56.3K - $112.1K
May 2020 $56.7K - $135.6K
April 2020 $59.7K - $160.3K
March 2020 $59.1K - $141.5K
February 2020 $68.8K - $152.9K
January 2020 $44.3K - $150.9K


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October 2019 $60.7K - $154.4K
September 2019 $45.5K - $89.2K
August 2019 $73K - $149.9K
July 2019 $45.2K - $165.7K
June 2019 $68.4K - $127.1K
May 2019 $58.5K - $144.2K
April 2019 $82.7K - $110.3K
March 2019 $45.2K - $123.9K
February 2019 $47.1K - $123.5K
January 2019 $46.8K - $159.8K


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October 2018 $50.2K - $101.9K
September 2018 $51.8K - $107.4K
August 2018 $48.4K - $134.5K
July 2018 $59.3K - $146.4K
June 2018 $61.7K - $99.3K
May 2018 $78.3K - $138.3K
April 2018 $82.7K - $122.8K
March 2018 $68.1K - $120.3K
February 2018 $63.8K - $150.1K
January 2018 $82.1K - $108.4K


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November 2017 $59.9K - $160.7K
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June 2017 $49.8K - $96.7K
May 2017 $65.2K - $151.8K
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October 2015 $69.6K - $140.1K
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June 2015 $54.4K - $154.3K
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April 2015 $42.9K - $120.7K
March 2015 $72.2K - $145.5K
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