Liane Moriarty

Born 15 November, 1966 ( 55 years old) in Sydney, Australia .

What is the zodiac sign of Liane Moriarty ?
According to the birthday of Liane Moriarty the astrological sign is Scorpio .

Currently, Liane Moriarty is married.

Occupation: writer.

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July 21, 2020

Liane Moriarty



Liana Moriarty is an Australian prose writer. The writer creates novels that are popular at home and abroad. Her writings have no age restrictions and are to the taste of most readers. Today, Liana Moriarty's books are published in millions of copies.

The writer focuses on single-minded heroines, in whose lives there are unforeseen difficulties. Each book keeps a riddle, which the author proposes to solve. The intrigue in the works persists until the finale. For 10 years Liana has written 3 children's books in the direction of fantasy and 6 novels for an adult audience. The author's bestsellers have been translated into 35 languages.



Childhood and adolescence

Liana Moriarty was born on November 15, 1966, in Sydney, Australia. The girl was a welcome child, and her mother wrote down all her first steps in the diary, which the writer keeps to this day. Subsequently, three more daughters and a son appeared in the family, so parents did not have time to keep a diary for other kids.

The love of reading accompanied Liana from a young age. Wherever she went, the greatest interest and attention of the girls enjoyed books. As an author, she tried her hand as a teenager. Liana's father encouraged the fascination and somehow ordered her a short story. For the composition the girl received a dollar, which was the first fee. Liana realized that the writing brings her pleasure, and enthusiastically began to work. Moriarty's next work was a three-part essay called The Mystery of Dead Man's Island.

Liana, like her relatives, was not sure that she would link her biography to her literary activities. After being educated, she got a job in a company that was engaged in marketing and advertising. Her career was gradual. After becoming a marketing manager in a large publishing house, Liana decided to do business on her own. The first experience was followed by failure, and Moriarty chose to remain a freelancer.

The aspiring writer wrote short stories, advertising slogans and scripts for videos. The material she wrote during this period for her own pleasure was sent "to the table."

At this time, Liana's sister, Jacqueline, Master of English philology and author of a thesis on law, protected in Cambridge, published a novel. This changed Liana's view of her own work, and she decided to try her luck in the field of fiction. The book for children, which the girl sent to different publishers, received refusals. Moriarty decided to approach her goal from the other side and enrolled in a master's degree at Sydney's Macquarie University.




In 2004, she wrote the novel Three Desires. Pan Macmillan acquired the rights to publish the book. The work became a bestseller. It told the story of three twin sisters. Infertility, lack of love and excessive passion for career make them unhappy, but the lives of girls changes unpredictable event. Thanks to the success of the work, Liana was able to afford to leave her copywriter's job and continue to be creative.

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Then the book "What did Alice forget?" was published. A 40-year-old woman is in hospital in a state of unconsciousness. The last decade of life seems to have evaporated. The heroine is sure that she is 29 years old, she is waiting for her first child and is happily married. The reality is different.

In 2006, readers saw only the book "Last Chance" on the shelves of bookshops. Describing the story of the heroine, accidentally received a large inheritance, the work was also a great success.

Moriarty then decided to try her hand at children's literature and in 2007 published the book "The Terrifying Problem of Princess Petronella." The tale of the girl who saved the planet from terrible dangers, came to the liking of young readers. This inspired Liana to create two more books in this genre: "The Trouble on the Planet Of Shobble" and "War on the Planet of The Fad." The writer then returned to adult literature and released three bestsellers.

In 2013, the book "The Mystery of My Husband" was published. A happy wife and mother of three children accidentally finds in the house a letter, which prematurely reveals the great secret of the wife. Detective story many critics recognized the best in the creative biography of Liana Moriarty. The book "The Last Love of the Hypnotist" had a similar leitmotif, but its success was somewhat more modest. The novel "Big Little Lies" formed the basis of a mini-series released on television. Mystery of the 3 heroines intrigued not only readers, but also the audience.



Personal life

Now Liana Moriarty is a successful writer. Her personal life was happily formed: she was married and became a mother of two children. After marrying a former Tasmanian farmer named Adam, the woman continued her career. In this union, a son, George, and a daughter, Anna, were born. Liana spends her free time doing extreme sports. She prefers water skiing and swimming.



Liana Moriarty now

Liana Moriarty doesn't have a verified Instagram account, so fans self-publish a photo of her under the hashtag of the writer's name and surname. She rarely gives interviews, but always personally presents new novels, accompanying communication with fans autograph-session.

Moriarty's book Nine Strangers was published in 2018. And in the summer of 2019, the 2nd season of the TV series "Big Little Lies" began on her novel.




2004 - "Three Wishes" 2006 - "Last Chance" 2010 - "What Alice Forgot" 2011 - "The Last Love of a Hypnotist" 2013 - "The Mystery of My Husband" 2014 - "Big Little Lies" 2016 - "Faithful, Mad, Guilty" 2018 - "Nine Strangers"



Net Worth

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Liane Moriarty Net Worth 2021

Liane Moriarty 's revenue is $1.8M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Liane Moriarty and could vary in the range between $850.6K - $1.1M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $69.6K - $89.5K
November 2021 $53.9K - $113.6K
October 2021 $61.8K - $115.2K
September 2021 $60.3K - $134K
August 2021 $51.2K - $150.3K
July 2021 $52.8K - $133K
June 2021 $57.1K - $135.6K
May 2021 $82.2K - $89.3K
April 2021 $73.1K - $96.7K
March 2021 $53K - $159.1K
February 2021 $82.2K - $113.9K
January 2021 $82.1K - $96.6K


Liane Moriarty Net Worth 2020

Liane Moriarty 's revenue is $1.7M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Liane Moriarty and could vary in the range between $930.4K - $1.1M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $69.3K - $89.2K
November 2020 $81K - $147.7K
October 2020 $57.3K - $136.7K
September 2020 $46.2K - $115.2K
August 2020 $50.4K - $116.3K
July 2020 $46.6K - $112K
June 2020 $72.9K - $155K
May 2020 $53.4K - $129K
April 2020 $46.3K - $126.2K
March 2020 $82.1K - $89.5K
February 2020 $45.8K - $113.6K
January 2020 $48K - $160.2K


Liane Moriarty Net Worth 2019

Liane Moriarty 's revenue is $1.1M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Liane Moriarty and could vary in the range between $803.8K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $61.6K - $106.9K
November 2019 $73.7K - $166K
October 2019 $58.3K - $99.8K
September 2019 $53.7K - $147.7K
August 2019 $68.2K - $155.5K
July 2019 $67.1K - $90.8K
June 2019 $47.3K - $84.9K
May 2019 $81.8K - $142.7K
April 2019 $71.2K - $118.8K
March 2019 $80K - $163.7K
February 2019 $67.4K - $94.8K
January 2019 $57.9K - $132.5K


Liane Moriarty Net Worth 2018

Liane Moriarty 's revenue is $1.7M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Liane Moriarty and could vary in the range between $501K - $1.1M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $59.2K - $153.4K
November 2018 $55.9K - $152.4K
October 2018 $54.9K - $103.8K
September 2018 $60.9K - $89.2K
August 2018 $75.9K - $141.8K
July 2018 $66K - $119.4K
June 2018 $44.9K - $84.3K
May 2018 $80.7K - $99.1K
April 2018 $81.6K - $90.4K
March 2018 $43.6K - $133.3K
February 2018 $83.1K - $137K
January 2018 $71.6K - $153K


Liane Moriarty Net Worth 2017

Liane Moriarty 's revenue is $2M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Liane Moriarty and could vary in the range between $514.6K - $1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $54.7K - $120K
November 2017 $63K - $129.3K
October 2017 $46.5K - $152.1K
September 2017 $61.8K - $115.7K
August 2017 $80.2K - $106.5K
July 2017 $80K - $98.5K
June 2017 $46.3K - $163.9K
May 2017 $76.6K - $100.3K
April 2017 $55K - $141.7K
March 2017 $57K - $159.9K
February 2017 $77.5K - $157.6K
January 2017 $57.9K - $120.6K


Liane Moriarty Net Worth 2016

Liane Moriarty 's revenue is $1.7M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Liane Moriarty and could vary in the range between $917.1K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $67.8K - $150.4K
November 2016 $78.2K - $95.5K
October 2016 $57.6K - $156.5K
September 2016 $58.1K - $161.8K
August 2016 $83.3K - $153.4K
July 2016 $75.2K - $123.2K
June 2016 $45.7K - $163.4K
May 2016 $41.8K - $143.1K
April 2016 $72.2K - $84.1K
March 2016 $65.9K - $136.4K
February 2016 $72.6K - $165.6K
January 2016 $46.6K - $116.2K


Liane Moriarty Net Worth 2015

Liane Moriarty 's revenue is $1.7M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Liane Moriarty and could vary in the range between $912.4K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $78K - $101.6K
November 2015 $67.5K - $94.8K
October 2015 $65.8K - $124.4K
September 2015 $71.3K - $163.7K
August 2015 $81.1K - $89.1K
July 2015 $45.3K - $147K
June 2015 $55.1K - $118.2K
May 2015 $62.5K - $130.8K
April 2015 $43K - $112.6K
March 2015 $45.7K - $145.3K
February 2015 $83.3K - $151.4K
January 2015 $81.9K - $143.7K


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