Let's Be Optimistic

The Story

At 15 I am. I am happy with the fact that I have a nice family that helps me with everything and from the heart. I have pets - five cats. These animals have always made us happy. The very fact that I have the opportunity to study and then complete my life and health to complete higher education also makes me happy. When I'm at school - I only have one girlfriend there, but she's real and has always supported me - it also makes me happy. I have another friend outside of school who also loves me as such. I have good grades in school, the teachers like me as a person. Just these little things - that I have a nice family that does things for my good from the heart, that I learn and learn useful things at school, that I don't smoke or drink and especially my family and grandmother - they fill me with joy. We need to think more optimistically about each thing. I've never had a boyfriend before - so what? There is nothing better than living your childhood to the end. :) After school I go home and start studying. I finish at about 5:30 pm and then have fun in front of the computer or the TV. I share with my parents, especially with my mother, who always supports me and gives me the most precise guidelines for my questions. I watch TV and play video games on the computer. I'm happy with what I have. :) I wrote this story mostly for teenagers who keep complaining that their lives were boring just because their parents wouldn't let them go to discos or anything like that. And because I want to show that we should enjoy the smallest things in life. We need to appreciate what we have and try to have it for longer.

Last Updated
September 27, 2020