Les Lyonnais Review (Crime Drama, 2011)

Learn more about the movie "A Gang Story (Les Lyonnais)" released in 2011. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Les Lyonnais"?
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Les Lyonnais - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Les Lyonnais" is a Crime Drama production.
IMDB rated the movie with 5.0 / 10.
According to Google Users - 92% of the people watched the movie liked the story.
Director: Olivier Marshall
Actors: Gerard Lanvin, Daniel Duvall, Cheki Cario, Dmitry Storoge, Patrick Catalifo, Francois Levanthal, Francis Renault, Lionel Astier, Valeria Cavalli, Estell Skornik, Lauren Fernandez 



Les Lyonnais Review

Gypsy by Origin Edmond Vidal named Momon (Gerard Lanven) has been friends with Serge since childhood Suttel (Cheki Cario). They were purely like brothers, in kind. In their youth, both sat down on two for stealing a box of cherries, unowned standing in the street. In prison they passed school, so when came out -- set off to criminalize by full program at the local authority, mining money for De Gaulle to fight with the Communists.

However, after a while Momon decided to settle down: he had a wife Jean (Valeria Cavalli) and the child, so now wants to move away from this business. But in these gang deeds like you You know, the entrance is a rupee, and the exit is a bag. money, so the authority sends bandits shoot Momon's car with Family.

Everyone's alive, and Momon figured that they won't let him go. So he and Serge formed a gang that named "Lyons" (at the location of their location and birth), and then soaked one authority, the second, and then became hold your own daring Robbery.

At some point they were caught and jailed for a long time. Momon's wife also jailed for five years because -- and She is!

Coming out of prison, Momon gave terrible oath to his wife to tie with criminal business. He opened little bar, and since the French drinking a lot, Momon soon got rich and began to live in a modest house five million dollars along with their children and grandchildren.

But at some point, peace Momon was broken. His longtime brother Serge, with whom Momon did not i've seen a hundred years, I've owed a large sum of money. drug dealer zerbiba (Lauren Fernandez). Plus, he was taken away by a police inspector. Max Browner (Patrick Catalifo).

Momon doesn't want to be scared. get involved in crime and beat Off Serge the police, especially since Serge is in charge of in recent years has dogged a bunch of shoals, but young gypsies tell Momon that he lost his steel gypsy eggs, then Momon was ashamed and gave the command young to recapture Serge.

Young people - what to take from it? Not They know how to work cleanly! During the capture put a police aunt who had two kids, plus messed up a few police cars. Momon now Heartbroken. And to make it even more inconsolable, sneaky zerbib sends to him his killers who killed Momon's favorite dog.

And now Momon will come out on path of war, and arising it would be very and Very scary! What's to do with this Serge? Hell knows him. On the one hand, holy male friendship, in the name of which Momon framed his wife, children, and even Dog. On the other hand, to be honest, Serge - asshole, what a little!


I don't know why or to whom it was. I need to advise me to watch this. Kinzo. And I bought because of good actors. - Cheki Cario and Jean Lanveen - and director Olivier Marshall, who shot a good police drama "Orfevre Embankment, 36." Marshall in the past - policeman Operative. And he's got the police dramas. it turned out quite well - at least, painting "Orfevre Embankment, 36" made a decent impression on the background that pseudo-Hollywood criminal standing like "Robbery French" which periodically issues French Cinema.

Why did Marshall suddenly carry in opposite side - to make a film about noble bandits, - for sure Unknown. Probably just because they pay more, and the theme is fashionable. Well or he looked "22 bullets: Immortal," wept from happiness and decided that he himself here You just have to do it. something similar because noble bandits, holy male friendship and all Is.

"The Untouchables" (about title we'll talk a little later) is almost a squish with this idiotic "22 bullets." Both films filmed as "real events." In both films of the same reality - the names of the main thugs who still live and happily sell out their "adventures" memoirists. And there and there - noble the main character who retired, brings up children, grandchildren, nephews, brother-in-law and other relatives right up to the seventh water on the cranberry sour.

In both films, the main hero has an old friend -- bratella, with which is a biscuit edge - and that in half. And there and there old friend - a moron and a man who got carried away with trade narcotics (noble protagonist drugs don't take both films, though in return the sourdough is like a horse, judging by the huge bags under his eyes), framed all of whom can and must substitutes the main character, who ready to risk his family, my nephews, brother-in-law and even a beloved dog for the sake of holy male friendship.

And there and there is sure to be wandering back and forth noble a policeman who understands and gives everything the main character is an extra few days, to soak a couple of things bad people, and then help him avoid jail.

In both films, the directors be sure to use some scenes of the "Godfather" Father," "Glorious guys" and another criminal movie classics - well, just to unassuming spectators impression that they are in this movie touched the classics.

Well, both pictures are just striking, first, with eerie stamps and frank debolisms of the script, and secondly, heavy and tooth-crushing pathos that permeates these crafts from right to the beginning and to the end. There's always a long way to sounded all sorts of "I have not fulfilled the covenants my father," "I saved him in the name of holy male friendship," "We bandits, always keep your word of honor" and Other phrases from which already Frankly nauseous.

However, "The Untouchables" Just a little better than that "22 bullets" -- just because Cheki Cario as a broello jerk looks much more spectacular than Cad Merad, who is from his Tony zakiya made just some clown on the way out.

But the overall impression is about Same. You look and think: director of all the audience keeps behind idiots and thinks that's a kind of snooth "The Godfather"?

If it weren't for the habit of watching all the movies to the end -- I'd have it, of course, turned off about fifteen minutes after start because there was all at once already Got it. And especially angry in such movies what's further development events can be almost exactly to predict the details - before that there's everything built on a complete stamp. Showed how the main character strokes dog - it is sure to be threatened through a couple of episodes to the audience shed a tear. (When the heels of the characters killed by a shot in the forehead -- no one tear of course it won't. And here's the dog - the dog is really pathetic.) They said that the traitor was that and that -- he necessarily will not be a traitor, but that's the real traitor will turn out close friend-brother (it is clear with the first minutes of the film). Wife walks away from main character because he's back took up the old one, -- his wife would soon be back, because he's a thug, but he's a thug. noble man. And so on.

The name. In the original film called "Lyons" - by name Gang. Our morons to just say a language that won't turn) who like to give "translations" the names of the paintings are completely from the lantern, named the picture "The Untouchables" - probably specifically to moviegoers confused this film with the golden Hollywood classics. And they don't damn it. didn't hesitate that in a scene when a gang drunk, because of this name dialogue In translation it turns out perfectly Psychedelic:

- Let's drink to the Untouchables! (in original - for "Lyons"). "Actually, I'm from Orje. - Ha, "a gang of orzhants robbed a bank"! It's already Sounds funny.

By the way if you give the names "from the lantern" - well, so would be called "Asterix and Obelix against the Suttel" - what to be ashamed of?

By the way, this Edmond Vidal - really real existing A bandugan. And he really led "Lyons" gang, which is about eight years old successfully plundered banks, mail and so on. Then they were caught and put in jail. All. History with this Serge, the dog and the rest Greeks - ordinary cinematic It's a snout. So to the phrase "film set on real events" can be and you have to be treated in the same way as similar phrase in "22 bullets: Immortal."

At some points we are with The bagel was just a voice. Over that, how coolthe the bandit was hiding, as famously Momon found the Greek and with him talked how posh Grec was taking Momona is all such a rusty one that even I can't tell you. And the denouement of the plot, which was clear from the start -- it's too, of course, a lot of fun. Although from the wretchedness of what is happening periodically for some reason I wanted to cry.

It's all played too very well and very mediocre. Unless Lanven and Cario looked good, especially given the fact that they I had to do it. By the way, for the role Momona Marshall was originally invited Alain Delon, but he read script, wisely refused. "More debilitaticity I've never read Merci in my life, Delon answered politely, -- mais je suis trop vieux pour toutes ces conneries".

Some kind of the audience sing the praises to Dmitri Storoga, having played a young Momon, I'm not here subscribe to a single word. He's got it on me. made a very unpleasant impression. Lanveen's appearance is more or less Noble. And this Storoge is some kind of ferrets with small, deeply planted Eyes. In my opinion, the head of the gang didn't pull even close, and cool together with unearthly nobility in it is not observed for a gram. Lanven is though I could have portrayed it, but Storoga clearly It didn't work out.

What's the result? Marshall is clearly I didn't go to my own territory. better movies about the corrupt cops, not about the 'noble' bandits." In addition, this territory he also tried to emulate far from the best representatives modern French criminals dramas, which resulted in the kinzo very weak, with a totally wacky script, extremely average performance of actors, But equipped with reinforced concrete pathos of "noble bandits" and not less noble cops. Cheap In short. It was only a waste of time.


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