Les Enfants Du Marais Review (Tragicomedy, 1999)

Learn more about the movie Children of the Marshlands (Les Enfants du marais)" released in 1999. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Les enfants du Marais"?
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Les Enfants Du Marais - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Les enfants du Marais" is a tragicomedy production.
IMDB rated the movie with 7.2 / 10.
According to Google Users - 88% of the people watched the movie liked the story.
Director: Jean Becker
Actors: Jacques Villere, Jacques Gamblin, Michel Cerro, Andre Dussolier, Isabelle Carré, Eric Cantona, Susanne Flon, Jacques Dufilo, Gisele Casadezu, Roland Magdan Quiet



Les Enfants Du Marais Review

France after World War I, the quiet town of Marais on the banks of the Loire. Not far from the city is vast swamp next to which he lives a few poor families. There are houses there. old friends of Riton (Jacques Villere) and Harrisssa (Jacques Gamblein). Riton has three. Children and a New Wife: His Old Wife Left. Harriss lives alone: he was on war, after which he went where eyes staring and found himself in these places. Harriss first stayed to help lonely old man, and then, when the old man died, stayed in his house. First Harriss thought that only a little rest and go on, but then he befriended Riton, very attached to his children and somehow so it turned out that Harriss stayed for as much as eleven years old. 

The two of them make up a very A funny couple. Harrissis is calm, reasonable, intelligent and succinct. Riton is the exact opposite of him: stupid, chatty, very emotional, likes to drink and doesn't like to work. So what's going on? Harriss was not in care three children and four with Riton. 

Only people live on the swamp free people - not bound by any permanent commitments. Riton and Harriss is just like that. But they need to making money so they take on any job: catch fish, collect snails, catch wood frogs for delivery to restaurants, work on loading, transporting and so Next. They also go to the first of May city and chant the traditional May song - for this they are sometimes given money. 

In the city they have a friend - Amede (Andre Dussolier). He's a wealthy bachelor. ineed music. Amede introduces friends to Madame Mercieu (Giselle Ofezu), and they spend a lot of time in her house. 

Once on the swamp with his grandson comes a rich man Pepe Richard (Michel Cerro), who, as turned out to have grown up on this swamp, but then became the owner of a large factory and moved to the city. At Pepe's not all right in the family, he has no friends, and he misses life in the swamp. 

In Harriss by accident meets a maid named Marie (Isabelle) Carre). And while from this acquaintance hardly whether something will work out, Harriss understands that he needs to move on if he doesn't wants to grow old in the swamp. 


On this one not at all the new movie I came out by accident. I loved it. actor Jacques Gamblein in the film "First day of the rest of my life" and I began look where he was still filming. I came across film "Children of Nature" (original the name translates as "Children of the Swamp"), saw that there was still playing Jacques Viller (I him much where he saw: "Stupid, but disciplined," "Edith and Marseille, Dinner with a jerk," "The Godfathers fathers") and Michel Cerro (he played in my favorite movie "Kings jokes") - and realized that it was necessary to watch. 

Especially since the script This picture wrote by Sebastian Japriso: former director Jean Becker put on his story a picture "Killing Summer, which it turned out to be very successful and collected a lot of awards. 

Looked. Absolutely not disappointed -- on the contrary, the picture is very Liked. Old shooting style: leisurely, gradually swinging, with little deviations of storylines that eventually they'll start to go tight tangle of complex relationships. 

Wonderful couple Harriss - Riton. Viller often plays charming, but unfinished eccentrics (and as it has long been accepted in French comedies, often bears the surname Pignon) the roles are very much going. Gamblen's here. liked even more than in "First the day of the rest of my life." That's kind of nothing special, no theatricality and violent emotions, and the image created very whole, strong and likeable. 

Amede's wealthy bachelor Andre Dussolier's performance is just Masterpiece. It looks particularly nice. relationship with socially distant Harrisand and Riton in the scene when he goes with them for the snails. For asmarted Amede is a routine occupation is the whole adventure he then he will remember more than one month. 

Michel Cerro played beautifully Pepe - a rich man without friends, rubbing Family. You can see how fast he is strapped to his new friends like waiting to meet them. Cerro is great. Actor. I've only seen a few of his work, but it turned out that the dramatic role it plays with no less brilliance than Comedy. 

Well, I really liked Giselle. Casadesi, who played madame's old lady Mercier. Because the old lady turned out. not exactly typical. In the movies at the old ladies usually two cliches: the old karga and old lady-fun. There's an old lady here. from a good society, good-natured, smiling, but at the same time -- not in any way falling out of style. Parenting and education there visible for a mile -- very interesting character. 

By impression and aftertaste this picture for some reason resembles "Good year," though there are other years, and a completely different story, and did that movie Americans. But whether it's light or French landscapes, or a common a sense of freedom and enjoyment throughout this beauty -- that's how both paintings are something Similar. 

Very good cinema, very Liked. Vital, leisurely, with soft humour and at the same time with necessary in this case Drama. However, everything here is very balanced, so even looming kind of tragedy with a boxer Sardi (he has played well in the past famous footballer Eric Cantona), to whom Drunk Riton completely by accident derailed life and career, not spoil spectator mood. By the way, I'm very it's a pity that this line is a relationship Sardi and Riton - shown at the very end barely a noticeable dotted point, and it makes you was to make a whole movie. 

So I recommend to those who likes good French paintings 'pro life." Here it is just - it is. 


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