Learn How Expired Domains Could Boost Your SEO Ranking

Learn how to find powerful expired domains to increase your ranking on Google Search. Boost SEO and receive more organic traffic. Expired domains could help you achieve a better position on search engine results.
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March 17, 2020

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What is an expired domain?

According to Ionos, expired domains are domains that have been registered but aren't renewed. Every domain has an expiration date, after which, it should be renewed (re-registration). If the date has been missed, it comes available for buying for another individual, business, or organization.


Multiple reasons could cause abandoning a domain:

  • the owner evaluates their projects as a fail and wouldn't re-register the domain

  • a business represented by a domain went into liquidation

  • the owner of the domain died or have no funds to renew the domain

  • legal consequences occurred


 90% of all bought domains have expired without renewing. On an average basis, every domain built 10 external links (received links from external websites). 70% of expiring domains haven't any achievements (such as link building, SEO) before they expired. 51% of domains have never published any content itself.



SEO Value of expired domains

As we mentioned above, expired domains may have built backlinks. These links came from external sources could be valuable. Imagine if a particular domain has been registered for 5 years and 5,000 external domains have linked to it. As may you know, Google has over 200 ranking factors and the quality and quantity of backlinks are major signals.


Expired domains have built a backlink profile and could be used for:

  • creating a new authority website

  • building a PNB network

  • redirect the expired domain to already existing domain


Also, the price for expired domains is slightly cheaper.


Consider, finding a powerful expired domain is really sophisticated.

This article will try to cover the most important things in order to understand the concept of discovering quality expired domains.



How To Pick Up An Expired Domain

Backlink Profile

Probably, if you're newbie, don't know what exactly is a backlink profile. That refers to the number and quality of links (articles pointed to your website) placed on external websites. Let assume that we have a website for clothes. Every time when we share a link from our clothes website to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc, we build a backlink that refers to our website. These mentions tell the search engines that our website is valuable. Think about: thousands of people share your content, how trustable is it look like?

Not all backlinks are solid. Some links could hurt your SEO and give negative feedback.

What is the definition of a bad link?
Links came from an untrusted, spamming, or weak website are considered as a bad resource. When you acquire a bad link, it could have a negative impact on your website ranking.

Weak content, such short text, copied (duplicated) articles, is a signal for Google to not index, or even deindex a particular URL or domain. So, if our website acquires a link from a weak source, it could decrease our SEO result.

Spamming sources, on our hand, are websites that possess thousands of spammy external links. In order to avoid spammy score, the links pointed to your website should be various - coming from diverse sources, such as articles, comments, wiki, etc. In SEO world, it's familiar as link juice.

Age of the domain

Google confirms that the age of the domain is a ranking factor. Why? Think about: most websites drop (don't renew) after a year.  The Domain Age for the top 20 hardly had any domains that were under 1 year old. On average - 1.6% of all search queries on Google include new websites on the first page (> 1-year-old). 

Spammy Content

Most people believe that many backlinks are better than quality backlinks. No!

It depends on the niche and the competition for particular keywords. But still, the number is not a crucial factor. In order to acquire as many as possible backlinks, webmasters collect weak external links. It's a mistake #1.

Be aware of weak links coming from spammy/not launched/empty websites with not unique/not well-written/including decent links to other weak websites content.

How the backlinks are still alive after domain expiration?

It is interesting that most website owners do not remove inactive/expired links included in past articles. Can you imagine? Is it possible to clean all expired links in thousands of articles? The quick answer is no! These links exist and could be transferred and this is the worth of expired domains.

Previous History of The Domain

It's important to check out the previous history of the domain before expiration. That could be checked easily. Go To Archive.org and put in the search box the domain name. It will show you captures of the website in the past - how it looked like and how spammy is!


We build a website for clothes (e-shop). Let assume that we sell exclusively dresses that could not be found anywhere. For this example, let's say the domain is e-shop-clothes-2020.com

After a time, Forbes Contributor contacts us and wanted to write for our shop. Everything goes to the plan. The article has been published and we get a link in Forbes. Well done! After a year, those dresses come very popularly and every e-shop started to sell them. Bad! Our profit decreased because of the raw competition and we decide to rebrand our website/domain to a more specific niche. Then we redirect the domain e-shop-clothes-2020.com to the new one domain.

This approach is often used. Why? All backlinks from e-shop-clothes-2020.com have been transferred to the new domain. And, that powerful link from Forbes will be considered as a backlink to the new website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lifecycle of Domain - what happen after expiring?

Usually, a domain name is not available for renewing a registration after the expiration date. Most registrars allow a grace period that can be as short as one or two weeks.

Expiration does not affect the domain age. If a particular domain has been registered for the first time in 1999, then even expiration, every year is counted since 1999 and it's considered as an aged domain.

No all expired domains, registered in 1999 (a long time ago) have value. If the didn't renew for years, it may be lost their power.

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