Le Prénom Review (Tragicomedy, 2012)

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Le Prénom  Review (Tragicomedy, 2012)


Le Prénom - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Le prénom" is a tragicomedy production.

IMDB rated the movie with 7.0 / 10.

According to Google Users - 92% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Alexandre de La Patelier, Mathieu Delaporte Actors: Judith El Zayn, Charles Burling, Patrick Bruel, Valerie Bengigi, Guillaume de Tonquedec, Francoise Fabian, Yannis Lesper, Miren Pradier, Alexis Lepries, Juliette Levane

Another French version of “The Truth game”. Good again. Review of the cat BublikKlod, you are a musician, you are an eternal bachelor, living in the Marais quarter, drink "kir", do manicures, listen to Etienne Tao, wear orange. Whoever wears orange except for the Guantanamo prisoners? 



Le Prénom Review

Successful real estate agent Vincent (Patrick Bruel) comes to visit his sister Elizabeth (Valerie Bengigi), who loved ones call Babu and her husband Pierre (Charles Burling). Babu teaches French at school and raises two children, Pierre teaches French literature at the Sorbonne. Vincent brings a bottle with him expensive wine costing five hundred euros - the client gave it to him. Vincent recently married Anna (Judith El zine), and they're already expecting a baby. Anna should, too. to come to Babu and Pierre's house, but later.


After a while comes another old friend of all three - trombonist Claude (Guillain de Tonkedec). He's lonely, always exquisite. he's dressed, and all his friends think he's gay. But Claude doesn't know that. Claude brought bottle of pink Algerian swill for a couple of euros that can kill a platoon French colonial soldiers.

All decide not to wait for Anna and sit down to dinner. Vincent shows a photo with an ultrasound of their child, It's a boy. Pierre and Claude ask Vincent, as he and Anna decided to call child, Vincent replies -- and this shocks the company.

On they start discussing it all, talking gradually shifting to the personality, from cupboards appear old, covered dust skeletons -- in general, little nobody Seem. Including Anna, who he'll show up for dinner.


Originally it was a play that was written and Alexander de La Patelier and Mathieu Delaporte. Then they made a film from the play.

The picture begins perfectly In the style of "Amelie": goes the off-screen text in which we introduce to the main characters, and all this accompanied by a very funny and spectacular mounted frames.

But After this entry begins actually a performance in the style of "Games in truth" -- when the old company begins to learn about each other quite unexpected and sometimes shocking things. And it seems that their relationship is already will never be the same. And it's can immediately begin as a 'game in truth, and maybe a reaction to weird joke (as here's this film).

And Because as Boz told his friend Uncle in the wonderful novella of Kurt Vonnegut "Titan's Sirens": "You don't cut the truth to me, and I'm not going to cut you." There's no need for such companies are going to cut each other truth-mother, to no good it is not Leads.

However such movies-performances as far as I remember, usually very interesting. Already mentioned Russian film by Victor Shamirova "The Game The truth" is excellent. You can also remember the Italian film "Perfect Strangers" - also very successful. There was another one. French film where friends from the old company pulled on frankness -- already I don't remember its name.

So "Name" also turned out to be very good. It seems to be nothing special - a few people are talking about this dinner -- but to keep an eye on it was very Interesting. Especially since the focus of attention, all the time moved from one character on the other: at first everyone argued with Vincent, who's the chief squat, then, because of Vincent's gags, I got it. Anne, Anne shaved off Pierre, Pierre rode on Vincent, then Vincent ran over Claude - Well, it's gone.

The situation even to the point where they had to open a bottle of Algerian pink I did. In a poor family! Living in ninth Paris! I mean, they've got an apartment in their apartment. there was no other wine for dinner -- here I didn't understand why the directors needed it. suddenly hit in science fiction In the middle of a life-saving movie.

In the rest was all very well: jokes, puns, some tragedies, tragicomedy. Characters are all very different but at the same time all quite bright. Snob Pierre, who doesn't give a penny to everyone. puts, including his own wife Baba. Baba herself, who drags the family, while works, and at least some help from Pierre She can't wait.

Smiley and the prankster Vincent, whose jokes can be quite dangerous. Harmless and good-natured Claude -- in companies often there's a similar character. And also it turned out that Claude was carrying absolutely shocking mystery.

The only character I wasn't impressed, it was Anna. But her, in fact, solo performances it was one or two and counted.

In general, I really liked it. All the more so that I was looking at French with the Russians subtitles (there are infamous places this version). Then I heard how the made "Channel One" and V. Danilova. By the way, both are kind of That's pretty good. Original text Especially do not twist (only slightly adapted to make it clearer), voices quite pleasant. So it makes sense If you don't want to watch with subtitles.

In France this film was very popular and received as many as five nominations for "Cesar" 2013, of which two won - "Best Supporting Actor" (Guillydedek de Tonkedek) and Best Supporting Actress (Valerie Bengigi).

Well in my opinion, the best here was Patrick Bruel (he was also nominated), but also Guilhom de Tonkedek played quite decently. Valerie Bengigi also loved it, especially her solo exit, where Pierre got his a portion of the truth-uterine right in the eye.

To Unfortunately for Valerie Bengigi it was Penultimate Role: She Died in 2013 after a serious illness. She was forty-seven years old.

Interestingly, in the children's film Pierre and Babu's name is Apollin and Myrtil (this Pierre decided to show off), and in Valerie Bengigi's children's lives Caesar and Abraham.

So that if you like such movies-performances with "playing the truth" - don't miss it quite a decent representative of this Genre.

P. S. By the way, I'm in a hurry to calm down particularly nervous spectators. Claude after all did not gay. However, this was immediately clear from that swill he brought.

P. P. S. "Cyrus" is such a cocktail of white Creme de Cassis wine and blackcurrant liqueur. There is its kind of "kir-royal" - there instead of white wine is taken Champagne. Very popular in France Aperitif. It is one of the official cocktails International Bartenders Association. In my opinion, nastiness is rare, but I'm in I don't understand anything about cocktails. And French, it seems to me, just with fat (or rather, with wine) are mad. In Cognac I tried to drink a mixture of wine and cognac - that's what they've come to!



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ande annonce de "Le Prénom", un film de Alexandre de la Patellière et Matthieu Delaporte, avec : Patrick Bruel, Valérie Benguigui, Charles Berling, Guillaume de Tonquédec et Judith El Zein


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