Laws Of Life That You Should Know

Some of the strange things that happen to you are actually natural. The next queue always moves faster, and clothes that have not been used for years become urgently needed only after they are in the trash? These and many other situations faced by almost everyone formed the basis of the laws of life.
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Meskimen's Law of Time

There is never enough time to do a good job. But it is always there to redo everything.

And this happens. Until the last moment, we postpone an important task, then cope with it somehow and spend much more on redoing it.



Law Of The True Statement

Without a smiling smiley face or any other obvious sign of humor, it is impossible to make jokes on sharp topics, so that at least someone does not take it seriously.

Any joke or parody on an acute topic is sure to be perceived by someone as a true statement.



Clade's Law For The Laziness

Assign a difficult task to a lazy employee. He will find the easiest way to solve it.

He will simply be too lazy to complicate his work.



Searching Law - Find the Needle

You need to start the search from the most inappropriate place.

If you don't expect to find scissors in the Laundry basket, they may be there. 




Ettore's Observation Law

The next queue always moves faster.

Even if it has five people with full carts, and yours has only two with a bottle of water and a packet of pasta. Either the cash register breaks, or one of them starts counting out the change in rubles.



Pareto's Law - Proportions of Success

20% of efforts give 80% of the result, the remaining 80% of efforts — only 20% of the result.

The ratio of effort to result is not equal: 20% of customers bring the company 80% of profit, and 80% of the time spent on current tasks will bring only 20% of the benefit. And so in any sphere of life.




Axiom of Kahn and Orben

If nothing else helps, read the instructions.

For some reason, it is remembered too late.



Hanlon's Razor - Error Law

Never explain with malice what can easily be explained by stupidity.

First, look for the reason for human errors and only then think that the person did something on purpose, out of bad intentions.



Sturgeon's Revelation

90% of anything is nonsense.

If you are told that 90% of your thesis is nonsense, remember that this applies not only to your writing.



Peter's Principle - Career Rising

Competent employees, rising up the career ladder, reach their level of incompetence.

According to this principle, sooner or later a person will find himself in a position that he can't cope with.



Gumperson's Law - Reaching A Result

The probability of achieving the desired result is inversely proportional to the strength of the desire.

When you are late for work, you get stuck in traffic, buses break down, and you have to walk. But if you decide to take a walk, these buses will pass you one by one.



Finagle's fourth law

If the work goes wrong, any attempt to save the situation will only make it worse.

Sometimes the best is the enemy of the good.



Chisholm's third law

People don't understand sentences the way the person who makes them does.

Even if you put it clearly and clearly, someone will interpret it in their own way.



First law of adjustment

Information that involves reworking the project will be sent to the author only when all the drawings have already been completed.

An important part of the work has already been done, but who cares? Except for you, who spent a lot of time on it.



The law of the letter

As soon as you seal the envelope or drop the letter in the mailbox, you will immediately come up with an important idea.

In the case of emails, of course, everything is simpler. You can then send the second one — it won't take much time.



Parkinson's Law - Work and Time

The work fills the time allotted for it.

You can complete a task in one day, but you have set a week for it. And you will work on it for a week.



Lerman's Law - Solving Problems

Any technical problem can be solved if you have enough time and money.

The Lerman consequence: you will always run out of time or money.



Ould and Kahn's law

The effectiveness of the meeting decreases in proportion to the increase in the number of participants and the time spent on it.

Long meetings with a large number of debaters often lead to nothing.



Hendrickson's Law

If the problem requires repeated meetings, they will eventually become more important than the problem itself.

And it may not be solved.



McMahon's Rule - Searching Law

It doesn't matter what you're looking for on the Internet. At least one porn site will fall under your search criteria.

Okay, Google.



The law career for women

Think like a man, act like a lady, work like a horse.

And then, maybe, everything will work out.



The law of selective gravitation

If you drop an item, it will fall so as to cause as much damage as possible.

Or it will roll into the farthest corner, where it is almost impossible to get it.



The law of voluntary labour Zimergi

A person is always willing to take up a job when it is no longer necessary.

Because, most likely, he will not have to do anything.



Richard's rule of interdependence

Anything you keep for a long time can be thrown away. But as soon as you throw it away, you'll need it.

Maybe this is why we are afraid to disassemble the Cabinet and get rid of unnecessary things. It might be useful.



Murphy's law (Murphys Gesetz)

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

According to this principle, if something bad can happen, it will happen. In this case, the worst possible unpleasant situations will happen. Don't hesitate, nothing can be changed.

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