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The Story

Hello. My husband and I have been together for 4 years and our relationship was great until recently. We have 2 children ... and a pretty boring sex life. Not that I'm just another desperate wife, but it bothers me so much that I have to share it with someone. I usually keep all kinds of family drama to myself so as not to embarrass my husband in front of relatives and friends. So to the question: he was never particularly sexual, unlike me, and from the beginning I tried very hard to make him happy. I would say that I am free in bed and as long as there is no 3rd person, I am ok with all kinds of news and experiments. However, my husband is a mediocre lover. We do it 4-5 times a month and I am 90% active. Always on top, sometimes I get discouraged by jumping on his *** (sorry for the censorship). He does almost nothing to excite me. He just lies under me and enjoys himself. Not that it's naughty to be a presenter sometimes, but I wish he was more active. I recently gave birth and quickly got in shape to resume practice (explicitly at my insistence .. if it depended on him, he can still drive safely) I am afraid of infidelity and for this prevention I have always tried to be good housewife, good mistress, and now a good mother. I don't understand where I'm wrong ... he comes home from work - cooked, clean, cozy. I never left him hungry, unwashed, ironed. He has always been very loved and wanted by me, but lately he has been tragic in his attitude. We fight, he is verbally aggressive and hurts me a lot. I forgive, I swallow and we give forward ..., but is that how we live ... So we are 30. At 30, now is the time for sex, for love, for passion. When to wish it at 60, when the children go to university .... I want to see an opinion what kind of man falls asleep next to a naked woman who caresses him, kisses him and wants to indifferently snore like a stump ?? I started thinking about infidelity. Sex is lame for a year. Children are no excuse, if I can look after 2 children, run a household and support myself, then he should be able to have sex several times a week. He has become terribly bored and understands me neither by hints nor by words directly. As far as I can access his personal correspondence and time there is no other woman (for now). Which means he's either a mean egoist or he doesn't care how he ends our journey together. I will give just as an example last night when we went to bed naked, I touched, caressed, bit, kissed and the man hovered in a blissful sleep. In the morning I wanted to smash his head with a scream ... We're all tired, we're all stressed,

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November 04, 2020