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La Belle Époque - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "La Belle Époque" is a tragicomedy production.

IMDB rated the movie with 8.0 / 10.

According to Google Users - 91% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Nicolas Bedos Actors: Daniel Auteuil, Guillaume Canet, Doria Tillier, Fanny Ardant, Pierre Arditi, Denis Podalides, Mikael Cohen, Jeanne Arena, Bruno Raffaelli


La Belle Époque has been produced with the budget of Worldwide fees: $13 million France with warm tube actors.



La Belle Époque Review

Victor Drumon (Daniel Otey) - seventy-year-old cartoonist. He no longer draws caricatures, because he does not understand the new world and does not accept, and the newspaper in which he worked, went online, and their caricatures are not needed. He has a bad relationship with his wife Marianne (Fanny Ardan), with whom he has been married for forty years. Their son is a successful businessman and producer, running a media firm. My son has a close and trusting relationship with Marianne, but Victor's son is annoying: all these stupid gadgets, fashion trends and other nonsense. 

Victor's constant dissatisfaction with everything in the world led to the fact that Marianne was finally sick of it, after which she first began to mock her husband, and then even put him out of the house - right in her pajamas.

Victor was sheltered by his old friend and former employer Francois (Denis Pallides): he has a small bachelor apartment. Francois goes to psychoanalysis sessions with Marianne and at the same time sleeps with her, only Victor does not know about it. 

To somehow cope with his depressive state, Victor decides to use the certificate, which he gave his son. The fact that a childhood friend of his son Antoine (Guillet Cane) organized a company that allows customers to make a journey through time. The client orders a historical date, Antoine in the pavilion recreates this era, and the client spends in it one day - well, or a few days, if he is willing to pay a lot of money for it. 

Victor has a one-day certificate. He turns to Antoine's firm and orders an exact date: May 16, 1974, Lyon, a small cafe where he once met Marianne. 

Antoine will personally control this story: he has known Victor since childhood, he helped him a lot at the time and Antoine wants to do everything in the best possible way. The role of Marianne will be played by the best actress Antoine - Margot (Doria Tillier): Antoine himself with Margot incredibly complex relationship from the series "love-hate". 


Nicolas Bedos is a screenwriter, actor and composer, and more recently a director. His first film "He and She", where the main roles were played by Nicolas and his wife Doria Tillier, is set well, but I was not too hooked, and I had a lot of claims to the script. 

In the new film, Bedos himself is no longer playing, he acted here as a writer, director and composer. Doria Tillier plays one of the main roles in the new film. 

"Beautiful Era" I liked a lot more than "He and she." The film is also noticeably more solid and witty and looks much more interesting than the previous film. 

Some reviewers write that the introductory part before the re-creation of the "warm lamp France of the seventies" was boring, but I do not agree with it completely. On the contrary, it was very interesting to observe the crisis in the relationship between Victor and Marianne, especially since they are played by such outstanding actors as Daniel Othei and Fanny Ardan. 

Victor does not accept this modern world, which in turn does not accept it, so he only has to grumble, since and show everyone around him how he does not like everything they do. 

Marianne, on the contrary, is open to everything new, young soul and can not stand the grumbling snarling Victor - it seems to her that next to him she ages much faster. 

The idea of a company that for a lot of money recreates people the desired era, is good in itself, and implemented it is great. And here all this looks quite authentic: it is clear that Antoine's company could not provide all the details, so the paint in some places departs, and instead of the ceiling of the cafeteria - a hole where the lighting devices are placed. It's all clearly shown. 

But customers are well aware that this is all - a reconstruction that can not fully correspond to the original. They in their imagination draw this original, and the reconstruction just spurs these memories. 

Antoine, the head of the reconstruction company, which personally controls all stages of the project, played perfectly Guillet Cane. And I Cane, and this is a well-known in France actor and director, in the title role saw only in the same set film "Eternally Young", where he mocked himself and his own family (he is married to Marion Cotillard) so much that, in my opinion, in this even intercepted the palm of primacy from Tina Fay, who in "Studio 30" mocked himself so that I wanted to say : "Enough is enough, stop as much as you can?!!" (However, the posh Alec Baldwin got there, too.)

Cane's here - that's good! His Antoine - somewhat hysterical, cholera, but at the same time really cool and charming, and their relationship with Margot - something so nuclear that for me this couple even sometimes overshadowed a great story with Victor and his return to the past. And Doria Tillier, Margot, it's great. I liked Tillier and "He and she" but here - just the brightest character, although there except her had enough great actors. 

That same return to the past by the director made immaculately. Some memories of the "France we lost" in which everyone continuously smoked, drank and fucked, in short, did almost the same thing as now, only without political correctness, migrants and sly collars... Well, except that smoking now began to be an order of magnitude less, thank God.

I really liked the fact that Victor falls in love with Margot, playing Marianne, and he falls in love with Margot, the actress. For some reason, he thinks that it is the hired actress to him have feelings - to him, the old man, who paid money for people around in the pavilion to play scenes from his youth and portray some feelings. Although, and this is a delicate moment, the main viewer Margot - Antoine, who watches her from the director's chair and admires the way she plays - for him, Antoine, of course, and not for Victor. And how cool and accurate for Victor was played a scene where he explained everything on his fingers. 

But for Victor it was also an important shock and an important lesson. And this leads to the best scene of the film, when Marianne herself appears on the re-creation of the moment of their acquaintance. Fanny Ardan here is absolutely gorgeous. And this is all her episode, Daniel Otey only playing it, although also makes it absolutely wonderful. They both understood something about themselves and about each other, they realized that there is no way to live with memories alone.  

Great movie, just great. Thin, elegant, witty, masterfully staged and perfectly wonderfully played. The director in the film always plays a huge role (when, of course, it is not a purely commercial craft), and here is just a combination of the skill of the director and the play of excellent actors, and both duets - Other-Ardan and Cane-Tille - absolutely remarkable. Plus the script: unlike the previous film, it is much better thought out and little where gives a reason to find fault. 

In general, Nicolas Bedos frankly pleased. Clearly growing both as a director and as a screenwriter. Don't miss this movie, it's viewing, in my opinion, more than worthy. 



La Belle Epoque / La Belle Époque (2019) - Trailer (French)

Directed by: Nicolas Bedos

Produced by: Les Films du Kiosque

Genre: Fiction

Runtime: 1 h 55 min

French release: 06/11/2019

Production year: 2019

Victor, a disillusioned man in his sixties, finds his life turned upside down the day that Antoine, a brilliant entrepreneur, offers him an experience of a new kind: mixing theatrical artifice and historical reconstruction, Antoine's firm allows its clients to step back into any period of their choice. Victor chooses to return to the most important week of his life, when, forty years earlier, he met the love of his life...


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