Kim Yo-jong

Born 26 September, 1988 ( 36 years old) in Pyongyang, DPRK .

What is the zodiac sign of Kim Yo-jong ?
According to the birthday of Kim Yo-jong the astrological sign is Libra .

Currently, Kim Yo-jong is married.

Occupation: politician, statesman.

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February 01, 2021

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Kim Yeo-jung is an activist of the Workers' Party of Korea and a descendant of Kim Il Sung, the legendary president of the DPRK. The woman who became a politician after her brother Kim Jong-un is recognized as an integral part of the highest state spheres.



Childhood and youth

Kim Yeo Jung was born in the late 1980s and became the youngest child in a high-ranking family. Her childhood was spent in Pyongyang, in the house of strict and domineering parents, in the company of two older brothers, known throughout the country.

Kim Jong Il's father was a descendant of the head of state, Kim Il Sung, who ruled North Korea for decades. He was also the leader of the ruling political party and supported the national ideology, fulfilling his parental covenant.

Ko Yeon Hee's mother was an actress and dancer from Japan, and she met her husband-to-be in 1972. The woman took care of the children of Kim Yeo Jong, Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Chol, teaching them to the established order, family traditions and work.

Parents doted on the charming princess, encouraged ballet and foreign language classes. Most likely, the adults knew about hidden natural talents and hoped with all their heart and soul that their daughter had a sharp mind.

In the mid-1990s, the heiress was sent to Switzerland together with her brother - the heir to power, she settled in the canton of Bern. During her years at a public school near Liebelfeld, Kim Jong Il's daughter dreamed of the future and longed for change.

Researchers of the Korean woman's biography suggested that at this time, Kim Yeo-jong became close to her older brother, who eventually became the nation's leader. Together they returned to their homeland with diplomas of a European institution, deciding to continue their studies, and leave friendship for later.

In Pyongyang, the girl graduated from Kim Il Sung University and became a competent specialist in the field of computer science. Having gained theoretical knowledge and experience, a girl with a higher education, on the advice of her parents, decided not to work in the national service sector.



Personal life

Little is known about Kim Yeo Jung's personal life and relationships. They wrote that she found a husband in the highest government circles. Choi Sung was the blood son of a prominent North Korean official who served in the national army and presided over the courts.

In the spring of 2015, an only child was born into the family of Kim Jong Un's sister, most likely a son. The spouses do not post joint photos on Facebook and Instagram, hiding from ordinary citizens for a number of objective reasons.

It was believed that in her early youth, Kim Yeo Jung was attractive, people looked for information about her height and weight. The rare footage from the events, obtained by foreign reporters and made available to citizens, aroused keen interest.



Career and politics

The Korean woman's political career began in the late 2000s, when she took up one of the junior positions in the elite Workers' Party of Korea. During this period, Kim Il Sung's granddaughter appeared in the group of clan members and her father's associates, but her presence was rarely emphasized until the fall of 2010. The girl was noticed among the participants of the 3rd conference of the All-Union Communist Party.

Kim Yeo-jung was "declassified" during his farewell ceremony with President Kim Jong-il when he appeared at the ceremony surrounded by mourning people. In the company of a relative of Kim Jong-un, she led a group of high-ranking party officials in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

In early 2012, Yeo Jeong got a position on the North Korean Defense Commission, where she was responsible for organizing her brother's routes, scheduling, logistics and security measures. She did not appear in news reports of the time, with the exception of a report on a military training ground.

State media first officially mentioned the Korean woman in early spring 2014, when she and leader Kim Jong-un participated in the decision-making process of the Supreme People's Assembly. The woman was named a senior official of the Central Committee of the WPK.

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Six months later, it was reported that a woman from the Kim Jong Il clan was replacing the sick president at the highest government post. The following month, she was appointed first deputy head of the party's agitation and propaganda department. In this position, she was responsible for helping to strengthen Kim Jong-un's power.

The press believed that Yeo Jeong became the driving force behind the development of the brother's personality cult, modeled on the grandfather's personality cult of the 1950s and 1990s. According to rumors, the girl encouraged all the endeavors of Kim Jong-un, who loved improvisation and was ready for a lot.

In the summer of 2015, international reports wrote that the Korean woman took the post of vice minister and the place of Kim Jong-un's regular companion on field trips around the country. After a while, Kim Yeo Jung was elected to the party's Politburo, she became the second woman in history to be appointed to this governing body.

The swift ascent to the summit indicated that the sister was the alleged replacement for Kim Jong-un. It was also noted that the new position helped the woman become the head of the State Security Department.

At the end of winter 2018, Yeo Jeong took part in the opening events for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. This was the first time a member of the Kim dynasty supreme made a trip to South Korea after the bloody Korean War. She met with the head of Moon Jae-in and informed about Kim Jong-un's assignment to deliver a secret letter written by him in his own hand.



Kim Yeo Jung now

Now Kim Jong Il's daughter is part of her brother's team, she participated in summits with Americans in the late 2010s. In the national parliamentary elections, a woman was elected to the Supreme People's Assembly and entrusted with another high post in the Assembly.

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In the spring of 2020, news sources reported that Kim Jong-un had appointed a relative as the second most important person in the country. The Korean ruler disappeared from political radars due to illness.

The media believe that a Korean woman with the character and views of a dictator is the main contender for the post of state head. This seems possible because other family members are currently disabled or already dead.



Net Worth

Kim Yo-jong 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

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Kim Yo-jong Net Worth 2022

Kim Yo-jong 's revenue is $1.3M in 2022. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kim Yo-jong and could vary in the range between $911.1K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2022 $59.3K - $127.6K
November 2022 $43.1K - $86.3K
October 2022 $50.7K - $164.5K
September 2022 $74.1K - $165K
August 2022 $44.4K - $116.6K
July 2022 $59.2K - $121.3K
June 2022 $59.9K - $92.5K
May 2022 $74K - $101.6K
April 2022 $45.1K - $99.7K
March 2022 $82.9K - $118.1K
February 2022 $54.8K - $152.3K
January 2022 $65.5K - $100.6K


Kim Yo-jong Net Worth 2021

Kim Yo-jong 's revenue is $1.4M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kim Yo-jong and could vary in the range between $771K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $66.1K - $103.7K
November 2021 $46.9K - $107.2K
October 2021 $67.2K - $118.4K
September 2021 $56.1K - $156.3K
August 2021 $78.1K - $148.9K
July 2021 $51.9K - $107.8K
June 2021 $56.2K - $145.9K
May 2021 $71.3K - $158.1K
April 2021 $42.1K - $101.7K
March 2021 $43K - $161.9K
February 2021 $66.3K - $129.3K
January 2021 $59.8K - $87.6K


Kim Yo-jong Net Worth 2020

Kim Yo-jong 's revenue is $1.3M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kim Yo-jong and could vary in the range between $901.8K - $1.1M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $45.9K - $111.5K
November 2020 $76.1K - $109.9K
October 2020 $77K - $120.4K
September 2020 $46.4K - $161K
August 2020 $73.1K - $128.8K
July 2020 $55.9K - $106.4K
June 2020 $51.5K - $101.3K
May 2020 $45.2K - $100.7K
April 2020 $71.7K - $89.1K
March 2020 $61.2K - $116.3K
February 2020 $44.6K - $124K
January 2020 $82.8K - $105.4K


Kim Yo-jong Net Worth 2019

Kim Yo-jong 's revenue is $1.4M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kim Yo-jong and could vary in the range between $544K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $46.8K - $128.7K
November 2019 $51.6K - $126.6K
October 2019 $45.9K - $147.1K
September 2019 $54.9K - $128.3K
August 2019 $44.2K - $94.3K
July 2019 $65.6K - $110.5K
June 2019 $58.6K - $147.5K
May 2019 $53.4K - $146.4K
April 2019 $81.3K - $97.4K
March 2019 $61.6K - $113.2K
February 2019 $48K - $106.2K
January 2019 $47.1K - $152K


Kim Yo-jong Net Worth 2018

Kim Yo-jong 's revenue is $1.5M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kim Yo-jong and could vary in the range between $929.6K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $52.6K - $99.7K
November 2018 $49.5K - $165.6K
October 2018 $80.8K - $163.5K
September 2018 $76.6K - $158.1K
August 2018 $54.8K - $88.5K
July 2018 $52.9K - $91.5K
June 2018 $44.6K - $132.6K
May 2018 $58.7K - $100.6K
April 2018 $53K - $100.5K
March 2018 $50.9K - $86.9K
February 2018 $68.5K - $146.2K
January 2018 $44.1K - $123.3K


Kim Yo-jong Net Worth 2017

Kim Yo-jong 's revenue is $2M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kim Yo-jong and could vary in the range between $772K - $1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $68.2K - $106K
November 2017 $67.7K - $142.6K
October 2017 $51.9K - $150.7K
September 2017 $77.3K - $89.6K
August 2017 $78.4K - $97.2K
July 2017 $43.7K - $158.2K
June 2017 $53.2K - $144.9K
May 2017 $50.6K - $83.5K
April 2017 $54.3K - $121.1K
March 2017 $59.8K - $132.9K
February 2017 $82.4K - $150.1K
January 2017 $49.1K - $131K


Kim Yo-jong Net Worth 2016

Kim Yo-jong 's revenue is $1.1M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Kim Yo-jong and could vary in the range between $751.2K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $62.1K - $107K
November 2016 $52.4K - $161K
October 2016 $72.6K - $110.1K
September 2016 $64.2K - $90.8K
August 2016 $63.7K - $127.9K
July 2016 $56.8K - $156.1K
June 2016 $78.9K - $84.7K
May 2016 $42.1K - $158.5K
April 2016 $65.5K - $84.6K
March 2016 $44.8K - $114.3K
February 2016 $45.8K - $131.8K
January 2016 $65.4K - $157.5K


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