Julia Anna Mazina

Born 22 February, 1921 ( 100 years old) in San Giorgio di piano, Italy .

Dead on 23 March, 1994 ( 73 years old).

What is the zodiac sign of Julia Anna Mazina ?
According to the birthday of Julia Anna Mazina the astrological sign is Pisces .

Julia Anna Mazina's Height is 157 cm. ( 5 ft 1 ins).

Currently, Julia Anna Mazina is widow.

Occupation: cinema, actress, writer.

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May 23, 2020

Julia Anna Mazina



Italian Juliet Mazina was called a tragic clown and Charlie Chaplin in a skirt. The great comedian himself said that there is no other actress whom he would admire as much as the lead actress in the film "Night of Kabiria". In 1998, the New York Times noted that the smile of the heroine Mazina in the last frames of this film Federico Fellini in importance surpasses all "fire-breathing blockbusters of Hollywood."



Childhood and adolescence

The actress was born in the town of San Giorgio di Piano, located near Bologna. The Italian celebrated her birthday on February 22, and as the year of birth pointed to the 1920s and 1921.

The girl was the first child in the family, where three more children were born after her. Therefore, the mother and father, given the musical and artistic talent of the eldest daughter, easily responded to the request of the childless aunt and sent little Julia Anna to live with a relative in the capital of Italy.

The guardian gave the provincial a brilliant education. Mazina studied in a privileged gymnasium founded by Ursuline nuns, took lessons in vocals, dances, and piano playing. Then the girl received a diploma from a teacher of literature at the University of Rome. As a student, Julia Anna played in an experimental theater studio, and after university joined the troupe of the theater "Karenina".



Personal life

Mazina was Fellini's wife for half a century. Working part-time on the radio, Julia Anna voiced the programs, staged on the miniatures of the cartoonist, signed by Federico, who told about the couple in love Chicco and Pallina. The future husband first fell in love with Mazina's voice and only then saw her.

Before the novice screenwriter appeared a miniature girl (the height of the actress was 157 cm) with the eyes of a "lost dog". Federico swelled but invited a new friend to the restaurant. Fellini and Mazina's wedding took place on October 30, 1943. At her husband's request, the young wife changed her name to Shakespeare's Juliet.

The couple's personal life was overshadowed by the absence of children.

In his youth, the love of Juliet and Federico twice led to conception. But the first pregnancy after the fall of the actress from the ladder ended in miscarriage. The second proceeded with complications, and the son who appeared in 1945 in infancy died of encephalitis. Doctors sentenced Mazina: the woman will never become a mother.

The shocked couple swore to be together in grief, in sickness, and in old age. In her memoirs, Mazina called the child of their marriage an image of Jelsomina from Fellini's "The Road," which he created from observations of his wife and from her childhood photos.

The life of creative spouses did not meet the everyday standards of family happiness. Federico spent money on tailoring ties and neck scarves at the best European couturiers, on restaurants, and expensive hotel rooms. On fur and jewelry to his wife, who became a muse and mother for the director, the man had no money.

Like the Soviet genius Leo Landau, Federico combined his love for his wife with numerous infidelities and immediately told the faithful about his adventures. As if in retaliation to her husband Juliet smoked one cigarette after another in the presence of not carrying tobacco smoke Fellini.




Usually the first picture in Mazina's filmography is called Alberto Lattuada's film "Without Pity", in which the actress played a simple-minded prostitute Marcella. However, two years earlier Juliet appeared in an episode of Roberto Rossellini's film "Paisa" ("Earth").

In Fellini's directorial debut, the drama "Variety Lights," Mazina was reincarnated as the actress of the roving troupe, Melina Amur. The main roles in Juliet's creative biography were the roles in the paintings of the husband "The Road" and "The Nights of Kabiria", shot at intervals of 3 years. Each of these films won an Academy Award in the Category Best Foreign Film category.

Both main characters of Mazina, against the circumstances - idealists and optimists. Jelsomina from "The Road", sold into circus slavery, remains kind and sincere. Prostitute Kabiria, it would seem, meets in the face of the accountant fairy prince, but when a woman gives his beloved all the savings, he wants to kill her. Mazina's artistic trick is to give the audience a smile as they sob over the fate of her character.

Among the roles of Juliet, performed not in the films of the spouse, stands out Mother Metelica in the eponymous adaptation of the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, made by the Slovak Juraem Jakubisco. Curiously, the director was called Eastern European Fellini. The last way, created by Mazina in the cinema, was an elderly Frenchwoman Bertil in Jean-Louis Bertuccielli's "Perhaps Today" ("The Day to Remember").




The actress died in the spring of 1994, six months after Federico's death. Until the last day of her husband's life Juliet cared for her beloved. The cause of Mazina's death was lung cancer.


Performing the last will of Juliet, trumpeter, and composer Mauro Maur at the funeral of the actress playing the melody of Nino Rota from the film "The Road". At a joint monument on Fellini and Mazina's grave in Rimini, the phrase "Now, Juliet, you can cry" is carved.




1946 - "Paisa" (Earth)

1948 - "Without Pity"

1950 - "Variety Lights"

1952 - "White Sheikh"

1952 - Europe 51

1954 - "The Road"

1955 - "Scammers"

1957 - "Nights of Kabiria"

1965 - "Juliet and the Spirits"

1985 - "Mother Metelica"

1986 - Ginger and Fred

1991 - "Perhaps Today"



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Julia Anna Mazina Net Worth 2021

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