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Born 13 July, 2020 ( 4 years old) in Wyckoff, USA .

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Jonas Brothers is a band from the United States working in the direction of pop rock. The main team was three brothers: Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. In 2005, they formed the Jonas Brothers as the Grammy Nominees for Best New Group, and then won the American Music Awards for Breakthrough of the Year. By 2010, the band had released five discs.

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In 2019, after a long silence, the release of a new album was announced. The musicians also tried themselves as actors, performing in films and TV series as cameos and alternative roles.



History of creation and composition

The main backbone of the team has always been brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick. Kevin plays rhythm guitar and solo guitar in all tracks, also performs vocals and plays music on the piano. He is the older brother, often his name is Paul.

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Joe, or Joseph Adam, is the middle brother. He is a soloist, but also plays guitar, tambourine, percussion and keyboards. The idea of being a musician did not come to him until the band was created. Joe dreamed of a career as a comedian. Junior Nick Jonas also performs as a vocalist and plays drums. He has a nickname: friends and colleagues call the musician Mr. President.

Guitarists John Taylor and Greg Grabowski, keyboardists Ryan Llestman and Marcus Kinski, drummer Jack Lawless, backing vocalists Paris Garbowski and Megan Mullis helped the band's leaders.

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Nick was the first in the family to be lucky enough to enter show business. The boy was 6 years old when he met the first manager. The talented young man was noticed in the barbershop, where he gave an impromptu performance. By the age of 7, he was already a Broadway artist.

Nick's acting career continued until 2004, performing in productions of Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, The Sound of Music and others. The young man's musical activity began with the song "Joy To The World", which he recorded in 2002. It became popular with listeners.

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Jonas Sr.'s successful debut led to the signing of a contract with Columbia Records. He released the song "Dear God". Immediately after the release of the 2nd single was presented the debut album of the artist. The first solo album included songs recorded with brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas.

In 2005, the label's president, Steve Greenberg, met and aspiring artists. Nick's album was liked by the head of the record company. After hearing a solo rendition of "Please Be Mine," Greenberg offered the Jonas family a contract. From that moment on, the guys worked as a team. The band's original name was Sons Of Jonas, but was later changed to Jonas Brothers.

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So the history of the creation and composition of the group began to pay a lot of attention in the media, because the popularity of young people quickly gained momentum. In 2005, they performed on musical tours with Kelly Clarkson and Jesse McCartney, were the opening act of the Backstreet Boys and The Click Five. The guys interacted with different artists, becoming more and more recognizable in the United States. They were preparing for the release of the album "It's About Time", which was originally scheduled for release in 2006.




The release of the debut single took place in 2005. It was broadcast by MTV. The next hit was "Time For Me to Fly", recorded as the soundtrack to the film "Aquamarine". Half of 2006, the Jonas brothers spent half of 2006 on tour with the sisters Aly and AJ.

Two years later, the long-awaited album "It's About Time" was released, but its circulation was limited. On the shelves of stores was only 50,000. copies of the album. The label with which the brothers signed, did not see prospects in their production, so the team thought about breaking the agreements.

In 2007, Jonas Brothers began collaborating with Hollywood Records. Already in the summer the band undertook a tour of the cities of the Usa. Young people pleased fans with the single "Jonas Brothers", released in 2007, the song "Hold On" conquered the Billboard Hot 200, taking the 5th place.

It was followed by a new hit "SOS". The PR campaign of the album started. In the fall, the band performed a song at the American Music Awards. The brothers began a joint tour with Miley Cyrus, giving 54 concerts. Guys quickly became popular, and they became interested in television.

Starting a tour called Burnin' Up Tour, the young people released the album "A Little Bit Longer". In August 2008, the album and the song "Burnin' Up" was released in New York, which is still considered one of the team's main hits. A year later, the album "Lines, Vines, and Trying Times" was recorded. In 2009, the brothers' world tour began.

All members of the team planned development in music, trying themselves as team players and as solo artists. In 2011, Nick and Joe released their author's albums. Nick presented the album "Who I Am" recorded with The Administration, and Joe presented the album "Fastlife". Kevin was focused on his family during this period. The Jonas brothers received the Bravo OTTO award as the best band of the year.

In 2012, the musicians took a short sabbatical to recover and sort out the accumulated personal affairs. Breaking the contract with Hollywood Records, they decided to create their own company, which was called Jonas Enterprises.

In the home studio began to record a new album. The team organized a promotional tour, which started in New York. As part of the tour, they visited Russia, performing in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

After a while, the brothers pleased with concerts fans from South and Latin America. The Jonas released the single "Pom Poms". He quickly took the lead in iTunes. In the summer of 2013, fans were already listening to the new song "First Time". The release of the album "V" was announced, but it was never released.




Jonas' popularity brought them the opportunity to become television stars. In 2007, the series "Hannah Montana" was released. The brothers starred in one of the episodes. In support of the project together with Miley Cyrus, they recorded the song "We Got the Party". After the team's participation in the tour together with the disney singer offered to organize the filming of the film "Camp Rock" as well as a series dedicated to the boy band. Young people starred. By that time their songs, remixes and clips were at the top of popularity.

After the release of "A Little Bit Longer" the film "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" was recorded. In 2008, Disney again offered cooperation and aired the series "Camp Rock: Musical Vacations", and in 2010 - "Camp Rock - 2: Reporting Concert".

The grown-up brothers are still of interest to the television audience. In 2012, the TV project "Married to Jonas" aired. It was about the relationship between Kevin and his wife Danielle. In 2013, the show began its 2nd season. Now not only brothers, but also their wives have become famous.



Jonas Brothers now

In 2019, the pop-rock band continues to develop and give concerts. They recorded the song "Sucker", which leads the world charts in America, Australia and Canada. The music video was filmed. Co-authored with OneRepublic vocalist Ryan Tedder, the band released the single "Cool". In addition, the musicians announced the release of the new album. It is called "Happiness Begins" and will be presented in the summer of 2019.

Having lived for some time separately, giving each other the opportunity to exhale and realize in families, now the brothers have gathered again to remind the world of themselves. Fans still remember their hits like "Play my music" and "Invisible".

Working separately, Nick managed to try himself as an actor and solo artist, and Joe became the leader of the funk-pop group DNCE. Musicians post joint photos in Instagram accounts, fueling the intrigue associated with the release of the new disc.




2006 – «It's about time» 2007 – «Jonas Brothers» 2008 – «A Little Bit longer» 2009 – «Lines, Vines & Trying times» 2019 – «Happiness Begins»




2007 - "Hannah Montana" 2007 - "The Jonas Brothers: Believe in a Dream" 2008 - "Summer Camp: Musical Holidays" 2009 - "Jonas Brothers Concert" 2009 – «JONAS» 2010 - "Camp Rock 2: Reporting Concert" 2012 - Married Jonas




2005 – «Mandy» 2006 – «American Dragon Theme Song» 2007 – «Year 3000» 2008 – «Burnin' Up» 2009 – «Paranoid» 2010 – «Make a wave» 2013 – «Pom Poms» 2019 – «Sucker»



Net Worth

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Jonas Brothers Net Worth 2021

Jonas Brothers 's revenue is $1.8M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jonas Brothers and could vary in the range between $804K - $1.8M.

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September 2021 $64.5K - $131.2K
August 2021 $79.1K - $93.8K
July 2021 $44.8K - $165.2K
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Jonas Brothers Net Worth 2020

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December 2020 $65K - $123.9K
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September 2020 $79.5K - $156K
August 2020 $50.5K - $131.6K
July 2020 $45.3K - $108.4K
June 2020 $56.3K - $163.2K
May 2020 $47.7K - $100.4K
April 2020 $63.3K - $127.8K
March 2020 $81.9K - $125.1K
February 2020 $55.9K - $147.5K
January 2020 $49.3K - $93.4K


Jonas Brothers Net Worth 2019

Jonas Brothers 's revenue is $1.6M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jonas Brothers and could vary in the range between $613.9K - $1.5M.

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December 2019 $65.2K - $152.3K
November 2019 $83.2K - $115.5K
October 2019 $60.5K - $127.2K
September 2019 $67.8K - $111.9K
August 2019 $70.6K - $163.9K
July 2019 $45.6K - $123.8K
June 2019 $73.8K - $163.9K
May 2019 $81K - $110.8K
April 2019 $54.4K - $99.8K
March 2019 $59.6K - $89K
February 2019 $78K - $89.9K
January 2019 $75.7K - $143.7K


Jonas Brothers Net Worth 2018

Jonas Brothers 's revenue is $1.2M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jonas Brothers and could vary in the range between $869.6K - $1.3M.

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December 2018 $48K - $110.5K
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August 2018 $76K - $124.3K
July 2018 $55.2K - $102.5K
June 2018 $71.3K - $119.7K
May 2018 $53.7K - $165.1K
April 2018 $77K - $144.2K
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Jonas Brothers Net Worth 2017

Jonas Brothers 's revenue is $1.2M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jonas Brothers and could vary in the range between $736.7K - $1.2M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $77K - $107.1K
November 2017 $55.2K - $159.9K
October 2017 $51.1K - $122.2K
September 2017 $46K - $164.2K
August 2017 $78.8K - $153.2K
July 2017 $46.4K - $108.2K
June 2017 $69.2K - $157.6K
May 2017 $82.8K - $165.1K
April 2017 $45.8K - $151.7K
March 2017 $69.3K - $93.7K
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Jonas Brothers 's revenue is $1.6M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jonas Brothers and could vary in the range between $552.3K - $1.5M.

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December 2016 $75.3K - $163K
November 2016 $46.1K - $103.2K
October 2016 $62.8K - $157.6K
September 2016 $43.3K - $117.8K
August 2016 $81.7K - $92.4K
July 2016 $48.4K - $104.7K
June 2016 $53.9K - $147.3K
May 2016 $46.5K - $165.2K
April 2016 $47.3K - $163.5K
March 2016 $51.1K - $152.8K
February 2016 $82K - $141.2K
January 2016 $44.9K - $113.1K


Jonas Brothers Net Worth 2015

Jonas Brothers 's revenue is $1.2M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jonas Brothers and could vary in the range between $870.4K - $1.8M.

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December 2015 $82.6K - $156.8K
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October 2015 $49.1K - $144.3K
September 2015 $63.3K - $91.6K
August 2015 $63.2K - $160.6K
July 2015 $49.9K - $105.9K
June 2015 $52.1K - $102.3K
May 2015 $79.9K - $147.1K
April 2015 $73.6K - $128.1K
March 2015 $64.8K - $136.9K
February 2015 $51.8K - $86.6K
January 2015 $66.3K - $126.5K


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