Jessalyn Gilsig

Born 26 May, 1971 ( 53 years old) in Montreal, Canada .

What is the zodiac sign of Jessalyn Gilsig ?
According to the birthday of Jessalyn Gilsig the astrological sign is Gemini .

Jessalyn Gilsig's Height is 160 cm. ( 5 ft 2 ins).

Currently, Jessalyn Gilsig is divorced.

Occupation: cinemaactress, artist.

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October 06, 2020

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Jessalyn Gilsig is a Canadian actress who became famous for her roles in the television series Boston School (2000-2004), Body Parts (2003-2010) and Choir (2009-2015). She also starred in several episodes of NYPD (1993-2005), Escape (2005-2009) and Heroes (2006-2010).

The future Hollywood star was born on May 26, 1971 in the largest Canadian city in the province of Quebec, Montreal. The actress's father Toby Gilsig worked as an engineer. From him Jessalyn inherited an incredible capacity for work.

Claire's mother was a writer who, during her creative crisis, translated poems, poems and odes. It was she who developed imagery in her daughter and instilled in her a love for the film industry. It is authentically known that Claire was a fan of the works of the eminent director Stanley Kubrick. The artist recalled more than once how she and her mother could spend the whole weekend watching his works.

A delicate mental organization from a young age allowed the guru of reincarnation to see the beauty in nothing at first glance not remarkable everyday realities. At the age of 11, Jessalyn began to take an interest in painting and show artistic talent. The young talent arranged theatrical performances for parents during the day, parodying friends who entered the Gilsig house, and in the evenings he learned to transfer images that randomly arise in his head to paper.

Seeing in his daughter a craving for art, the head of the family invited the beloved child to choose the section to which she would go after school. The future performer of the role of Terri in the TV series "The Losers" preferred acting to the fine arts. After receiving a certificate of secondary education, the actress entered the local drama school, where she had a chance to get acquainted in general terms with theatrical disciplines (acting, stage design, drama, screenwriting, theater management).

According to the memoirs of Gilsig herself, the teaching staff put on performances every month at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University, in which she often got the main roles. In parallel with the development of the basics of the acting profession, Jessalyn received higher education. From 1989 to 1993, the girl was a student at McGill University, from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.




Gilsig's creative career began at the age of 12. As a schoolgirl, she was fortunate enough to participate in the scoring of the film "Masquerade" (1984). His debut as an actress in big cinema took place in 1989, when the psychological drama Stiletto, directed by David Hugh Jones, was released. In the film Jessalyn got the role of the protagonist's girlfriend. In the same year, she appeared in the short film "The Way Home". In 1991-1992, Jess dubbed characters in Little Flying Bears, Young Robin Hood, and Gulliver's Travels.

The actress gained popularity in 2000 when she began acting in the series Boston School, in which her colleagues on the set were Michael Rapaport, John Abraham, Katie Baker and Anthony Heald. In 2003, Jess's cinematic biography was replenished with a new role: the producers invited Gilsig to play the role of Gina Russo in the "Body Parts" project, in which the actress starred for 5 years. This was followed by work in the series "Escape", "Law & Order" (the main role in the episode) and the role of Meredith Gordon in the popular 2007 series "Heroes".

The year 2008 was marked by roles in the films XIII: The Conspiracy, Graduation, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation New York. A year later, Gilsig starred in the American thriller directed by Nelson McCormick's Stepfather. The film was a remake of the film of the same name by Joseph Ruben, which was released in 1987.

In the same year, the actress got a role in the TV series "Choir" (the second name is "Losers"). The authors of the series are Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. A pilot episode aired on May 19, 2009 immediately after the finale of American Idol. The film received predominantly positive reviews from critics, was nominated for nineteen Emmy awards, four Golden Globe awards and six Satellite awards. Choir twice (2010 and 2011) won the Golden Globe Award for Best TV Series - Musical or Comedy.

On March 3, 2013 the premiere of the Canadian-Irish series Vikings directed by Michael Hirst, filmed specifically for the History TV channel, took place. In the drama Jessalyn got the role of the wife of the warrior Jarl Haraldson and the lover of the Viking Rollo - a woman named Siggy.



Personal life

Gilsig has always been jealous of the topic of covering her personal life. Despite the fact that the actress was married, there is very little information on the Web regarding her relationship with the stronger sex. Jessalyn's first and only husband was film producer Bobby Salomon. The couple legalized their relationship in 2005. The celebration took place in accordance with the strictness of Jewish traditions (along the line of Jessalin's father, a Jewess). A rabbi was present at the ceremony, the guests beat the dishes, and the newlyweds exchanged rings under the chuppah (a building of four pillars, symbolizing a house, which is covered with cloth on top).

It is worth noting that the traditional Wagner wedding march did not play at the event. Few people know, but this composer is known in history for his Nazi views, which is why light, relaxed music performed by a symphony orchestra sounds at many Jewish weddings. The star union lasted five years, and in 2010 the couple decided to divorce. The reason for the gap was not covered by any print media in Europe.

From this marriage, the eminent artist left a daughter, Penelope (born September 26, 2006), whose education the actress is still engaged in. Jessalyn isn't embarrassed by the role of a single mother. The woman spends all her free time in the company of her daughter. Gilsig, following the example of his mother, instills in Penelope a love of art. Recently, the actress returned to her old hobby - painting. Jessaline often takes her daughter to drawing lessons.

Despite the fact that now the actress has a priority in family, Jess admits that if a representative man appears on the horizon in the near future, she will not refuse courtship and dating because of the presence of a child. According to the woman, Penelope is not a stupid girl, and the possibility of her stepfather's appearance does not scare her at all.



Jessalyn Gilsig now

It is reliably known that in 2017, Gilsig was not involved either in the filming of films or in the scoring of films.

While the eminent artist devotes all of herself to raising her daughter, photos of which she regularly uploads to Instagram, fans of her work can only revise the old works of the actress and collect interviews scattered across the Internet.




Vikings (2013–2015); Choir (2009–2015); "Stepfather" (2009); "Graduation" (2008); "Flood" (2007); Heroes (2007-2008); Escape (2005); "My mom is a hockey player" (2004); Body Parts (2003–2010); Boston School (2000); "Secrets from the Other World" (1999); "The Maid" (1999); The Way Home (1989); "Seven Days" (1998-2001).



Net Worth

Jessalyn Gilsig 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

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Jessalyn Gilsig Net Worth 2021

Jessalyn Gilsig 's revenue is $ 1.2M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jessalyn Gilsig and could vary in the range between $ 557.5K - $ 1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $ 42.5K - $ 137.7K
November 2021 $ 55.6K - $ 145K
October 2021 $ 61.8K - $ 89.1K
September 2021 $ 46.2K - $ 132.1K
August 2021 $67.6K - $111.4K
July 2021 $81.7K - $98.1K
June 2021 $69.9K - $163.2K
May 2021 $49.4K - $112.2K
April 2021 $45.7K - $105.3K
March 2021 $65.8K - $83.5K
February 2021 $53.4K - $107.8K
January 2021 $54.6K - $130.8K


Jessalyn Gilsig Net Worth 2020

Jessalyn Gilsig 's revenue is $1.7M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jessalyn Gilsig and could vary in the range between $748.1K - $1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $45.7K - $117.7K
November 2020 $77.2K - $158.6K
October 2020 $61.9K - $157.3K
September 2020 $75.1K - $98.3K
August 2020 $69.9K - $99.8K
July 2020 $53.3K - $131.7K
June 2020 $50.1K - $155K
May 2020 $78.7K - $140.3K
April 2020 $54.9K - $97.5K
March 2020 $67.6K - $130.8K
February 2020 $50.6K - $161.2K
January 2020 $51.4K - $137.6K


Jessalyn Gilsig Net Worth 2019

Jessalyn Gilsig 's revenue is $1.5M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jessalyn Gilsig and could vary in the range between $684.4K - $1.2M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $43.1K - $150K
November 2019 $48.3K - $158.6K
October 2019 $80.2K - $165.8K
September 2019 $42.7K - $158.7K
August 2019 $76.9K - $131.5K
July 2019 $65.2K - $157.1K
June 2019 $63.2K - $134.4K
May 2019 $65.8K - $95.2K
April 2019 $65.2K - $155.9K
March 2019 $70K - $139.7K
February 2019 $72.7K - $92.2K
January 2019 $50.3K - $108.2K


Jessalyn Gilsig Net Worth 2018

Jessalyn Gilsig 's revenue is $1.7M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jessalyn Gilsig and could vary in the range between $594.2K - $1M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $52.6K - $108K
November 2018 $50.9K - $128.9K
October 2018 $49.4K - $132.8K
September 2018 $74.4K - $96.5K
August 2018 $59.6K - $112.4K
July 2018 $74.5K - $158.4K
June 2018 $72K - $130.7K
May 2018 $61.6K - $126.7K
April 2018 $72.6K - $123.5K
March 2018 $81.5K - $133.8K
February 2018 $73.9K - $132.3K
January 2018 $52.7K - $86.6K


Jessalyn Gilsig Net Worth 2017

Jessalyn Gilsig 's revenue is $1.7M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jessalyn Gilsig and could vary in the range between $676.2K - $1.5M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $62.2K - $140.9K
November 2017 $83K - $130.4K
October 2017 $78.8K - $124.9K
September 2017 $54.3K - $125.5K
August 2017 $69.7K - $123.3K
July 2017 $65.1K - $145.5K
June 2017 $72.9K - $145.6K
May 2017 $73.5K - $102.7K
April 2017 $54.7K - $85.5K
March 2017 $69.3K - $106.7K
February 2017 $60.7K - $163.3K
January 2017 $56.5K - $110.1K


Jessalyn Gilsig Net Worth 2016

Jessalyn Gilsig 's revenue is $2M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jessalyn Gilsig and could vary in the range between $603.2K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $67.2K - $152K
November 2016 $41.8K - $155.5K
October 2016 $46K - $99.4K
September 2016 $64.1K - $145.6K
August 2016 $42.1K - $100.8K
July 2016 $47.2K - $164.9K
June 2016 $50.2K - $156.6K
May 2016 $55.3K - $85.4K
April 2016 $70.2K - $112.7K
March 2016 $50.4K - $86.4K
February 2016 $59K - $118.7K
January 2016 $48.7K - $152.3K


Jessalyn Gilsig Net Worth 2015

Jessalyn Gilsig 's revenue is $1.9M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jessalyn Gilsig and could vary in the range between $786.2K - $1M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $67.1K - $142.9K
November 2015 $70.3K - $148.2K
October 2015 $77.2K - $105K
September 2015 $54.3K - $125.7K
August 2015 $69.3K - $117.9K
July 2015 $67.9K - $94.1K
June 2015 $79.3K - $115.8K
May 2015 $42.4K - $117.7K
April 2015 $75.1K - $159.6K
March 2015 $67.9K - $98.9K
February 2015 $62.7K - $84.6K
January 2015 $68.7K - $86.2K


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