Jane Birkin

Born 04 December, 1946 ( 76 years old) in London, Great Britain .

What is the zodiac sign of Jane Birkin ?
According to the birthday of Jane Birkin the astrological sign is Sagittarius .

Jane Birkin's Height is 173 cm. ( 5 ft 8 ins).

Currently, Jane Birkin is divorced.

Occupation: singer, cinema, actress.

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October 03, 2020

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Jane Birkin is a renowned Anglo-French artist. She became famous thanks to her long-term creative and personal union with Serge Gensburg. Hippies in the 70s considered Jane their sex symbol.



Childhood and youth

The future actress and singer was born in winter, December 14, 1946, in London. The girl's father, David Birkin, was a naval officer and a World War II hero. The baby's mother, Judy Campbell, is an actress of films and musicals. The eldest son Andrew was already brought up in the family. Later, Jane's brother became a director and screenwriter. Later, another daughter appeared in the family, who was named Linda.

Birkin's house was located in the prestigious area of ​​Chelsea. There was money in the family: parents allowed themselves and their children to buy luxurious things, and during the holidays they sent their children on trips.

In the sixties of the last century, London became the capital of the arts. Such an event did not pass by a daring girl, and at the age of 16 she dropped out of school and went to conquer the world of cinema.




The young beauty went to castings and auditioned for the role. The future star was lucky: at the age of 17 she made her debut on the stage of the theater in the play "Carved Statue". During this period, an important event occurred in the biography of the young actress: John Barry, who was 13 years older than Jane, appeared on the girl's life path. John became famous for writing music for the famous "Bondiana" and later became a winner of five Oscars.

The next achievement in the artist's career was the role in Barry's musical "The Passion of the Flower Hotel". But Jane Birkin wanted more than roles in the theater, and rushed into the film industry. The first appearance on the screen happened in 1965. The girl appeared in the Richard Lester film "Dexterity".

In 1966, the actress was offered to play nude in an episode of Michelangelo Antonioni's film "Magnification". The actress agreed and, appearing naked on the screen, caused a public outcry. In 1967, the film was awarded the Palme d'Or.

A year later, the newly minted star went to France to audition for the painting by Pierre Grimble "Slogan". Jane managed to interest the director, although she did not know French, and the role went to her. The singer and musician Serge Gensburg, already famous at that time, became a partner on the site. An attraction arose between the artists, which turned into a whirlwind romance.

In 1969, the couple appeared together in two more films. Later, Jane starred in Jacques Dere's movie Pool. Although Gensburg wrote many songs for his new muse, she devoted herself to cinema. In 1973, the actress appeared in a film with Serge Gensburg's ex-girlfriend, Brigitte Bardot. Women starred in the film of the former husband of Bardot "Don Juan 73".

The audience's love was won by the ridiculous on-screen pair Jane Birkin - Pierre Richard. Pretty Jane and ridiculous Pierre looked harmoniously in comedies. The successive films He Begins to Get Angry and Keep Out of Sight by Claude Zidi gathered crowds at the premieres.

In 1976, Birkin and Gensburg were again at the center of a scandal. The reason was Serge Gensburg's film "I love you - I don't have you anymore," in which the director's beloved played the main role. Critics were unhappy with the explicit scenes in the picture. Erotic photos of Jane flashed everywhere.

The filmography of the actress includes two films based on Agatha Christie's detectives. In the first, released in 1978, "Death on the Nile", the actress played a maid. But in the second in 1981, Jane appeared as the central character.

After breaking off relations with Gensburg, the actress was given a role in the serious drama film The Prodigal Daughter.

In the eighties, Jane appeared in the comedies "Come on in, there is nothing interesting here", "Pirate", "Kung Fu Master". In the mid-80s she entered the French scene. Critics and audiences were delighted.

In 1991 Serge Gensburg passed away. In the same period, the artist realized an old dream - she played in a musical. Jane dedicated her speech to the memory of Gensburg.




The relationship between Jane Birkin and Serge Gensburg spawned a world-famous musical couple. In 1969 they recorded the song "Je T'Aime ... Moi Non Plus". Initially, Serge dedicated the composition to his previous lover Brigitte Bardot, with whom he even recorded a duet. But Bordeaux said the song was too erotic for her, and after the breakup, Gensburg offered Jane a “hot” as a debut in her musical career. The artist did not refuse.

As a result, a scandal erupted. The Vatican issued an official statement that the song was immoral, and radio stations refused to broadcast the song. However, the scandalous story only interested the public: in the coming months, several million copies of singles were sold, and the song itself remained at the top of the charts.

In 1980, Jane ended her relationship with Serge, but the musical collaboration continued. In 1983, the musician wrote a new album "Baby Alonein Babylone" for the singer. He is considered the best in Jane's musical career. In 1985 Serge created a duet song for Birkin and their daughter Charlotte.

In the late eighties, the singer gave recitals. The debut performance took place in the hall of the former Parisian music hall "Le Bataclan". Then the artist was already over forty. But, possessing a natural talent and charm, the woman quickly found emotional contact with the audience. Therefore, the singer soon had a performance schedule. The best songs were released on albums.

In 1994, the artist gave a concert in London. The show was dedicated to Serge Gensburg. Now in front of the fans was not a scandalous person, but a grown-up woman.

In 1996, the singer recorded a medley of Gensburg songs "Version Jane", with which she went on a European tour. In 1998 she released a long-play "A la Legere".

In 2004, Jane presented a new selection of songs that musicians from all over the world wrote for her. The compositions were combined into the "Rendez-Vous" album.



Personal life

At 19, Jane married the composer John Barry. In marriage, a daughter, Kate, is born, who became a photographer and actress. After three years, the marriage union broke up.

In 1969, Birkin met Serge Gensburg, from whom she gave birth to a daughter, Charlotte, in 1971. The girl became a singer and actress. The alliance with Serge lasted 12 years. They were considered the most scandalous and stylish couple of the last century.

Jane met film director Jacques Dillon shortly before breaking up with Serge. They got married, and in 1982 the woman gave birth to her third daughter, Lou, who also later became an artist.

In 2004, Jane was awarded the National Order of Merit. The Hermès trademark named the bag after the artist.

In 2013, a tragedy occurred in the artist's life: the eldest daughter Kate committed suicide by jumping out of the 4th floor window.



Jane Birkin now

Now the former style icon is raising four grandchildren and continues to be creative. She traveled to Bosnia and made a film about a Filipino political prisoner. Participated in AIDS campaigns.

Birkin lives in a house in the French province, but likes to spend most of his time in Paris.




1966 - "Magnification" 1973 - "Don Juan 73" 1974 - "He starts to get angry (Mustard hits in the nose)" 1975 - "Don't lose sight of" 1976 - "I love you ... I don't have you either" 1978 - "Death on the Nile "1981 -" ​​Evil Under the Sun "1984 -" Pirate "1990 -" These Nonsense "2003 -" Meet Your Widow "




1969 - Je t'aime ... moi non plus with Serge Gainsbourg 1973 - Di doo dah 1975 - Lolita go home 1987 - Lost song 1990 - Amours des feintes 1992 - Integral au Casino de Paris 1998 - Best Of 2002 - Arabesque 2008 - Enfantsd ' Hiver 2009 - Au palace (live)



Net Worth

Jane Birkin 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

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Jane Birkin Net Worth 2021

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March 2015 $61.3K - $135.9K
February 2015 $76.5K - $138.2K
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