Jahan Pollyýewa

Born 15 April, 1960 ( 64 years old) in Ashgabat, USSR .

What is the zodiac sign of Jahan Pollyýewa ?
According to the birthday of Jahan Pollyýewa the astrological sign is Aries .

Currently, Jahan Pollyýewa is married.

Occupation: poet, politician, statesman, lawyer.

Last Updated
February 01, 2021

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Jahan Pollyeva has made a brilliant political career. The lady is known as a statesman, lawyer, author of texts for the presidents of Russia. But the talents do not end there: the woman is engaged in literary creativity, writes poetry, collaborates with popular Russian composers and pop stars.



Childhood and youth

Pollyeva was born on April 15, 1960 in the city of Ashgabat. Parents were associated with education. The girl's father taught foreign literature at the university, her mother taught a foreign language. After graduating from school, Jahan entered the University. M. Gorky, choosing for himself the Faculty of Law.



Personal life

The woman prefers not to disclose the details of her personal life to the press, does not publish photos, rarely gives interviews. The first husband of the lady was Mergen Karryev. The wedding took place when the girl was in her 1st year of university. In his youth, Pollyeva's husband was an employee of the apparatus of the Central Committee of the Komsomol, an investigator.

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For his success in work, the young man was sent to Moscow, where he moved with his family. The son Azat was born in marriage. Having received his education abroad, the young man became an employee of the department of interaction with the media. After living for many years in marriage, the couple divorced.

Now the lady lives in marriage with Mikhail Yuryevich Kazachkov. The husband of the author of the texts holds the post of CEO of LLC RVS-Holding, is the chairman of the Association of the Helicopter Industry. In addition, the man is fond of helicopter sports, participates in championships.



Career and creativity

In connection with the family's move to Moscow, the woman was transferred from the University. Gorky at Moscow State University. In 1982, Jahan graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law and entered the graduate school of the Institute of State and Law of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

In 1986 he began working at the Research Institute at the Institute of Youth. Under the leadership of Pollyeva, a project was adopted concerning the rights of young people in the state policy of the USSR. For this development she was awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize. Since 1990, he has been holding the position of chief specialist in the Moscow City Council of People's Deputies.

A year later, he becomes a political adviser at the headquarters of the historian and political scientist Sergei Stankevich. Since 1992 he has been working as a consultant to the Administration of the President of the RSFSR. At this time, the woman participates in the preparation of the draft Constitution of the Russian Federation.

In 1993, Jahan performed the duties of an advisor to Sergei Shakhrai, who at that time was the chairman of the Russian government. Two years later, he received an invitation to take the place of vice-president of Interfax.

Since April 1997 he has been collaborating with Boris Nemtsov. In August of the same year, he transferred to the status of assistant to Valentin Yumashev, head of the Presidential Administration of Russia. Soon Pollyeva became a senior adviser to the president, and received the rank of 1st class active state adviser to Russia. Later she worked with Sergei Kirienko. The media suggest that the politician's actions related to the announcement of the default were controlled by Jahan Rejepovna.

Since 1998, the woman has been the deputy head of the Boris Yeltsin administration. In 2000, when the 1st President of the Russian Federation resigned, she remained in her previous position under the inaugural head of state, Vladimir Putin.

In March 2004, Pollyeva was appointed aide to the President of the Russian Federation. The lady is in this status until 2012. During her tenure, the speechwriter created texts for the annual presidential messages to the Federal Assembly, as well as documents for various public speeches of the heads of state.

In addition, she initiated the reduction by a third of the texts of the messages of the President of Russia addressed to members of parliament. In parallel, she was engaged in the supervision of education and science. In 2012, following a vote, she became the head of the State Duma Administration. Since 2016, she left the post due to her retirement.

After working in the government, Dzhakhan Redzhepovna became vice president of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, located in St. Petersburg. Experts named Pollyeva the best speechwriter for the heads of the Russian Federation. The woman has developed a recognizable laconic style of texts, their solid argumentation and structure.

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The lady successfully combines creative with political activity. Today she is also known as the author of beautiful poems that formed the basis of songs. In particular, she wrote the lyrics that formed the basis of the work "They beat us, we fly", the music for which was created by the composer Andrei Kitarev, and the first performer was Alla Pugacheva.

Previously, the prima donna of the Russian stage has already presented songs to the poems of Pollyeva: "Blizzard Again" (in a duet with Kristina Orbakaite), "I can" (also sounded in a duet between Dzhakhan Redzhepovna and singer Lyudmila Sokolova). The author, together with the Children's Choir of the Igor Krutoy Academy, presented the hit “When it's Dark” at the “New Wave” competition.

In 2018, the theater "Helikon-Opera" hosted a concert of the poetess entitled "I want to sing to you about love." The author's disc "Age of Love" was also published.



Jahan Pollyeva now

In 2020, the poetess continues to engage in creativity, participates in public events. Now she devotes a lot of time to sports, is engaged in gymnastics. The woman also collects red wine.




2013 - The Age of Love



Net Worth

Jahan Pollyýewa 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

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Jahan Pollyýewa Net Worth 2022

Jahan Pollyýewa 's revenue is $ 1M in 2022. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jahan Pollyýewa and could vary in the range between $ 599.7K - $ 1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2022 $ 76.3K - $ 141.3K
November 2022 $ 80.9K - $ 94.7K
October 2022 $ 77.4K - $ 128.7K
September 2022 $ 49.1K - $ 133.9K
August 2022 $53.2K - $90.1K
July 2022 $51K - $146.5K
June 2022 $65.4K - $143K
May 2022 $49.1K - $124.6K
April 2022 $42.5K - $98.2K
March 2022 $67K - $94.3K
February 2022 $63.3K - $144.9K
January 2022 $80K - $135.6K


Jahan Pollyýewa Net Worth 2021

Jahan Pollyýewa 's revenue is $1.7M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jahan Pollyýewa and could vary in the range between $755.8K - $1.5M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $77K - $121.7K
November 2021 $80.2K - $98.5K
October 2021 $66.6K - $165K
September 2021 $79.6K - $108.5K
August 2021 $43.6K - $96.4K
July 2021 $59.1K - $105.1K
June 2021 $73.1K - $87K
May 2021 $55.7K - $164.9K
April 2021 $58.4K - $124.4K
March 2021 $81.9K - $92.1K
February 2021 $46.1K - $149.5K
January 2021 $68.6K - $138.5K


Jahan Pollyýewa Net Worth 2020

Jahan Pollyýewa 's revenue is $1.7M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jahan Pollyýewa and could vary in the range between $868.1K - $1.8M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $57.9K - $163.7K
November 2020 $73.3K - $104.8K
October 2020 $65.1K - $88.7K
September 2020 $73.6K - $136K
August 2020 $82.1K - $136.5K
July 2020 $55.4K - $164.6K
June 2020 $52.1K - $129.8K
May 2020 $72.9K - $140.8K
April 2020 $75.6K - $94.8K
March 2020 $65K - $157.9K
February 2020 $62.9K - $152.5K
January 2020 $71.2K - $163.5K


Jahan Pollyýewa Net Worth 2019

Jahan Pollyýewa 's revenue is $1.9M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jahan Pollyýewa and could vary in the range between $928.5K - $1.5M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $65.7K - $108.8K
November 2019 $80.7K - $133.9K
October 2019 $47.3K - $141.3K
September 2019 $43.1K - $149.1K
August 2019 $81.6K - $102.2K
July 2019 $69.2K - $119.9K
June 2019 $64K - $116.7K
May 2019 $56.4K - $100.8K
April 2019 $44.9K - $124.4K
March 2019 $43K - $117.7K
February 2019 $41.9K - $114K
January 2019 $43.6K - $150.1K


Jahan Pollyýewa Net Worth 2018

Jahan Pollyýewa 's revenue is $1M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jahan Pollyýewa and could vary in the range between $586.2K - $1.8M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $58K - $116.6K
November 2018 $55.6K - $151.4K
October 2018 $44.6K - $142K
September 2018 $54.9K - $124.2K
August 2018 $73.4K - $89.7K
July 2018 $62.9K - $112.5K
June 2018 $64.2K - $160.6K
May 2018 $65.4K - $132.8K
April 2018 $54.2K - $104.2K
March 2018 $68.9K - $102.6K
February 2018 $50.6K - $110.4K
January 2018 $72.3K - $133.9K


Jahan Pollyýewa Net Worth 2017

Jahan Pollyýewa 's revenue is $1.3M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jahan Pollyýewa and could vary in the range between $609.5K - $1.5M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $81.2K - $111.4K
November 2017 $70.9K - $92.3K
October 2017 $51.6K - $110.5K
September 2017 $75.2K - $104.7K
August 2017 $66.5K - $131.6K
July 2017 $50.2K - $148.2K
June 2017 $41.8K - $123.1K
May 2017 $75.7K - $100.9K
April 2017 $59.2K - $115.2K
March 2017 $71.5K - $139.7K
February 2017 $55.3K - $146.2K
January 2017 $64.1K - $162.4K


Jahan Pollyýewa Net Worth 2016

Jahan Pollyýewa 's revenue is $1.4M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Jahan Pollyýewa and could vary in the range between $740.9K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $58K - $111K
November 2016 $55.7K - $85K
October 2016 $73.5K - $94.3K
September 2016 $78.9K - $156.2K
August 2016 $45.2K - $152.2K
July 2016 $49.1K - $93.7K
June 2016 $57.6K - $161.6K
May 2016 $73K - $86.3K
April 2016 $75.4K - $92.1K
March 2016 $75.1K - $88.6K
February 2016 $54.9K - $109.6K
January 2016 $51.5K - $95.6K


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