Is My Boyfriend Gay?

The Story

Hello, 27-year-old woman, my boyfriend is 28. He's had a 7-year relationship before me, and he's been with me for eight months. Right at the beginning of our relationship, I knew he liked transvestites (shemale). I'm pretty shaken up in bed and I talk to him about it, I tell him to run his own pornography and watch while we're having sex while I'm giving him whistles, etc., in general, without any restraint. I never refused anything.

One day I accidentally decided to look at his story in Gugul, and I saw that he was secretly watching such pornography and advertisements for transvestites, although I always had him tell me everything, exactly in this aspect. I asked him why he was doing it, and he said he thought I was going to tell him that he was overdoing those e-mails and that it was too much. Since then, just when he looked at something like that, we always do it together. Me, too, it excites me so much, it excites me that he's so twisted. So far so good. But recently he asked to put on my thong, to be like a "shemale".

And it got me really excited. He used to tickle me, his butt, sometimes he makes me want to mess it up, and he told me he wants me to teach him to screw there. He told me he wanted to paw a transvestite. It's twisted, I like it, but I'm starting to think, is it gay..? I play his gay-sex--She's not getting excited. I've offered him threes with a man, a woman, a shemale--she doesn't want to, you can't watch someone else touch me. I got so excited when we were fighting, he just saw me, and I've seen how he's doing. From the side of excitement there is nothing more to be desired by it. What do you think you're on about it?

Last Updated
May 18, 2020