I'm Ugly, And It's Bothering Me With The Boys!

The Story

Hello, people. I know this is just another similar topic, but I need to share in particular how it is. I'm a girl, 23. I'm so in love. I like to find emotion in everything. Like most girls my age, I like to hang out with guys, even if I have nothing serious with them, just go out, joke with some guy and just be close friends and occasionally hang out--it's something typical of all my girls and you know it and maybe you're wondering why I'm mentioning something as simple and normal That is part of every young woman's life? Because it happens to me, it's VIP extra! Yes, I'm not exaggerating, he's just a VLP. Two things are the reason-first very difficult to socialize with people, do not know why. That's a huge weakness. Second, I'm extremely ugly and fat. I would ask you to refrain from commenting with tips on diet and fitness, because not this is the topic on which I expect comments, yes, I very well know what steps I need to do and do what I can, but I can't, I can't and I can't become a fine Barbie and a model, as are most young chicks of my age. The structure of my body is such that I am one of the more large, inherited and I am very low. And here, specifically, the topic is about how ugly women like me manage to overcome the pain that because of the fact that they are not beautiful will never luck them when they like a boy. Especially when you like a boy and you want at least as a friend to win and socialize, to hang and nothing more! Yes, for an ugly girl like me, and that's a VLP. I don't have any friends. Only 2-3 girls, and for boys I will not comment at all, no I have, I have never experienced these years what it is to be friends with a boy. And when I like someone, you know, I've always dreamed about not having a relationship, and for that I liked the object to perceive me as a friend, to give me a chance to get to know me what kind of person I am. Something so small suits me because I've never felt it. Consider! Whenever I like a certain boy my biggest weakness is my appearance. That I'm too ugly to like her even as a friend. Because the painful truth is that people look at the first appearance, and then they get to know you! As much as we claim that appearance is not important, this is one truth from which we ugly we cannot escape. All who have the same weaknesses and complexes as mine would ask to feel free to share me how they coped with this pain, because for a loving person like me it really isn't easy. I wish I was as beautiful as a modern girl in the 21st century. At least I started saving myself from my allowance to raise money for expensive branded clothes, I know it's nonsense, but only this somewhat manages to cover my ugliness and create some kind of suggestion that I look good. Many people have told me that clothes are important and turned outright, as I upgraded my wardrobe I feel better. Say something about the boy I like. You know these posts "comment with your picture and they appreciated from 1-100". Some chicks were uploading pictures, a little bit of giving 100. He usually gave 70-80, etc. I uploaded my single photo where I like and look good. You wrote to me 100. Surprised. And that same picture I had put on my profile and the boy wrote a comment "you're very pretty." To be clear, we don't know each other personally. I don't want a relationship with him even, I want to feel for the first time just what it's like to be friends with a boy, what an object you're interested in not thinking about being ugly. We write a chat-putt, rarely writes however. I strongly hope it's not because he's startled by my appearance, despite his beautiful commentary on the photograph. It's been a long time, but I poured out my soul. I just want to look like a normal girl. Yes, makeup and clothes help, but only in a way, it's still obvious that I'm ugly and that there are more beautiful chicks than me. If I don't date special sexy clothes and makeup I won't comment on how I look... Even the bogeyman turnip will eat in front of me. Good thing they were the makeup and clothes or even 10 percent wouldn't give me the boy for the picture. Seeing a picture of my cousins, for example (all very beautiful), posing in front of a mirror with such a fine body as a stork's legs, with so beautiful hair and eyes... I always ask myself, "Why don't I look like this?" Does someone like me feel this pain by looking at pictures of her beautiful girlfriends...

Last Updated
May 26, 2020