I'm Obsessed With My Ex, I Can't Leave Him!

The Story

Maybe as a true representative of the zodiac sign Leo, I do not know how to accept losses, but as I love I fight to the end. My ex-boyfriend and I were together for 10 years, from 8th grade until 2017. I kept thinking that we would get married, because we always overcame difficulties together, but last year I still had all sorts of nonsense on my head and I ignored it imperceptibly, but that didn't mean I didn't love him. There were scandals, I missed his birthday and a month later the mansions, but I took the most expensive gifts and for Christmas I tried to apologize, and he gave them to his little brother with a cool look. He is very ambitious! We argued, we argued, and finally he told me that I was an emotionally stressful egoist and he couldn't take it anymore, we had to separate. He insulted me a lot about the character that hurt me and I still remember them all. I asked him to take a temporary break and not take extreme measures, but he said he did not promise anything. Since then, I neither sleep nor eat like humans. I gained 59 kilos at a height of 1. 80, I'm still tired, sad or nervous. We had agreed to be friends, but I want more. I write to him all the time, he answers, but he cuts me off by asking him to get together or telling him that I love him. He moved to another apartment, and when I went there to see him, his roommates told him he was gone. We used to live together ... I buy him presents regularly, always expensive and branded, but he returns them. I write him verses, I send him "our" songs, but he ignores them. He told me that if I needed a friend, that he was there, but if I tried to get him back, I'd better give up and that he'd seen this movie enough times. I have never been kinder and more open to anyone. Another I don't want I want HIM! I'd rather die, make a fool of killing both of us, but I won't be with another or let him be with another. What to do people, help, please! How do I get it back

Last Updated
November 11, 2020