I'm Not Sure I'm The Father Of...

The Story

My story is so tangled, I'm confused myself. So confused, I'm not sure about the kid we're waiting for with my fiancée. Her? She's getting married, which is what's making me mad. Her husband finds excuses and doesn't give her a divorce. She's married to a Swiss citizen because she didn't have any other way to stay in the country, otherwise a bogus marriage. Now he's not giving her a divorce. We wanted this process to happen here. He couldn't travel. He's afraid of airplanes, and for another transport-a word not to work. That's why she left for Switzerland some time ago. I've been standing for three weeks claiming that there's a lot of paperwork to fix. I thought it was doubtful and I asked her twice what--and I didn't get the two times. She DIDN'T get divorced, her husband was on vacation. The reason I write here is that when she came back she insisted an awful lot to become pregnant. I've been a big talker for her, but she's always tugging. That's all she had in her head. Now it's the second month. I'm thinking... not be pregnant there. I have accepted that she bears the name of that man, but if he wears his child, I will get her the last name. I have a colleague who, for six years, was raising a foreign child, a second year could not recover. I can't wait till she's born because that thought drives me crazy every minute. I told her that it was very strange all the circumstances. She asked me what I'm implying. We had a fight, and I told her I'd want a test. She replied that I would get it, but then I would forget about her and the child. Then I apologized to her for not thinking, but I didn't give up. If I'm wrong (which I hope)-I will apologize, I will love her and watch as only I can, but if I play theater, I don't want to think. In addition, in documents, it should carry the surname of the Swiss?!? I thought the mother was married to him. For a lid-even if everything is okay, we cannot be married until he deigns to give a divorce. I'm freaking out for a few weeks, seriously!

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May 24, 2020