I'm Looking For A Movie-theothercouple

The Story

Hello. I'm looking for an Indian movie. In the beginning there was a little boy who was lost in the Indian savannah and would be eaten by big cats. A large elephant appeared and sprayed the child with its trunk. A leopard wanted to eat the boy, but the elephant chased him away. Then the little boy managed to return to his father, who was ill and soon died. The child and the elephant became best friends. After a while, the boy became a man and I remember that there were more elephants in one scene and he was sick and dying and the elephants found a doctor and took his briefcase to take him to the sick man. The doctor did what he could and told the elephants to pray to the gods. They did it and the man was healed. At the end of the film, a freak shot the elephant with a rifle and his friend was in great pain and had put the elephant on a platform and wrapped it in a beautiful sheet, to wear it to bury it or to burn it, I don't remember exactly. Does anyone know who the movie is I will be very grateful if you help me find it. :)

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November 11, 2020