I'm In A Big Depression ...

The Story

Hello, everyone. I've been reading your site for a long time, but I haven't written on it yet. I was looking for answers and solutions to my problems, but I never succeeded. Now I will try to introduce you to them, in principle I am a strong person (26 years old) but this time it is different, I can not cope and I will go crazy. So to start over, I have a serious girlfriend of 6 years. smaller than me, we have been walking for 4 years. and a half. Everything was going perfectly until the moment she entered the university, there she changed the environment and I was left in the background. You know how student life is, she doesn't care about almost anything, I don't know how to make her happy and almost everything I do for her is annoying. I'm annoyed by the fact that I'm interested in her, where she goes out and with whom, etc ... Anyway, I came to terms with that. At the same time, in us (because I live with my parents), things have also worsened, we are on the verge of divorce. One navel situation is at the moment, everyone is silent, does not speak, the father is trying to quarrel with me (of course for money) because his income is well below mine at the moment. The other thing is that my friends turned out to be all rubbish. They only look for me when they only have the effort or the service, but never to go out somewhere, etc ... I don't have any girlfriends either, because I broke off all contacts years ago, because my girlfriend was annoyed by the fact that they called me and so on. .. I'm not ugly or stupid, I have everything at the moment, a good and safe job, but against the background of everything described above .... it's a drop in the ocean. I behaved for a long time, but I can't anymore, I fell into something like a hole, nothing makes me happy and I don't know what to do. Here tonight is "Christmas Eve" for me will not be a holiday, comes and "New Year" will obviously be alone. This is going to be the worst Christmas and New Year I've ever had. And the worst thing is that a lot of strange thoughts started running through my head :( This is my story, told briefly, if anyone can help me with advice I will be grateful.

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November 12, 2020