I'm Ashamed To Wear A Pair Of Shorts

The Story

I'm ashamed to wear shorts and skirts. I am a 31 year old woman. I live in Sofia, where every day I miss beauties who do not have a part of themselves that they have not taken care of. I'm an ordinary woman, I don't go to the beautician, I don't go to the beach or the solarium, my skin is white. I'm afraid to show my legs, but at the same time my summer is getting so hot that I can barely stand it. I wear black jeans all year round. I can only afford summer open sandals. I have a barrier and I don't think it will look good on my bare feet at this age. I don't look good with a dress because I'm so weak and they look like gifts to me. I only like tight-fitting dresses, short ones, but I only accept them for a wedding, not for everyday life and to outline everything. I have like Eva Longoria's legs - they become narrower at the bottom of the ankle and I am not very tall - 165 cm. The difference with her figure is that mine is feminine, I have a normal female hip, but narrower shoulders, while she is wide and up. But she has beautiful skin and everything fits. My legs are squirrels because I never burn them. My face and hands are darker. Because I never wear anything other than black jeans, I don't know how to dress and I have no sense of fashion. What to wear in the summer? Give me advice.

Last Updated
September 18, 2020