I'm Afraid Of The Death Of A Loved One, I Cry When I Imagine It!

The Story

She writes you a girl at 26. What I mean is that there must be a lot of people like me but there is that I'm not just afraid of something happening to someone close to me, but I cry as I imagine it. My father is my weakness most of all. Until a moment ago I imagined how it is not excluded as it goes out and comes to us, for example, and with a sharp speed he gets a mustache or a car to him and falls into a coma, after which he dies... Or some jerk attacks him in the back and stabs him. Or a branch or something on his head. After the militia came to see me and what he gets for payback. Don't attack me, I know it's ugly to think these things, and I don't know why I imagine them. Because this is the last thing in the world that I want to happen because that is my fear and weakness because I love him more than any other person because I only know what my relationship is with him and nothing I want to happen to him, nothing. I also want to not get cancer, heart attack, stroke, or any deadly disease. I want him to be the lucky ones and stay gifted with longevity. Wishing him, I wish he was still with me for many years, alive because he deserved it!!! I don't want to lose it!! I don't want anything bad to happen to him! Just as I imagine that something of the above-described things is happening, I cry as if it were true. And I'm going to cuddle his robe or something... Last week, I dreamt that he was dying. How I took that dream, don't ask... It felt like it was true all day. But I'm thankful it was just a dream. For my grandmother, for my grandfather, I am also afraid, and for every single person in the family, I dreamed that he was dying. I know the usual answers will be that I can't change the fate that what happens is going to happen, but that doesn't make me feel any more upsetting. If I had the opportunity to wield higher spells if there was such a thing, I would without hesitation stop the death of all my loved ones if I had the power to see what would happen without me being interested in the wrong, wrong, whether I violate the universe and the like. And to me, I'm also afraid of something happening to me and to die in the next 10 years. That's a huge fear, too. I hate death, I hate diseases... To me they are the demons. They are the very evil that should not exist, something that is a mistake of the universe... If there are demons like Annabelle, the spell, and other horror movies, this is precisely the deadly disease. There are no more dangerous demons. I want to be the lucky ones that won't happen to them. I don't want to get cancer or any other deadly disease in a while and die young. I want longevity. Someone else like me with that fear, with this weakness? Em I'm afraid of the constant thought of not "challenge" the energy of the universe and happen to me or my loved ones. I DON'T want to die now, not for 40-50 years. Is there anyone else who can hardly accept the injustice of life?

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May 23, 2020