Igor Akinfeev

Born 08 April, 1986 ( 38 years old) in Vidnoe, Russia .

What is the zodiac sign of Igor Akinfeev ?
According to the birthday of Igor Akinfeev the astrological sign is Aries .

Igor Akinfeev's Height is 186 cm. ( 6 ft 1 ins).

Currently, Igor Akinfeev is married to Katerina Gerun.

Occupation: football player, cska, goalkeeper.

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December 27, 2020

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Igor Akinfeev is a Russian footballer and goalkeeper. From the very beginning of his football career, he plays for the CSKA club, is the team captain. From 2004 to 2018 he played for the national team, where he also served as captain. In 2005 he was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia.



Childhood and youth

The star of Russian football Igor Akinfeev was born on April 8, 1986 in the city of Vidnoye near Moscow. His father Vladimir Vasilyevich worked as a truck driver, and his mother Irina Vladimirovna worked as a kindergarten teacher.

The family did not have much wealth, but the parents put their souls into the upbringing of Igor and his brother Yevgeny. At the age of 4, his father brought Igor to the first training session at the CSKA youth school. The boy was two years younger than the other students, but immediately asked to be put in place of the goalkeeper. He managed to catch balls on the fly, but when they hit the goal, Igor was very upset. His first coach Desiderius Kovacs, after the second training session, said that the boy would certainly be an excellent goalkeeper.

At the age of 7, Igor Akinfeev was admitted to the CSKA Sports School. He had to combine training with classes at school, there was no time left for outdoor games and other boyish hobbies. However, the footballer himself considers his childhood happy, albeit with some restrictions.

At the age of 8, Igor and his team went to the first training camp. Their camp was located in Chernogolovka, conditions were tough - on the field in the rain from day to day. The guy endured difficulties, washed socks and a tracksuit every day, which greatly surprised his parents and the coach.

At the age of 10, his first tournament took place in Yugoslavia. After the match, Akinfeev was invited to the box of the head of the football association Milianich. An experienced coach and footballer then said that he saw in this boy the second Lev Yashin.

After receiving a certificate of maturity in 2003, Igor Akinfeev went to enter the capital's Academy of Physical Culture. He graduated from it in 2009, having successfully defended his thesis. The sportsman chose the theme that was closest and most understandable to him: "The technical and tactical actions of the goalkeeper during a football match."

The youngest CSKA goalkeeper has become a certified specialist.




The goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev has undeniable advantages: he clearly knocks the ball out with his hands and feet. At the same time, the football player has a lightning-fast reaction to the game. He always exudes confidence in his abilities, so his sports career has developed brilliantly.

In 2002, Akinfeev as part of the team first received the title of champion of Russia. In the same year, he began playing for the national youth team. The training camp took place in Israel. The Russian footballer attracted close attention already in the first match. The Sport-Express edition expressed a flattering opinion about the new player. The reviewer wrote that he demonstrated a mature and masterful game. At the same time, he looked stronger than Veniamin Mandrykin.

At the end of March 2003, the athlete made his debut match at the senior level, participating in the 1/8 finals against the Zenit team. Igor Akinfeev entered the field in the 2nd half, replacing Viktor Kramarenko. As expected, he showed his trademark lightning-fast reaction. As a result, CSKA drew.

And at the end of May of the same year, the young goalkeeper made his debut in the Premier League game. The CSKA team in the game against Wings of the Soviets managed to win with a score of 2: 0, and Igor Akinfeev himself distinguished himself, because he managed to reflect the penalty in the last minute. He was deservedly recognized as the best player of this match.

2003 turned out to be a truly breakthrough year for the football player. Igor Akinfeev made his debut at the Russian Championship. He played 13 games this season. At the same time, the number of conceded goals was minimal - 11. With this result, the goalkeeper became the champion of the country. This was his first high-profile achievement in football.

The triumph was somewhat spoiled by the debut in the Eurocup against the Macedonian club "Vardar". This game, which took place on July 30, was won by the Macedonians. But the star of the 1980s - the famous Rinat Dasaev - expressed the opinion that Igor Akinfeev was not to blame for the goals conceded. He did the best he could.

This successful year in the sports biography of Igor Akinfeev was marked by two more bright games. In early September, the goalkeeper made his debut as part of the Russian Olympic team. He played in a match against Ireland. The game ended with a score of 2: 0 in favor of the Irish team. Unfortunately, the national team also lost the match with Switzerland with a score of 2: 1. Nevertheless, the footballer, as they say, "gave it all out."

In April 2004, Igor Akinfeev made his first appearance in the Russian national team, becoming the youngest goalkeeper of the team in the history of the team, his number in the national team - 35.

The Super Bowl game took place on March 7. The athlete spent all 90 minutes on the field, while managing to concede only one goal in the 14th minute. CSKA beat Spartak 3: 1. Starting this season, Igor Akinfeev becomes a regular player in the main team. Moreover, in the first three matches, he was a constant goalkeeper.

During the game against the Samara team, Igor Akinfeev was awarded a red card. For a scuffle, he was removed from the field in the last minutes. As it turned out, midfielder Ognen Koroman started the fight. It was he who, after the goal scored by Denis Kovboy, hit the ball, which bounced off the net and hit the goalkeeper in the face. For violation Akinfeev was disqualified for 5 matches. This season, he managed to participate in 26 matches, while conceding 15 goals into his own net.

As a result of these games, the CSKA team managed to win silver, and Igor Akinfeev was recognized as the best goalkeeper in the country. According to the Fox Sports TV channel, the athlete was named the strongest young goalkeeper. At number 3, he entered the list of "33 best".

The fight for the Russian Cup for Igor Akinfeev began with the 1/8 finals. CSKA managed to beat Khimki with a score of 1: 0. After this game, they received the second Cup. The goalkeeper conceded only 3 goals in seven games.

Summer 2004 turned out to be hot for CSKA and Igor Akinfeev. In training on July 27, the goalkeeper made his Champions League debut. The opponent of the national team was the Azerbaijani club "Neftchi". The game ended in a draw. But in the return match, the "army team" managed to win, beating the Azerbaijanis with a score of 2: 0. CSKA managed to bypass the Scots and got into the group stage. Akinfeev spent all 6 games on the field, conceding only 5 goals. As a result, the Russian team took 3rd place and got the opportunity to continue playing in the UEFA Cup.

By the way, Akinfeev also owns an anti-record in the Champions League - for 11 years, starting on November 21, 2006, he missed goals in 43 matches of the main tournament in a row.

The 2005 season brought the player a pleasant surprise: Igor Akinfeev became the owner of the UEFA Cup.

The next two years turned out to be no less happy in the professional career of a football player. In 2006, the goalkeeper managed to hold the gate for 362 minutes. Some fans and football critics during these hours compared him with the famous Lev Yashin. Akinfeev's authority grew so much that he was called the most promising Russian goalkeeper.

In the spring of 2007, rumors arose in the football community that London Arsenal had shown interest in Igor Akinfeev. Allegedly, the British have plans for the Russian goalkeeper. But in one of his interviews, the athlete dispelled these rumors. He announced that in the next 4 years he will remain in the CSKA team.

May 6, 2007 Igor Akinfeev was injured in the match against Rostov. It happened in the 8th round. Reflecting a penalty ball, the player fell unsuccessfully and tore the cruciate ligaments on his knee. After examining the injured knee, doctors predicted that he would not enter the field until the end of the season. But they were wrong: the player managed to restore health quite quickly and after intensive treatment returned to the national team until the end of the championship.

In November, as part of the 29th round of the CSKA championship against the Kuban team, Igor Akinfeev played his first match after an injury. "CSKA" won with a score of 1: 0. And in January, the footballer extended his contract with the CSKA national team until 2011.

The 16th round of the Russian Premier League, held between the CSKA team and the Krylya Sovetov team, turned out to be the most "dry" for the Muscovite and ended in a draw. Akinfeev turned out to be the youngest goalkeeper who managed to achieve such a brilliant result. In 30 games of the season, he conceded only 24 goals. At the end of the championship, the country received bronze.

In the 2009 season, on April 12, at the Russian Championship, Igor Akinfeev missed his 100th goal. In the same year, his name appeared in the top five goalkeepers in the world. This decision was made by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics.

The 2010 season was played with varying success. But the next season - 2011 - the CSKA team managed to win the 5th national cup. Unfortunately, in August this year, Igor Akinfeev suffered a serious injury. At the 30th minute of the match with Spartak, the goalkeeper went to the junction with the forward Welliton. After the collision, Akinfeev landed unsuccessfully on his left leg, fell and was no longer able to get up. When he was carried away from the field, Akinfeev sat on a stretcher and, without choosing expressions, swore at the Brazilian. Later it turned out that Akinfeev damaged the "crosses" of his left knee. In September, he underwent surgery in Germany. But already in February I switched to individual training.

In April, at the match with Zenit, Igor Akinfeev first appeared on the field after an injury. The match was completed with a score of 0: 2. But in August, at the 50th match, the CSKA team won the Serbia national team with a score of 1: 0. It was a significant match for the goalkeeper, because after it he joined the symbolic Igor Netto Club.

And in mid-May 2014, Igor Akinfeev triumphantly broke Yashin's record, having managed to play his 204th match dry. Thus, he was recognized as a five-time Russian champion. In addition, 2014 was marked for the player by the fact that he managed to break the record for playing time without conceding goals. For 761 minutes, Akinfeev did not concede a single goal. This is the longest dry run in the history of the Russian team.

Unfortunately, success was followed by unfortunate failure. It happened at a match with the Belgian team. But Fabio Capello then stood up for Akinfeev, saying that for 10 minutes someone blinded the player's eyes with a laser pointer. Then Belgium won.

The game against the Algerian national team did not please the Russian fans either. According to its results, Russia lost, and Igor Akinfeev, according to the Italian sports tabloid La Gazettadello Sport, even got into the symbolic team of football players who failed the World Cup. After this high-profile failure, Akinfeev apologized for the poor performance in front of the fans.

In 2015, the goalkeeper had another trouble. Despite the fact that Igor Akinfeev managed to break Sergei Ovchinnikov's record for the number of clean sheets in the national championship, at the game of the army team with the Montenegrin national team, a fan from rivals threw a fire at the Russian goalkeeper. He suffered severe burns and a concussion. This happened in the 40th second of the game. The match was interrupted. The judges awarded Montenegro a technical defeat with a score of 0: 3.

Later it turned out that the fan Luka Lazarevich unintentionally threw a fire at Akinfeev. As the video showed, he threw out a firecracker, which an unknown person threw at his feet. Nevertheless, Lazarevich was sent to prison for 3.5 months. Igor Akinfeev refused to make claims to the fan.

In 2016, Igor Akinfeev focused his efforts on preparing for the European Championship. At Euro 2016, the goalkeeper played 3 games and conceded 6 goals. But in the new season, the goalkeeper managed to set a new record for the number of clean sheets: a friendly match with the Romanian team was 45th for him, in which he played "zero".

Akinfeev is the highest paid football player in CSKA. According to the website Footbnews.ru, in 2017 his salary was € 2.2 million.



Personal life

The handsome and financially independent goalkeeper has always had enough fans. Once a fan in love cut her veins. As it turned out, in one of the fake blogs, someone on behalf of the athlete insulted a girl in love. Igor Akinfeev, upon learning about what had happened, was very worried. Since then, he has said little about his personal life and is afraid to hurt his fans and especially fans.

For a long time, the stately handsome man (Igor Akinfeev's height is 1.86 m, and his weight is 78 kg) had an affair with young Valeria Yakunchikova, the 15-year-old daughter of the CSKA administrator. The girl did not miss a single match, she was her own in the backstage football party.

Akinfeev and Yakunchikova are professional athletes, their common interests brought them closer together. The girl charmed the football player. She not only adored football, but also turned out to be a professional dancer. The young beauty has repeatedly appeared in commercials and starred in Timati's video. And Valeria also graduated from RUDN University.

The fans had no doubt that this relationship would end in a luxurious wedding, but suddenly the couple broke up. Information flashed in the press that Igor had cheated on the girl, and she could not forgive him. A painful breakup followed.

Soon, Igor Akinfeev's personal life improved. His fans learned the name of the new darling - Ekaterina Gerun, a Kiev woman.

Beautiful Katya Gerun lived in Kiev, worked in the modeling business, starred in music videos. The girl managed to capture the football player.

Fans of the football star learned about their wedding on May 17, 2014, when the couple had a son, Daniel. And a year later, on September 4, Catherine gave her happy husband a daughter, whom they named Evangelina. The Russian football star claims that he and his wife adhere to the Orthodox faith, but will not impose their beliefs and religion on their children. They will grow up and choose what they see fit.

Igor Akinfeev and Ekaterina Gerun are happy together. The athlete is sure that anyone can be happy. The main thing is to wait for your half.

It is known that one of the goalkeeper's best friends is the popular singer and leader of the Hands Up! Sergey Zhukov. They have been friends since 2004. Igor Akinfeev baptized Sergey's daughter Nina.

In addition to football, Igor plays billiards, loves to travel, but his main hobby is fishing. Akinfeev runs Instagram, where photos from training sessions and matches regularly appear. Occasionally, family vacation pictures appear on the account.

Igor appeared in an advertisement for the Moscow Credit Bank. According to its plot, the goalkeeper will have to reflect a dangerous blow, and Lev Yashin helps him to do this. The football community reacted positively to this soulful performance. And in 2009, the goalkeeper wrote the book "100 Penalties from Readers."



Igor Akinfeev now

In 2017, Akinfeev, under the leadership of Stanislav Cherchesov, as part of the national team, took part in the Confederation Cup. Russia fell into the group with New Zealand, Portugal and Mexico. The national team made its debut in the match with Zealand, and the game ended in victory. Akinfeev did not make a single mistake and did not concede a single goal. But the subsequent games ended less successfully - in the match with Portugal, the Russian goalkeeper did not catch one ball, and against Mexico - two. As a result, the Russian national team did not leave the group, and that was the end of the participation in the Confederation Cup.

The footballers had a full year to prepare for the 2018 home World Cup. The opening match, which took place with Saudi Arabia, Igor Akinfeev defended to zero - not a single ball flew into the goal. The game ended with an unrealistic victory for the national team - 5: 0. Success awaited her in the match with Egypt. And despite the loss to Uruguay (Akinfeev conceded three goals, including an accidental ricochet from Cheryshev's leg, which was counted as an own goal), Russia advanced to 1/8.

On July 1, 2018, a game with Spain took place for reaching 1/4. The game turned out to be difficult. In regulation time, the teams managed to score one goal each, and then an own goal flew into the gates of Russia, this time from Ignashevich's shin. In extra time, no one managed to score, although there were plenty of shots on target of the Russian Federation. Akinfeev reflected attack after attack. Even then it became clear that he was the hero of this match. Overtime also did not reveal a winner.

In the penalty shootout, Igor Akinfeev demonstrated his strong-willed character and professionalism - he brilliantly fought off two penalties from Koke and Iago Aspas, which brought victory to the Russians. The victorious save deserves special attention - the Russian goalkeeper in the fall deflected Iago Aspas' kick with his foot and led the team to the quarter of the world championship. Igor Akinfeev was recognized as the best player of this match, and FIFA called Igor Akinfeev's save "moment of the day", a message about this was published on Twitter at the World Cup.

For the first time in its history, Russia reached the quarter finals of the World Cup. The fans of the Russians were looking forward to the game with the Croats. The match differed from the previous one by its dynamics, many dangerous moments and beautiful goals. Denis Cheryshev brought the Russians forward with a nine-ball kick, the Croats responded with two goals and only a header by Mario Fernandez brought the Russians to the penalty shoot-outs, where Croatia was stronger. Akinfeev saved one penalty, but the misses of Smolov and Fernandez, unfortunately, did not allow us to go further.

Despite the departure of the Russian national team from the 2018 World Cup, for the first time in a long time, fans and the entire football world recognized Cherchesov's team as the best in recent decades.

After the end of the home World Cup, Igor Akinfeev decided to end his career in the Russian national team, to which he gave 14 years of sports life.




2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 - Lev Yashin Goalkeeper of the Year Prize (Ogonyok magazine) 2005 - UEFA Cup (with CSKA) 2003, 2005, 2006 , 2013, 2014, 2016 - Champion of Russia (with CSKA) 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 - Winner of the Russian Cup (with CSKA) 2006 - Order of Friendship 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014 - the best goalkeeper of Russia according to the RFU 2008 - a bronze medal at the European Championship (as part of the Russian national team) 2010, 2015 - the Golden Horseshoe award






Net Worth

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Igor Akinfeev Net Worth 2021

Igor Akinfeev 's revenue is $1.9M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Igor Akinfeev and could vary in the range between $504.1K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $42K - $117.6K
November 2021 $82.5K - $133.2K
October 2021 $42.7K - $124.1K
September 2021 $57.6K - $119K
August 2021 $60K - $160.3K
July 2021 $54.7K - $94K
June 2021 $81.8K - $123.7K
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April 2021 $79.2K - $116.6K
March 2021 $74.1K - $114.5K
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Igor Akinfeev Net Worth 2020

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November 2020 $49K - $126.3K
October 2020 $60.4K - $141.7K
September 2020 $62.3K - $104K
August 2020 $67.4K - $154.9K
July 2020 $79.3K - $135.3K
June 2020 $49.6K - $136K
May 2020 $64.7K - $84.8K
April 2020 $72.4K - $115.5K
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January 2020 $70.6K - $134.5K


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August 2019 $50.2K - $135.9K
July 2019 $50.6K - $137.5K
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May 2019 $56.4K - $94.9K
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Igor Akinfeev Net Worth 2018

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November 2018 $82.1K - $138.5K
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August 2018 $51.7K - $109.1K
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