I Was Told Directly That I Was Unwanted In This House!

The Story

My story may seem trivial to you ... Teenage, even though I haven't been a teenager in a long time.

The story is this, I live with my parents and sister. I am a final course, but in our country, the situation is more than heated. I haven't had a job since February, and this and very small household problems cause spectacular scandals ... Until today, when I was told in a direct text that I was unwanted in this house.

I plan to leave, but I want it to be at a time when everyone in the family is either asleep or not in use, so as not to dissuade me. I want to wander, I don't know, no direction, growth doesn't come back to London.

I told two acquaintances, they started to dissuade me, not that they achieved something - they did not succeed, but I want to know where to go, where it would be appropriate to spend the night and how to survive my first winter outside in nature? :)

Last Updated
May 15, 2020