I Want To Change My Life

The Story

Hello to all who read this. On the other side of the monitor sits a girl of 23 years, who wants to change her life. I have a student, my whole life I have studied seriously, I have a friend who is great, we are doing well financially and generally do not complain. Another factor, however, is bothering me, and it's not typical of my age maybe, but for the teenagers. Since I was 14 years old I want to be a popular person. I want all people to know who I am, to have fans, to guard me, and to have a whole new way of life. Every time someone doesn't know who I am, I feel bad. I feel awful like I'm at concerts in the audience, not on stage or backstage, I want to be a person. I really want to be a singer, to entertain people, to be a star. I know this all sounds extremely childish, but aren't all of our popular personalities wanted the same thing? I want to be on a scene with Galena, for example. And yes, I'm 23 really. I want all those famous to be my friends, not to work on the profession I study at university and to be on a salary in an office. I don't go to TV shows because it's more than clear that they're rigged and I doubt the X-Factor to make me a star. It's all about relationships and money that I don't have. I have the talent to entertain people, but even after writing private messages to literally all singers, no one answers me because I'm not famous either. I wonder if the idea of becoming a yupbar is good, because if the clips that I raise please the people, then I will dial popularity and have a chance to get closer to my dream? Do you think that's a good idea? The only thing I'm afraid of is people not liking what I do and just being offended and not getting anything. You do not need to pour heart, people. I really need your comments and help.

Last Updated
May 28, 2020